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a weeks news dated - November 22nd 1940


A prize value 10s., given by Dr. Gaston, realised £1 18s. for the Huthwaite Comforts Fund. It was made the subject of a competition at the New Hucknall Institute, the first winner being Mr. Harry Burton.

The Poppy Day effort on behalf of Earl Haig's Fund fell about £3 10s. below the previous year, which was, however, a record at £27. The results were:- C.W.S. Works, £15 3s 11.5d.; Betts and Broughton, £1 15s. 6d.; Bertha Green and Martha Butler, 12s. 5d.; New Hucknall Institute, 10s. 9.5d.; Jack Barlow and Len. Hibbert, 6s. 10.5d.; Mavis Green, 3s. 8d.; Parish Church Offertories, £3 6s. 7.5d.; total £23 10s. 1d. Mr. I. Parton was the organiser for the 16th year without a break.

On Monday evening, Mr. Thompson, of Huthwaite, was the speaker at the Sherwood Street Methodist Church C.E. Society meeting. His subject was "Josephus, the Historian," who was Governor of Galilee. He was taken prisoner by the Romans, and later made friends with Rome, devoting his life to literary works. His historical writings enabled later generations to better understand the background of the life of the Saviour, Jesus Christ. Josephus gave a very impartial account of the Jews and seeing that he was an authority upon the subject he established that Jesus did exist as an historical figure. By the study of such works as those of Josephus, it was possible to arrive at the truth of events which had taken place in his time.

On Monday afternoon in the Common Road Schools, the newly-formed Girls' Club held its first effort, and made a good start by raising £2 10s on behalf of Club funds. The officials chosen by the girls are:- President, Mrs. L. Hill; Vice-President, Mrs. Webb; Secretary, Mrs. W. Dickens; Treasurer, Mrs. W. Andrews; Games Organiser, Miss Kathleen Ensor; Committee, Mrs. H. Allsopp, Miss M. Penrice and Miss J. Webb. On Monday afternoon a "Bring and Buy Sale" was very successful and was followed by an impromptu entertainment by the junior members. A song by Club members were accompanied by Louis Hinks, while Betty Webb was the accompanist to tap dances by Edith Lineker. Kathleen Rodgers gave a pianoforte solo., and the Club members presented a charade. Tea was prepared and served by the Committee and the senior girls.

Choir anniversary services were conducted on Sunday by Mr. Stanley Mansfield at the Sherwood Street Methodist Church, Huthwaite. Mr. Mansfield addressed the children in the afternoon, and his subject at the evening service was "Faith,"... An interesting feature of the day's services was the beautiful singing by Mr. Edward Harrison of Hucknall, and who was born in Huthwaite...

"The Silver Snipe"

SUTTON'S Spitfire has been named "The Silver Snipe," this being the outcome of several suggestions which were before the Committee at the winding-up meeting on Tuesday evening. The snipe is the bird which is incorporated in the town's coat of arms, and is an appropriate choice.

A telegram has been received from Lord Beaverbrook congratulating residents on the magnificent success of their effort. The Fund now stands at a total of £5,126 and it will be officially closed on Monday next, when the cheque will be despatched . On Saturday morning a "White elephant" sale was held on the Market Place, and realised the sum of £26 1s. This was conducted by Mr. J.E. Woodward and Mr. W.A. Barnes, and a large crowd attended, many bargains being secured by the buyers.

Final Meeting.

On Tuesday evening the Committee which organised the fund met for their final meeting at the Denmam's Head Hotel, Sutton, and they gathered in a happy frame of mind that their task had been accomplished. Mr. H.S. Shacklock (President and Treasurer) presided over a good attendance, supported by Mr. G. W. Heighton (Hon. Sec.) and Mr. Abbott (Assistant Sec.), and the principal business was the naming of the plane.

Mr. Shacklock observed that that meeting brought them to the end of their labours, and these had concluded, as most of them thought they would, by raising the money they set out to obtain. That evening the Fund totalled £5,085. After their last meeting several nice sums of money were received, and the Butterley Co. made the handsome donation of £250, accompanied by a very nice letter. The "White elephant" sale on Saturday morning realised £26 1s., and Huthwaite's contribution to the Fund was £661 0s. 5d...

Huthwaite Subscriptions.

Previously acknowledged £595 12s. 3d., Wesleyan Chapel £5 8s. 2d.; sale of wool dolls per Margaret and Jean Butler, 10s.; total £591 10s.5d.

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