Historic Huthwaite Pubs
White Swan (Yard)
Gate / Portland Arms
Shoulder of Mutton
Col Wildman / Peacock
Travellers Rest (Crown)
White Lion (Top End)
Railway / Woodend Inn
White Hart (Lawrences)
Miners Arms (Pit Row)
The Royal Oak (Yard)
New Hucknall Institute
Workpeoples Inn
Victoria Workmens Club
Market Inn (Clubby)
Huthwaite Portland Club
Huthwaite Billiard Hall
Huthwaite Leisure Centre
Tandoori Restaurant
Rani Indian Restaurant
Brierley Forest Golf Club
Dated Pub Closures

A Hucknall History

Pubs & Licensed Clubs

Beer House Inns & Hotels

Pubs are generally classified for covering all licensed Public Houses from early beer houses, inns, hotels and entertainment clubs. There's good chance of still hearing a few regulars brewing up entertainingly imaginative tales, but uncovering and presenting a previously vague history can only be soberly based on recorded evidence, up until potentially adding some reliable memories.

Trade directories basically expose growth from a rural Hucknall Huthwaite beyond 1830, after asserting there were already three well established inn signs. Press articles can predate usage to suggest far earlier establishment, although a relatively tranquil past didn't really merit much earlier coverage. Understandings therefore commonly start with a 19th century identifying developments.

Indexing fully identifies the number of recognised Huthwaite licensed premises in order of asserted appearance. Including lesser recognised short term beer houses, plus later clubs and restaurants serving another primary purpose, still leaves a significant number of established pubs. Visiting those on a 1950's pub crawl would have counted a dozen within these village extremities.

Witnessing recent dramatic loss of almost all these established Huthwaite licensed premises resulted from a widespread demise of the British pub industry. Regional closures started becoming more frequently evident beyond 1980, but the following decades hit trade even harder across this entire district. Desperate struggles to keep pubs open commonly claimed frequent closures. The 21st century only seemed more determined to wipe out use of traditional English pubs. Turning those that may remain into an historical rarity therefore presents another long list covering dated closures to help answer another question. So which served longest?

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