New Hucknall Colliery

Pit Teams and Sportsmen

Many new villages were built around sinking a modern colliery. Working conditions and earnings remained some of the worst in Britain, but the chance of gaining regular employment quickly attracted labourers. Pit managers enticed working families by building new affordable housing, with local clubs and parks. These created close knit mining communities, united by common daily hardships or simple pleasures shared.

After deducting colliery rents and subsidised entertainment from wages, local shops helped feed and cloth majority within walking distance of work and home. Not unusual finding miners families also running a home business as dual security. Major employers were however realising the social benefits of providing leisure time activities. Promoting teamed sports kept their workers fit and healthy, distracting minds from daily toils while inspiring competitive young men above otherwise excessive pub attractions and gambling.

While providing Huthwaite amenities, New Hucknall also employed workers from surrounding localities. Regular Tram services aided wider commutes further from home and allowed larger numbers to follow the broadening success of their local teams or sporting heroes. Several football and cricket players made a name for themselves through New Hucknall Colliery, reaching county even national levels of fame.

For starters hopefully encouraging knowledge of many more through the years. The winning New Hucknall Tug of War team dating from mid 1920's comes from an album shared by electrician Mick Bostock.

Tug of War Mid 1920's

New Hucknall Home Guard 1941? Bonsall - A. Marshall - W. Smith - A. Dickins - G. Berresford - A. Lincoln - S. Roberts - W. Tribe.
- ?.???? - R. Will Smith - ?.???? - J. Pickaver - E.P. Normington

More named employees can be found through this rather unique but historic sporting achievement

Muschamp Cup for Shooting

New Hucknall Home Guard 1941Robert Bailey - Les Scott - Ernest Clarke - Hedley Pickover-Hardy - Bill Morley
- Frank Remmington - Walter Thorpe - Arthur Caunt

Mr Les Scott shown in New Hucknall Home Guard platoon saved his photo as proud cup winner from the collieries executive founder William Muschamp Esquire. This clipping being sourced by Mrs E Wallace also includes her brother Hedley behind the pits manager Walter Thorpe.   Trained with others to serve as last line of defense in case of invasion.   Fortunately never a direct war target, but meeting necessary dual WWII roles.

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