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1958 Sutton Road Methodists

150th Year Sunday School Thanksgiving

A full copy of this original 20 page souvenir programme is kindly supplied by Mr Malcolm Clarkson. In my careful transcription this lists those given recognition with their Sutton Road Methodist Church in Huthwaite, during 150 year celebrations through formerly Wesleyan Methodists established by Eleazor Boot in 1808.

While prays, notes and event fall outdated, their Huthwaite Church history pages add reference.

1958 Programme

by Rev. W.J. Verrinder

It is a great privilege to be associated with Sutton Road Methodist Church as its Minister, and I welcome this opportunity of introducing our Brochure which commemorates 150 years of Methodist witness in Huthwaite.

Our Church has a high place in the affections of many people in this district, and if this brochure moves you to a renewed sense of gratitude to God for the past as you read it, and also to an even more whole-hearted dedication of yourself to Him for the future, then this little booklet will have achieved a very worthy aim.

Yours very sincerely. Wilfred J. Verrinder

who have passed through this Sunday School Rev. E. Broughton - living in retirement in Brigus, New Foundland
Rev. D.C. Evans - living in retirement in Comber Co. Down
Rev. A. Adlington - Deceased
Rev. R.A. Highfield - living at Bulwell near Nottingham

                          SUNDAY SCHOOL
  SECRETARIES                          SUPERINTENDANTS
Mr. J. Sprittlehouse                 Mr. Enock Ball and Mr. F. Weston
Mr. F. Robins                        Mr. M. Brown
Mr. G. Hill,  W.A. Fidler            Mr. G. Fisher
Mr. A. Smith                         Mr. H. Heath,  Mr. W. Fidler
Miss M. Allsop,  Mrs. Adlington      Mrs. M. Hill,  Mr. A. Dolman
Mr. E. Robins,  Mrs. J. Wells        Mr. Alfred Wilson,  Mr. H. Highfield
Mr. A. Hague,  Mr A. Smith           Miss E. Bowler,  Miss D. Lupton
Miss J. Herrod, Miss K. Palfreyman   Mr. Wilson Hill,  Mr. A. Lupton
                                     Mr. R. Hill and Fd. Ball
                                     Mrs. L. Elliott,  Mrs. A. Smith
 1956                                Mr. A. Smith,  Mr. F. Wells
Miss Jean Gasson, Miss U. Beighton   Mr. G.W. Morris,  Mrs. A. Adlington

    PRIMARY                   JUNIOR                   SENIOR
Mrs. W.D. Hancock        Mrs. A. Adlington        Miss Joyce Herrod
Miss S. Beighton         Miss. S. Thorpe
                         Miss. I. Fidler
TEACHERS Mr. Alan Smith Miss Shirley Beck Mr. G.W. Morris Mr. Peter Wells Miss V. Robinson Mr. A. Smith Mr. Alan Jarvis Mrs. H. Hallam Mr. Peter Clowes Mrs. J. Hardy Mr. Anton Beighton

                          LOCAL PREACHERS
Mr. G.G. Hancock         Mr. W. Nightingale       Mr. E. Oakley
Mr. J. Goddard           Mr. S. Barlow            Mr. F. Ball
Mr. G. Adlington         Mr. A. Daffin            Mr. D.C. Evans (2)
Mr. Wm. Fidler (1)       Mr. E. Lee               Mr. A.C. Evans (3)
Mr. G. Wells             Mr. H. Bradshaw

                   'THESE ARE THEY' Whom God hath called
To whom we owe our heritage, Who set our feet upon the way
Boot Family Mr. W.H. Herrod Burrow's Family Mr. Enock Ball Mr. E. Stendall Mr. G. Farnsworth Mr. Albert Ball Mr. J. Sprittlehouse Mr. Mrs J. Farnsworth Mr. Wm. Fidler Mr. H. Heath Mr. F. Farnsworth Mr. W.B. Fidler Mr. William Hill Mrs. J.J. Wells Mr. Wilson Hill Mr. Joseph Winson Mrs. Watson Mr. Alfred Wilson Mr. M. Betts Mrs. A. Ball Mr. D.C. Evans Mr. W. Betts Mrs. R. Irvine Mr. A.C. Evans Mr. S. Watson Mr. Mrs. S. Offiler Mr. H. Highfield Mr. W. Bostock Miss A. Lee Mr. G. Wells Mr. W. Farnsworth Miss E. Bowler Mr. John Wells

The committee acknowledge with regret that is probable that we may have missed the names of some of our past leaders, and also that those mentioned may be, in some cases, wrongly placed. We offer our apologies for any error, and ask that our friends may inform us of any discrepancies for future reference. We also acknowledge with great pleasure the help given by Miss Mary Wells and Mr. J.J. Wells for the work and research they have engaged in, to make this programme such an interesting and informative booklet also to all friends who have contributed in any way towards the success of the 150th year Celebrations. On behalf of the Committee JOYCE HERROD, Committee Secretary R. BEIGHTON, Trust Secretary W.J. VERRINDER, Minister
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