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Public Swimming Baths

The iconic Sutton Public Baths is fondly remembered by more than Huthwaite schoolchildren first being taught here how to swim.


Funding construction cost for this towns Public Baths was raised by a Sutton Miners Welfare fund. Site on Brookside was secured from the Duke of Portland estate. Design by Sutton architect Leopold Dodsley aimed to grandly room more than an indoor pool.

Year 1924 displayed above central doorway dates commencement of building work. A 1926 opening performed by a chairwoman of the local welfare committee identifies Mrs J. Strachan of Stanton Hill, also being wife of that Brierley Pit Sutton Colliery manager. Sutton Urban District Council were presented their magnificent Public Baths April 1927, on thereafter addressed Brook Street. One proviso ensured resident Sutton miners had preferential use, gratefully assured by an appointed sub-committee of representatives.


Seasonal use of an unheated pool suggested winter coverage with wooden flooring for staging other familiar activities. Upper floors continually hosted longer list of functions. Not least of those came January 1932 agreement allowing unemployed townsfolk casual use of the central room for recreational purposes. An extended maple flooring next encouraged popular pastime of roller skating.

July 1932 council meeting notes request from New Hucknall Miners Welfare, readily granted their Sutton resident pit workers half price entry. Baths sub-committee previously enjoyed a days excursion seeking a new filtration plant. Result of visiting Leicester and Leamington Spa inspecting operational systems agreed £951 costing tendered by United Filtration Company of London.


  Mrs Anne Ayres presented hundreds of swimming survival awards, showing just some 1984 winners instructed by Mr Paul Duly and John Wagstaff.

Shallowest pool depth of 2½ feet safely introduced Huthwaite Secondary school children into competently swimming deepest 6½ feet end. We'd know this as the Old Pool, from which to graduate and personally regularly enjoy diving beneath deeper warmer depths as well as somersaulting from towering stands into 12½ foot end. Butlin camps likened their own to Olympic sized pools.

New Big Pool


Slightly delayed 1967 opening of the new swimming pool extension apparently needed time to clean up some fire damage in the older pool building. Venue rooms soon resumed staging boxing and wrestling matches. Musical entertainment included Status Que performing March 1968 during their rise into pop chart fame.

FB040 680301

Modern design harmoniously connected the historically decorative premises. A centralised main entrance then led patrons through changing room locker storage corridors. Gaining rear access into both pool facilities couldn't miss those refrain notices.

2003Baths 1970's

Comparable 2003 views only adds colour to these unchanged Brook Street buildings under charge of Ashfield District Council. Banners promote their current scheme generally encouraging regular exercise, although spiralling costs maintaining these ageing amenities hinted at a future replacement. The newer baths at least outlived far end fire and ambulance station, plus car models..

Baths 19762004

Building a new sports baths complex controversially sited upon the Sutton Lammas led towards closure of the Brook Street Sutton Pools Complex in November 2008. Historic photo interests jointly shared on or through Sutton-in-Ashfield Facebook groups, offers specific credit to Darron Ellis aiming to preserve fond memories and purposeful use for the old baths.

My camera recorded dated demolition through April 2013, including the adjacent similarly closed Brook Street Community Hall.Demolition 2013

Site clearance made way for newly built 2014 residential apartments, respectfully retaining a refurbished central door facade.


02 Sep 13     by Gary Elliott       Updated 02 Jul 21