The Holland Family

Jeremiah Holland   born 1862 Selston

Jeremiah represents the fifth child of George and Elizabeth Holland. Born 1862 at Selston, before they all eventually moved into Huthwaite. The Holland families own ancestral research portrays Jeremiah contently living a quite life as a regular miner. Not as notably recognised like younger brother Hezekiah, nonetheless, their close lifelong companionship presents a few more family photographs enjoying local pastimes.


Like all his brothers and menfolk, Jeremiah joined them down the pit when it was common practice starting work from around 12 years of age. Recognised for being a man with four thumbs, no one is sure if that presented reasons why he remained a bachelor. It certainly did not hamper his work or sports, but without wife or kids shyly reduces knowledge of any extended family life.

Working with the whole family at New Hucknall Colliery he was titled a "Getter out". That implies strong coal face leadership from an experienced and respected miner. Apparently he took up residence somewhere upon Swan Yard, where he was financially able helping his parents retirement. Firstly assisting them purchase the Woodland Cottage which, stood today, had housed the whole extended family. Then, by 1901 taking in the aging George and Elizabeth, plus Mary, a young niece also caring through their latter years.

I can only hope Robert and Aubrey forgive my delayed updates in attempts untangling ancestral connections.

Five Men

The brothers prove elsewhere being keen gardeners, leaving this family grouping to also reveals interests in pigeon racing. The currently undated wedding below is titled as Sally's. Jeremiah is thought to be stood back row and central wearing a top hat. This introduces other notable Huthwaite surnames as well as greatly extending known Holland family links.


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