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Dr. John Clitheroe

MayfieldDr John is earlier identified being the younger of two Clitheroe brothers Dr John Clitheroe who chose to serve Huthwaite in their medical careers. Although fewer will recall Dr J Clitheroe because of his shorter term, the doctor was initially still lodging at the White Hart Inn when required to oversee my 1959 home birth a little further down the road.

John did claim a Huthwaite house for a few years, presumably being first owner of this residence still addressing 11 Blackwell Road. Recalling my first visit to this fine house named Mayfield around 1970 to see a junior school friend, it was then occupied by Mrs Rose Elliott and family. Her later partner incidentally ran Whites Coaches, to also note 2008 sale came shortly after Mrs Rose Whites death.

Dr. Donald Clitheroe

Clitheroe'sLocally referring to Dr Don avoided confusion between these two Huthwaite Clitheroe doctors. Dr John Clitheroe Donald was the elder brother who likely arrived first, and through far longer service is probably better remembered as the Dr Clitheroe.

Dr D Clitheroe wed Dr Gaston's daughter. The couple initially shared her fathers large Mill House residence, where Donald began partnering that elder doctors Sutton Road surgery. Building their own future family home opposite side of Sutton Road, added recognition to that steepest top section being termed Doctors Bank. Behind fronting trees, their residence stayed private throughout seeing all NHS patients transferred into a New Street clinic.

After Dr D Clitheroe retired taking family elsewhere, it seemed very strange finding no attempt ever being made to sell off the vacated dwelling. Abandoned for somewhere around two decades, by 2004 its shown having fallen into a sad state of disrepair, while rumours long suggested it had been destined for conversion into a larger Health Centre.

Reported as following a short illness, 92 year old Dr Donald Clitheroe died 17th January 2011. Ashfield Chad further announced funeral arrangements dated for 4th February were made in Bedford. Huthwaite residents were then finally made fully aware of the legacy he'd actually left behind. The house commanded a substantial plot cornering top of Skegby Road, had been left with distant foresight for when the expanding population eventually outgrew the New Street Clinic where he'd lastly partnered a Dr Hyde.


Dr. G S A Ewbank

The New Street NHS clinic had been extended in the 1950's, incorporating a two storey property built for the secretary who'd kept a neighbouring New Hucknall Colliery Institute. Portacabins later joined up a rear extension to increase available doctor surgeries, all firmly establishing later given name for the Huthwaite Health Centre. Majority of the staff changes since Dr Hyde likewise commuted to the Huthwaite Practice. By simply identifying longer serving senior partners through Dr Ewbank, Dr Ulliott and finally Dr Lovelock, it would seem unjust not recognising 28 years professional dedication by such a highly respected Dr G S A Ewbank. Leading 11 New Street developments ended year 2010 when marriage ultimately enticed a warm retirement to Spain.

Dr. Kevin J Hill

Kevin John Hill was raised on Oakland Avenue, from where four younger sisters walked same educational paths into a then named John Davis New Street Council School. Others did share St John Ambulance Brigade training, and some likewise scored opportunity for heading onto higher academic Mansfield Grammar studies, although few combined or pursued such caring interests to complete Newcastle medical schooling as a qualified GP.

Dr Hill began working as a Sutton GP from 1983, before joining Huthwaite Health Centre from 1999 until 2008 located just below former New Street Schools. Very kindly offering to share his own personal collection of historic Huthwaite postcards did show he always kept a fondness for his home village, further justifying great family pride. His patients will also proudly remember a true gentleman who always delivered compassionate professionalism.

Mansfield and Ashfield Chad reportage however, exposed rather more of this retired good doctors influential work. Unbeknown to many outside the profession, Kevin won far wider respect for training GPs across the East Midlands, especially so as a programme manager at King's Mill Hospital. Overseeing certification of GPs throughout the UK was another later role, all of which ultimately culminated in being shown presented with the highly esteemed 2019 lifetime award of Presidents Medal from that Royal College of General Practitioners.


Dr. Philip George Smith

Understanding Philip Smith may have had a relatively privileged local upbringing, could be reason why some patients appreciated 'Old School' style consultations. My father claimed he was acknowledged for not only being Dr Smith's first patient, but also his last seen in Huthwaite. Keenly performing minor surgery showed a practical side to medical care, and whilst training others, this doctor is most likeliest to have utilised the clinics fullest range of surgical equipment 2007 when staff also secretively recognised given nickname for "Slasher Smiff."

Dr Smith may furthermore be remembered from having personally purchased the cornering Miners Institute. Severe fire damage led to soon witnessing its total 1992 demolition. Clearance enabled this GP to then conveniently site an adjacent New Street pharmacy, before eventually managing to sell off the full Newcastle Street plot for 2007 housing after leaving the Health Centre.

Permitting patients to utilise the old tute's car park was finally agreed upon to stop increasing numbers of visiting vehicles blocking street access. Just a few years later, however, the entire New Street facilities were closed in 2013.

16 Apr 15     by Gary Elliott       Updated 03 May 20