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LogoA new name was presented in 2015 when opening this latest school building.   Sited upon same grounds previously and confusingly renamed as John Davis, that Barker Street school was originally built and firstly opened 1960 to fulfil need for Huthwaite Secondary education. That modern construction actually ended up being least able to stand the test of time, when repairs began exposing outdated use of asbestos.

The older school retained use while sheltering casual views of the construction site commencing behind it. After firstly glimpsing the completed Woodland View school in 2016, that new complex then became fully exposed through demolition of the entire fronting John Davis structure during that long summer break.


Woodland View Primary School again provides mixed classes catering for the modern primary classification spanning 3-11 age range. The designed capacity for 350 does not however appear sufficient for the 366 pupils reportedly attending in 2019, especially when the Common Road Infant school is looking at ways to extend due an apparent need for even more additional class rooms.

Logo Logo Ofsted reports show there's still need for improvement before matching the ideals set by this schools motto "Exceeding our potential, together as family." The local Chad explains some of the past difficulties, upon which headteacher Ruby Grey identifies need to improve the quality of teaching, leadership and management.

30 Apr 19     by Gary Elliott       Updated 26 May 19