Carriers Carting First Passengers

Commonly found for starting recognised inland passenger services was the 1909 example of UK Carrier Cart Carrier Carts.   It may be fairly assumed these services evolved among growing British populations, as more people perhaps attempted hitching or hiring occasional lifts among existing business traffic. There was also dangers involved if walking through these forested areas, although reports of highway robbers suggests they targeted wealthier carriages and stagecoaches.

Shop traders joined existing farmers making more frequent journeys between the larger market towns. Following usual routes some would have realised additional, then even alternative profits could be made just offering passenger rides.   Professionally turning attention towards passenger comfort, they started invitingly replacing basic open carts with specially built carrier models.   This 1909 UK postcard shows a typical example of later vehicle refinements affording cosier sprung, weather protected seating.

By the time a Sutton post office began running daily mail connections into Mansfield and Nottingham, it was possible from there to extend national journeys by faster stage coaches.   Connections between London and Scottish borders did take several days along the best laid routes, bettered only by lighter faster coaches delivering Royal Mail that claimed greatest priority for right of way along all highways.

Established drivers operating regular Sutton Carrier Cart services

1832Thomas WilsonLow StreetNottinghamWed + Sat
  " "Thomas BullockBack LaneNottinghamWed + Sat
1838The Mail-Gig NottinghamDaily
  " "Thomas WilsonBrick & TileMansfieldWed + Sat
  " "J WestonWhite LionAlfreton-DerbyFri Morn
  " "Dennis Whetton Alfreton-DerbyDaily
  " "J JephsonSwan InnNottinghamMon Wed Sat
  " "Sam BaileyBlack BullNottinghamWed + Sat
1844Thomas WilsonBrick & TileNottinghamWed + Sat
  " "Sam BaileyNew RoadNottinghamMon + Wed
  " "Daniel FletcherLow StreetNottingham
  " "Dennis WhettonLow StreetMansfieldDaily + Mail
  " "J WesternWhite LionAlfreton & DerbyFridays
  " "Mrs Kemp & SmithBlue BellAlfreton & DerbyThursdays
1853Michael HeathcoteLow StreetNottinghamWed Fri Sat

Ref:- History of Sutton-in-Ashfield by GG Bonser 1851-1947 noted that William Wilson challenged new competition by painting on his van
Better late then never.   Heathcote retaliated showing Better, never late!
Slogans from which both services became commonly identified.

Listing identifies our earliest known local carriers from the adjacent town, adding frequent passenger trips possibly via Huthwaite when heading into Derby.   Adjacent areas just over Nottinghamshire borders like Blackwell and Pinxton once shared manor tied support from Mansfield, and Huthwaites first postal distribution was claimed by foot from Alfreton.

Dated records imply carriers were well established prior earliest years found, but do reveal how services expand inline with population growth.   A parish Census dated 1801 reveals Sutton had quickly acquired 2800 residents after opening large textile factories.   Estimating 500 populated Hucknall Huthwaite, our relational growth similarly follows that industrious 19th century.   A final influx invited by 1500 jobs at New Hucknall pit built a flourishing mining community. Nevertheless, Huthwaite was already separately emerging among commercial directory entries, helping collate my next unique list through time with our very own village carriers.

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