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There is still a wealth of information to be discovered among further detailed press coverage. Accessing county archives and better historic mapping unfortunately remain beyond a personal budget after giving up hope of securing any project grant funding. It's not possible listing every conceivable scrap of information given thoughtful consideration, while acknowledging this source of broader reference aimed at building an online library that all helps uncover the most comprehensive Huthwaite history.

Documents offering some specific reference to the area or people uncovering the history of Huthwaite
AuthorDatedReference TitlePublisherReferer Source
Royal Household 802+History of the British Monarchy Buckingham PalaceBritish Monarchy
King William I 1086The Domesday Book Book of WinchesterPhilimore & Co Ltd
Robert Thoroton 1677Antiquities of NottinghamshireRobert ThorotonBritish History Online
John Throsby 1790History of Nottinghamshire Revision of ThorotonBritish History Online
Pigot's Directory 1828Directory of Nottinghamshire Pigots DirectoriesHistoric Directories
John Steer 1830Parish Law (Historical Digest) Cambridge UniversityGoogle Books
Pigot's Directory 1830Directory of Nottinghamshire Pigots DirectoriesCharlies Pages
William Rhodes1830Personal Diary Journal to 1881Hand Written OriginalTrev Ashmore
Joseph Priestley 1831Navigable Canals & Rails GBNichols Priestley WalkerJim Shead
White's Directory 1832Directory of Nottinghamshire Whites DirectoriesHelen Wilson
Pigot's Directory 1835Directory of Nottinghamshire Pigots DirectoriesRootsChat
Quakers Register 1837Indexing Mansfield Quakers David J BradburyUK Online
Dr S T Halls 1838Historical sketch of SuttonRefer Luther
White's Directory 1844Directory of Nottinghamshire Whites DirectoriesArchive CD Books
Samuel Lewis 1848Topographical Dictionary Historic Research Inst.British History
White's Directory 1853Directory of Nottinghamshire Whites DirectoriesHelen Wilson
William Howie Wylie 1853Old and New Nottingham Job Bradshaw Nottm.Google Books
19th Century News 1863Sheep Stealing + Sentencing Derby MercuryMr Trev Ashmore
White's Directory 1862Twenty Miles Round Sheffield Whites DirectoriesHistorical Directories
White's Directory 1864Directory of Nottinghamshire Whites DirectoriesHelen Wilson
Dukes of Portland 1871 Legal deeds and Estate documents of land sales -1925Nottingham Uni.
Kelly's Directory 1881Directory of Nottinghamshire Kelly's DirectoryHelen Wilson
Landmark1884Ordnance Survey Allcock
Kelly's Directory 1888Directory of NottinghamshireKelly's Village RecordMrs Eileen Wallace
Kelly's Directory 1891Directory of Nottinghamshire Kelly's DirectoryHelen Wilson
Wright's Directory 1894Twelve miles round Nottingham Wright's DirectoryHistorical Directories
Evening Post 1893Opening the Miners Institute The Evening PostHelen Wilson
White's Directory 1895Directory of Nottinghamshire Whites DirectoriesLeicester University
Cornelius Brown 1896A History of Nottinghamshire Nottinghamshire
Kelly's Directory 1900Directory of Nottinghamshire Kelly's DirectoryHelen Wilson
News Report 1902Laying All Saints FoundationsMansfield ReporterRev. C. Maiden
British Bandsman 1906Hucknall Huthwaite Prize BandThe British BandsmanHayden Cooper
Luther Lindley 1907History of Sutton-in-Ashfield J H Hall & Sons LtdMr & Mrs Wallace
J H Beardsmore 1909History of Hucknall Torkard Nottinghamshire
H. H. Swinnerton 1910Nottinghamshire Geographies A P
White Lion Rules 19??Sick and Dividing Society J.W. Stanhope, PinxtonAlan Chamberlain
Kelly's Directory 1912Directory of Nottinghamshire Kelly's DirectoryHelen Wilson
Needham's Directory 1913Directory of Sutton-in-AshfieldE E Needham of SuttonMr Ben Woolley
