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Huthwaite related Headlines

1804 Apr 21 (+ Apr 28, but noted sold in that issue): Auction, Swan, May 3, 4pm: Windmill & house at Hucknall Huthwaite. Enquiries: Mr Walkden among others. Dated M, Apr 19.

1804 May 26: Mr Walkden is attorney for the assignees of Wm. Heath of Hucknall Huthwaite.

1806 Jan 11: Contributions to the Patriotic Fund at Lloyds, received at the Bank of Messrs Moore, Maltbys, Evans & Middlemore, M: Church & parish of M £35/14/11?; Unitarian Chapel in M £9/9/0?; Independent Chapel in M £3/0/3?; New Methodist Society in M £3/4/0?; M Woodhouse £11/0/0; Thoresby &Edwinstow £14/16/0; Oll £8/13/6; Warsop £7/10/6; + contributions from SA; Skegby; Teversal; Kirkby; Hucknall (?Huthwaite); Selston; Farnsfield; Blackwell; Pinxton.

1806 May 10: Charles Ellis, bankrupt grocer of Hucknall-Huthwaite, is to surrender himself at the Swan, May 19 + 20 and Jun 21, 11am. Creditors &debtors contact Vickers &Woodcock (or London lawyer as usual)

1806 Jun 28: Auction / Robinson, sa, Jul 14: estate in Hucknall/Huthwaite &Sutton in Ashfield. Enquiries: (ia) Vickers &Woodcock

1807 Apr 25: Auction / Robinson, on premises, Apr 29: furniture of late Henry Revel of Hucknall-Huthwaite. Also Auction/Robinson, Sutton in Ashfield, same day: Revel's house.

1807 Sep 26: Bankruptcy commissioners for Charles Ellis, former grocer etc. of Hucknall Huthwaite, to meet at White Swan (John Stirup's), Oct 21, 10am, to make a dividend of his estate &effects. Vickers &Woodcock, Sep 24.

1808 Feb 6: Auction / Robinson, Kirkby, Feb 17: farm at Hucknall-Huthwaite. Enquiries: Robinson or Mr Walkden.

1808 Feb 6: Assignment deed for Benoni Burton of Hucknall-Huthwaite is lodged with Mr Toplis.

1808 Feb 13: To is solicitor for assignees of Benoni Burton of Hucknall-Huthwaite. Also for assignees of Charles Sales of SA.

1808 Feb 13: Auction / Robinson, Kirkby in A, Feb 19: Farm at Hucknall-Huthwaite. Enquiries: Mr Walkden. Dated Feb 4.

1812 Nov 7: Auction / Robinson, Hucknall under Huthwaite, Nov 23: colliery and land there. Enquiries: Vickers &Parsons

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