The Holland Family

The following pages are based upon this families ongoing research, produced and sent through Robert and Aubrey Holland. Adding further interest with material is Allan Jarvis, now residing in Salisbury Wiltshire, who shares knowledge that George and Elizabeth Holland were also his great great grandparents.

Brothers Robert & Aubrey album currently traces their ancestors back into a mid 17th century Hucknall Torkard. Although the surname Holland may suggest European origins, following the families relocation into Derbyshires Denby parish through spelling variations of Hollond or Hulland, nearby also finds a similarly named place. If actually derived from Anglo-Saxon origins for hough, such a person could be claimed as having descriptively first established a settlement in some small protected area.

Holland at Denby Uproot towards Huthwaite

Family background begins when Tobyas Holland sought mining employment in Derbyshires early coal fields. Settling five sons and future Holland generations in Denby is proven by the parish requirements covering event of his death. Legal documents thus state, his dependents would not become a financial burden on the said parish if allowed relocation from out Hucknall Torkard. When buried 1712 at Denby, Tobyas had baptised William, John, Thomas and Owen before young Tobyas 1687.

Youngest son also called Tobyas, extends a Holland line after 1725 marrage to Sarah Spurr. Viewing the family tree provides dates reflecting times of high child mortality. Between eight youngsters their second, a son called John bonded community links, marrying Hannah Riley 1754 who birthed nine children as the next generation. Their fourth childs baptism 1759 is presumably for son John. Another coal miner whose 1784 marriage to Mary Barkesby does result in baptising Sarah 1785, and Joseph 1787. Finding father killed in a 1789 pit accident, Joseph continued the family line upon marrying Letitia Brown 1808. Seemingly blessed by raising six adults, in turn they named Joseph, William, Mary, Sarah, George and Elpha.

Having briefly covered the families historic genealogy, our attention turns towards George Holland. The fifth child of Joseph and Letitia who had started the Holland migration back into Nottinghamshire following coal mining progressions. The opening of New Hucknall Colliery eventually brought George with his own family into Hucknall-under-Huthwaite where they firmly planted roots. A few years later it would appear his elder brother William also arrived extending further related villager interests.

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