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This year the UK prepares to mark the 100th anniversary of the start of World War One. The WWI Coin Royal Mint will circulate a full set of commemorative coins by introducing this £2 design.

Year 2014 will raise national awareness over the next four years behind the sacrifices made by so many. This presents opportunity to request your help in perhaps finally updating full honoured remembrance for all those names featured in our Huthwaite Online War Memorial Project.

Family knowledge plus local research has managed to add several worthy names related to Huthwaite, but a few from the official Roll of Honour cannot yet be truly identified. Primarily aiming to fullest honour all those brave victims, we would like to share knowledge of returning veterans. All played some part towards ending this terrible conflict, also deserving to be widely recognised from your family photographs and memorabilia.


While proudly announcing my grandmothers 100th birthday, timely opportunity is taken to reflect words sent by an earlier monarch, with a World War One remembrance to her father Private J. Thompson. Mrs Dora ElliottScrollBrotherhood - Thompson

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