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Huthwaite residents have been given written warning from Severn Trent WaterSevern Trent Water, that four months work on sewage pipes to alleviate King Street flooding will close in turn access also to Unwin Street, High Street and Duke Street. Work can now be seen progressing along parts of both Sutton Road and Common Road, which could cause some delay for all traffic passing directly through Huthwaite.


Year 2014 began raising four years of national awareness behind the sacrifice made by so many through the First World War. The Huthwaite-Online War Memorial Project has attempted to fully identify all names listed on the Huthwaite Cemetery Cenotaph with the aim of providing greater future remembrance.

To further honour centenary of their individual deaths, each one will be named and linked here to the page offering best remembrance based on updated research and family memorabilia. This will include some other related names, although a few from the official memorial listing have as yet, not been truly asserted.


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