New Hucknall Colliery

Pit Road Access

Opening a large colliery soon invited a stream of 19th century mine workers into Hucknall-under-Huthwaite.  Pit Access by 1900 On foot or by carrier cart they started arriving, while seeking family accommodation within daily walking distance of any regular work.

Illustrated from 1900 UD map are the new terraced houses lining the main Sutton Road. Streets branched northside leaving a half mile walk into the Colliery yard located in southern valley meadows of Hucknall-under-Huthwaite.

The main access roadway into New Hucknall Colliery yards fed off Common Road, being simply known as Pit Lane or a later surfaced Pit Road. That ran east parallel with the pits railway branch line. Local coal sales were tubbed out on a simpler tramway, branching north easterly uphill to a wharf sited upon Huthwaite Road. Lorry deliveries took over circa 1930s using the Pit Road.

Many Huthwaite miners took a more direct walk down the Mill Lane cart track. Those walking from Sutton joined that path behind Huthwaite cemetery via another older farm track or the tramway. Other workers made their way from Fulwood and Kirkby extending a new footpath north, through The Rookery farm, or from the east roughly following the Mapplewells stream into the rear of extensive pit yards.
Pit Lane RoadwayThanking employee Mick O´Sullivan for sharing these magnificent 1980s pit yard scenes. Right shows the main Pit Road yard entrance looking east off Common Road. Signed below from the crossing and adjacent railway.Pit Road and Rail

This clearer view along far length of Pit Road comes from the album donated by Mick Bostock. mb-nhc-014 Its surfaced roadway allowed most later NCB miners to arrive by car. On the left or north side now stands a new housing estate, residentially lining what has been confusingly renamed Mill Lane. Presumably this will reflect future housing developments through the old yard.

The original and still unsurfaced Mill Lane is shown below entering the pit yard from the north. Another once familiar scene for the past miners walking daily into work.   Rear views into large New Hucknall grounds would have been more familiar for those walking from neighbouring areas of Fulwood, Sutton and Kirkby in Ashfield. That footpath leading from an older Mapplewells public house into work is now fully exposed bridging railway sidings, through related family interests presented by David Smith.

80mos004Rear Yards New Hucknall Colliery

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