Tracking Huthwaite Trams

Trams crossing over Huthwaites opaque Urban District boundaries follow the main village highway up along Sutton Road.   Thanks to Dr Kevin Hill for sharing several postcard scenes helping depict that journey leading to the lines abrupt end that gave historic reference for locating a Huthwaite Terminus.

Sutton Road circa 19202003 Post Office Above shoots from Sutton looking west as the tram crosses Huthwaite borders. drj003sr The following views are also similarly shown comparing past and present scenes among the Sutton Road Gallery, so here they simply fast forward a ticketed journey which continues back tracking way towards highest point.Huthwaite Tram Ticket

Below reveals the past Portland Arms landmark upon quite a muddy junction atop Skegby Road and Mill Lane. Doubled tracks offer final passing point before the road drops steeply meeting the lines end. Sutton Road circa 1920Sutton Road 2004

The Huthwaite Terminus

Passengers pose fronting the Wesleyan built, Sutton Road Methodists Chapel. Here the Mansfield District tramway lines came to an end, giving this landmark the additional status of being the Huthwaite Terminus. Bemused to why lines ended at this point, deeper research eventually found plans for potentially extending tracks through into Blackwell. Just one of several ambitious branch extension that never did get realised.

Terminus circa 1911Huthwaite Bus Stop Nov02 Trent Bus Stop Oct02Terminus circa 1918

The first Huthwaite branch tickets were issued 17th Feb 1906, and this Mansfield and District Light Railway appears to have begun frequently punctual, reliable services lasting until 1932. Sighting a motor car leads swifter progression for future road users. While private charabanc owners enticed more seaside trips, the tram services realised an ultimate end of the line had come when facing superior omnibus competition.Tram TerminusTram Terminus

Tram TerminusNo 10

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