The Holland Family

Planting Roots in Huthwaite

Arriving in Huthwaite possibly before year 1878, the Holland family made a home addressed at Woodland Cottage. George and wife Elizabeth headed their cramped household who are first fully listed in the 1881 Hucknall-under-Huthwaite census, also additionally detailed below. As keen Primitive Methodists their children's names reflect biblical characters, proving not to every sons liking. These menfolk all followed tradition being initially listed as coal miners. They are known, as was common in such times, starting work from twelve years onward. While the whole family are believed sharing employment at our New Hucknall Colliery, perhaps finding that full regular employment was main reason for finally relocating into Huthwaite.

Based on the wider ongoing genealogic studies and photo album presented by Robert Holland, here's a few details so far found covering this particular Holland generation firstly planted in Huthwaite. Potentially from these roots, other family lines could well have branched. Most remain uncovered todate, so hopefully this information may encourage other descendants to share interests in their remarkably long history.

Sarah Ann Holland - born 1854 at Kirkby-in-Ashfield

When aged 27, Sarah Ann was already married to a John Barker, whom with two sons George aged 3 and, Harold age 1 shared accommodation if not a birth in her parents Woodland Cottage.Thomas William

Thomas William Holland - born circa 1856 Selston

The photograph is believed portraying eldest brother Thomas William circa 1900, but like most other here little else has yet been uncovered concerning his time.

Joseph Howitt Holland - born circa 1858 at Selston

George Holland - born circa 1860 at Selston

Jeremiah Howitt Holland - born 1862 at Selston

Jeremiah gains some mention for assisting and finally housing his retired parents, proving this coal miner resided in Swan Yard although possibly staying a bachelor.

Hezekiah PortraitHezekiah Holland - born 1862 at Selston

Youngest son Hezekiah is separately featured, having made a name for himself after running the White Swan pub, plus raising his own family rooted among Huthwaite.

Mary Elizabeth Holland - born 1870 at Selston

Wilhelmina Holland - born 1874 at Skegby

Whilst finding the Hollands sowed their family roots in Huthwaite, they also proved to be keen gardeners. Shown here with their prize winning vegetables are Godfrey Bostock, Hezekiah, Howitt?, William and George Robert.

Veg Kings

There appears to be another another branch of this Holland family later moving into Huthwaite reclaiming close family ties. More on those in due time following my own continuing efforts given that William Holland, Hezekiah's uncle from Denby and also a miner, moved to Huthwaite at about this time and lived in a house in Town Street and Hezekiah’s cousin Joseph Holland lived in Newcastle Street with his family.

Written 29 Jul 09 Revised 31 Jul 09 © by Gary Elliott