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Few people ever get to handle the FA Cup, so two sisters would like to learn more about this family photo that finds their grandfather had even rarer distinction as the one Huthwaite resident trusted to holding that trophy. Alfred Stephen Butlin was born circa 1913, and lived out his life addressed upon Bonser Crescent. Not much else is known, except year taken most likely represents 1959 when Nottingham Forest claimed local prize. We'd like to identify who the two men either side are, plus where and exactly when this occasion took place.

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Year 2014 began raising four years of national awareness behind the sacrifice made by so many through the First World War. The Huthwaite-Online War Memorial offers future remembrance identifying more about those simply listed on the Huthwaite Cenotaph.

Huthwaite War Memorial

In further honour on centenary of their individual deaths, all are being given dated remembrances linked to a gallery page presenting updated research and or your family memorabilia. Can you relate anyone?


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