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A Hucknall History

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Historic Pub Closures

Listing dated closures of well established Huthwaite pubs begins by offering brief historic note to a few early lesser known short term names. A Market Street beer house would be just one of many individual ventures never to gain mention, except this one was well remembered by an influential postmaster. The Blackwell Road Royal Oak on the other hand, is a long recalled name conjuring up many theories regarding past licensed use that cannot really be evidently justified, although it can claim other interests. Loss of a licensed Sutton Road Billiard Hall didn't seem to be missed after never managing to attract much known custom. Asserting last discovery of a Portland Club actually being constructed directly facing a very well established Hotel defies explanation.


  Travellers Rest - 1855  

  Although unlisted among directories, the first Hucknall Huthwaite postman William Hill did recall name from when his uncle Stempson probably took advantage of relaxed licensing laws. Their Ellispool rear yard home brewery served a Market Street shop frontage, that in later years gained same full reuse for another postmasters office relocation. Mr Lowe may have simply made use of the old brewing equipment, but it seems beyond coincidence that Ernald Lakin's photo noted where The Crown pub had similarly been next recognised a short period, especially because that sign is also used to represent the royal mail logo.

Royal Oak

  The Royal Oak 1891 > 1895  

  Local legend advocated how old cottages forming Royal Oak Yard had been owned by Quakers when a fronting premises bearing name carved above doorway started selling ale before the adjacent Shoulder. Persecuted beliefs do reveal nearby farmland, without any evidence to support a pub here. Fact is, Thomas Thompson was just one simply named beer retailer until the sign gains final 1895 trade listing. Any other attempts could only be short term, especially after Home Brewery presented their far superior neighbouring premises under a well established sign. Garage services ended up replacing premises.

Portland Club

  Portland Club 1914 > 1917  

  Finally asserting years spanning this clubs nearer twenty four month term is easier than understanding enigmatic reason behind construction. Not just because it directly faced a long established hotel, but the adventurous company headed by G R Bailey, recognises George Robert was a Star Brewery licensee following their recent purchase of the old Portland Arms. After dividing this large premises into semi detached dwellings, right side club room can claim better recognition even beyond serving a doctors home surgery.


  Billiard Hall 1922 > 1941  

  Dated proposals for a New Billard Hall for Messrs. Barker & Hepworth establishes when this licensed premises was built on Sutton Road. It's only basically identified being run up to 1941 by Cooper & Hepworth. The late Bill Harrison recalled coal bags cluttered the floor space, so claiming pub status never seemed intended especially when used for storing the owners alternative business interests. Large grounds mapped in 1936 eventually passed No. 133 address over for siting more modern and still current business premises. Year 1975 apparently established Huthwaite Plumbing and Heating Supplies Ltd.

White SwanSwan Yard
White Swan 1804 > 1956

  License transferal forced upon by a slum Act order caused first closure, despite also currently topping list for the earliest discovered pub sign so far spanning 152 years. A few years later saw full Swan Yard clearance for a residential scheme to address initial length of Swanson Avenue.

New Hucknall Institute > 1991

  Closure isn't as precisely dated as the reported 1893 opening by the Huthwaite colliery company. This struggled for business after that 1981 coal pit closure, but name almost survived a century. A private sale followed by fire damage led up to 1992 demolition for siting new housing.

Portland ArmsHousing
Portland Arms 1832 > 2000

  Demolition date came just a few months after closing this landmark Inn. Pub sign recognised 178 years service. However, a 1832 renaming of a previously signed Gate identified from 1811 sets another initial record for continuous licensed use spanning the longest 189 years.

ShoulderHells Angels
Shoulder of Mutton 1828 > 2002

  Changing owners soon after 1828 Gazetteer entry strongly suggests far earlier establishment as yet unproven. For now it definitely asserts signed pub use covering a known 174 years. Re-licensed afterwards, it continues serving the Ashfield Hells Angels Club House.

White LionGolf Club
White Lion 1881 > 2006

  Tracing initial landlord back from 1881 allows this 'Top End' inn to claim licensed use about 125 years, despite a number of closures. After office renovations, it regained current licensed use from 2013, but only with ground floor newly identifying Brierley Forest Golf Course Club House.

1970sPit Row

Miners Arms 1894 > 2008

  From a retailer fronting 'Pit Row' worker cottages to this signed 1894 beer house commonly taken over by a brewery until around 1990. Major updates resigned Godfreys' until 'The Miners' reclaimed its origins through several openings to fulfil 114 years. Now a private residence again.

White HartPremier
White Hart 1891 > 2009

  Vaguely dating licensed conversion of an 1829 gentry residence for inn use from 189l can so far assert 118 years before finally calling time November 2009. Preserving familiar front shell through extensive conversion opened a 2012 general store plus flats above.

Workpeoples InnTesco
Workpeoples Inn 1894 > 2010

  A gazetteer entry gives good indication dating farmer Wright opening this beer house. Brewery owners eventually afforded a major 2003 update to win back custom, but 2010 sale ended its 116 years. Following year presented a Tesco store.

Council SchoolLeisure Centre
Leisure Centre 1982 > 2018

  A 1982 conversion eventually found use for one past council school on New Street. The cosy little evening bar invited bigger party functions using a large sports hall. July 2017 ended a tentative 35 year term. ADC owners claimed a cost effective favouring for a Lammas Leisure Centre complex.

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