The Holland Family

Elders Joseph and Letitia appear relocating their young Holland family into Kirkby around year 1830. When addressed Portland Row they were closer Selston, neighbouring the Egglishaw's who also appear being a mining family and keen Primitive Methodists long sharing a similar working background.

George Holland   1824-1902

Son George Holland married the elder daughter Mary Egglishaw in 1850, at Kirkby-in-Ashfield where she was born 1828. Sadly, following two years of tuberculosis her death came on their first wedding aniversary. Nevertheless, George did wed again in 1853 at Nottingham to Mary's younger sister Elizabeth Egglishaw.

Jeremiah Holland 1862 Primitive Methodist Baptism Elizabeth was born 1834 and together managed raising seven children, first being proved at Selston by this 1862 certificate for their third son Jeremiah. Shown addressing Rosemary Hill they moved on through Skegby, presumably seeking fuller family employment. For this growing family came to settle in this small neighbouring township called Huthwaite-under-Huthwaite dated probably just after the newly opened New Hucknall Colliery started inviting an influx of coal miners.

Woodland Cottage mapped 1884 Identified by the 1881 Hucknall-under-Huthwaite census are all the Holland family members living at Woodland Cottage. Headed by George aged 57 and Elizabeth 47, their eldest at 27 Sarah Ann, adds her husband John Barker 26 plus two grandsons George 3 and Harold aged 1. A commonly cramped household while also listing brothers and sisters to Sarah Ann as Thomas William 25, Joseph Howitt 23, Jeremiah 18, Hezekiah 13, Mary Elizabeth 11, and aged just 7 Wilhelmina.

Woodland Cottage first appears mapped here in 1884. Remotely situated on the far north west village borders, it is highlighted between Nottinghamshire heights topping Strawberry Bank, and the Woodend farm cottages shown situated aside the recently introduced railway and later station. Adjacent Derbyshire woodlands clearly offered namings, whilst the nearby quarry probably provided materials if not initial reason for constructing that nearby cottage.

Following a lengthy career in mining George became a labourer, until opportunity arose for buying their Woodland Cottage, given some financial assistance from his sons Jeremiah and Hezekiah. After farming the above sloping lands age eventually forced his retirement. Retitled as retired farmer, he and wife Elizabeth had by 1901 moved in with son Jeremiah in Swan Yard, employing their eighteen year old unmarried niece named Mary J Holland as a live-in domestic servant.

Having firmly established their Holland family name into Hucknall-under-Huthwaite, George and wife Elizabeth Graves closely lived out their respectful number of years within this emerging mining community. One great great grandson reveals where they lay buried together in the Huthwaite cemetery, marked by this photographed well weathered gravestone still managing to read...

In Loving Memory of

George Holland
who died December 13, 1902.
Aged 77 Years.

And Elizabeth His wife
who died March 22, 1902.
Aged 69 Years

Adding this knowledge Allan Jarvis discloses his own mother and grandfather also share a nearby grave, naming Joseph Hezekiah Holland resting closely beside his youngest daughter Avice Emma.

The Holland family had obviously set roots here among Huthwaite, and I'll attempt to follow and expand on the knowledge given relating their descendents, also linked by marriage into other family names of Wright, Stendall and Bostock.

Written 23 May 07 Revised 28 Jul 09 © by Gary Elliott