Percy Redfern 1913The Story of the Jubilee History of the CWS Ltd 1863 - 1913Ebooks Online
Local News Cutting 1913Huthwaite Diamond Wedding Evening PostRoy Whittaker
C.W.S. Manchester 1914One of The CWS Annuala CWS + SCWSToronto Library
Mapping 1921Area covering Huthwaite U.D. Huthwaite CouncilHuthwaite Library
Notts. Free Press 1925Death of a cricketer G MaltbySutton Library Archives Sharon Marshall
Huthwaite Columns 1932Nottinghamshire Free Press Fully Transcribed OnlineSutton Library
Percy Redfern 1938The New History of the CWS Ltd J M Dent - CWS LtdGoogle Books
Arthur Mee 1938 The Kings England Notts.The Kings England PressLibrary (914.252)
Kelly's Directory 1941Directory of Nottinghamshire Kelly's DirectoriesHelen Wilson
Rev. G W Clitheroe 1942 Coventry Under FireBritish Publishing Co. LtdMrs Dora Elliott
Fredrick G Pote1946Personal memories of guarding the Huthwaite PoW CampFred G. Pote
Notts. Free Press1948Ukrainian Hostel and ChoirTranscribed Article Elizabeth Pacey
George G Bonser1948A History Sutton-in-AshfieldCook & Vowles Ltd Huthwaite Library
Architect & Solicitor1951Estate map Mr T Hopkins Walker & DeanMrs Eileen Wallace
G M Trevelyan O M 1926 History of EnglandLongmans, Green & CoRoy Elliott
Sutton Road Church 1958150 Years of MethodismSouvenir ProgrammeMalcolm Clarkson
Miss Shirley Edwards 1967Huthwaite - A Village History Notts District Council Library (Ref L90.2)
A. R. Griffin 1971Mining in the East Midlands Frank Cass & Co.Google Books
Roger A Redfern 1974The Dukeries Nottinghamshire Dalesman Publish Co LtdLibrary Ref 942.52
Capt Roy Peters 197sAshfield Place Names Mr Roy PetersLibrary (Ref L98.5)
New Hucknall Colliery1976Centenary Celebrations Prog New Hucknall Colliery Mr John Boot
Schools PTA Group 1977Huthwaite Secondary SchoolBrooklyn Press Ltd. Jennifer Gleeson
John Morris 1977Domesday Survey Notts. Phillimore & Co. Ltd.Library (Ref L95.1)
John Morris 1978Domesday Survey Derbys. Phillimore & Co. Ltd.Library (Ref L333.)
NCB Shift Register 1978New Hucknall Employees National Coal BoardMr Mick Bostock
Bill Clay Dove 1978Sutton-in-Ashfield Times Past Countryside PublicationsMr Michael Denby
A R Griffin 1981Notts Coalfields 1881-1981 Notts Area of the NUMMr Mick Bostock
National Coal Board 1982New Hucknall Colliery booklet NCB South Notts AreaMr Bill Harrison
Bill Clay Dove 1984Skegby & Stanton HillBrooklyn Press Ltd.Library (Ref L90.2)
Collective Cuttings 1984Huthwaite Village Pack NotesNotts. District CouncilLibrary (Ref L90.2)
Bill Clay Dove 1989Huthwaite and its HistoryAshfield ChadMr & Mrs Wallace
Cllr David Ayres 1990on Huthwaite (+ Fulwood)Ashfield ChadMr Mick Bostock
David Ottewell 1993Sutton on Picture Postcards Reflecting Bygone Age Mr John Boot
Sutton Heritage Soc.1996The Ashfield Historian v4 North Trent PublishingGeorge Woodward
Roy Peters (Recorded)1996Talking History of Huthwaite Ashfield Heritage meetingDorothy Clarkson
Sutton Living Memory2000Suttons Millenium Milestones Pen It Graphics LtdMrs Sally Smith
John Vanags 2000Mansfield & Pinxton RailwayOld Mansfield SocietyOnline Ref
Tony Hurst 2002 Mansfield's TramsIrwell Press LtdLibrary (Ref L38.8)
Mr Gordon Sugg2002Family Diamond WeddingsNotts Evening PostMrs A M Brooks
Paul Bradshaw 2004Dotty Huckna + among ShirewoodPersonally ReceivedMr Paul Bradshaw
H James Flowers 2004 A Tail End Charlie's StoryGraphic Press PrintersMr John Flowers
Glynn Waite 2006 Midland Railway Society No32JB Printing SheffieldMr Trev Ashmore
Roy Bainton 2006 The Alternative Mansfield BrewEMC Press Ltd MansfieldMr John Boot
Sue Young 2009 Biographies of HomeopathsPersonal Study Pagessueyounghistories

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