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Huthwaite Library

2002 Revamp


Plans for introducing computers with public internet access was a progressive 21st century step for smaller Library services. The task of both securely and safely installing this new equipment raised a few problems for the Huthwaite Library when nearing its 90th year. Preliminary checks apparently revealed initial signs of roof leakage. To remove this risk of endangering electronics and users, it was decided to temporarily close the building from late 2002. Above shows first 2003 signs of progression during this next major revamp.

Internal views taken Oct 2002 just before closure, reveals lighter coloured decor had overly suffered through damp. Tired wooden window frames had further been letting through more draughts than light, adding to the dated damp look and a cooler reception.

Thanks expressed to Nottinghamshire County Council Library staff permitting photographs, plus the acting Cllr David Kirkham whom at time gave some idea behind the work involved.
Reception DeskReference Section 2002Main Section 2002

March 2004 Reopening

Reception April 2004Childrens Area 2004Main Section 2004

Comparing above shots shortly after a March 2004 reopening may show a more comfortable, warmer interior. It wouldn't be entirely due the latest chosen colour scheme. uPVC windows stopped the draughts, while unseen remedial work got the desired computers safely installed beneath better lighting and security alarms. This significant revamp finally introduced entry with an improved ramp.

Apr 2004April 2004

Centrally positioned were two desktop PC's. Sufficient for general web surfing, social media contacts or benefit enquiries, they did aim to help job searchers or genealogy research. I'm hoping they introduce more local viewers to referencing Huthwaite Online.

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25 Feb 17     by Gary Elliott       Updated 25 Feb 17