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Notts Free Press - 1936

Sourced and supplied by Mr Trev Ashmore, a glimpse back into these Huthwaite Church affairs, awarding firstly a fine list of named Methodist youngsters whose families may recall. Then Parish Council finances.

Sherwood Street Methodist Church

The annual prize distribution in connection with the Sherwood Street Methodist Church Sunday School, Huthwaite, took place on Sunday. Mrs. J.W. Wright presented the books, assisted by Miss M. Parkin and Master J. Hardwick, and Mr. A. Drabble (Sunday School Superintendent) presided. The recipients of prizes were:-


Joan Morton, Jim Bradwell, Ronald Lee, Iris Barnes, Jean Bostock, Joan Kilcline, Keith Barnes, Eileen Wilmot, Irene Flowers, Joyce Bird, Annie Betts, Maureen Harwood, Mary Turner, Iris Lee, Jean Wright, Jim Radford, Bertha Green, Mavis Green, Nina Burrows, Brenda Bagnall, Michael Moorhouse, Peter Moorhouse, Desmond Stones, Billy Betts, Norman Shaw.

Derek Stones, Leonard Bancroft, Dorothy Kilcline, Vera Wright, Jean Wright, Jock Bostock, June Harrison, Denzil Betts, Betty Hallam, David Holmes, Joseph Goodwin, Ronald Oliver, Dennis Allen, Alfred Holmes, Walter Hillyer, Jim Rimmington, Terence Stones, Margaret Butler, Norma Smith, Jack Cooper, Beryl Turner, Donald Allsopp, Freda Smith, Audrey Allsopp, Margaret Smith, Dennis Turner, Derek Turner, Barbara Farmer, Arthur Rhodes, Nancy Turner, Clifford Walters, Kenneth Kelling, Kathleen Peters, Noreen Connah, Margaret Wright, Teddy Burrows, Audrey Bowmar, Vera Stones, Willis Bowmar.


Jack Hall, John Thompson, Joseph Hardwick, Tom Hardwick, Norman Evans, Kenneth Stones, Eric Wilson, Ronald Needham, Geoffrey Cooper, Graham Fidler, Walter Taylor, Reg Cooper, John Cooper, Kenneth West, Dennis Morton, Allan Pursglove, Kenneth Wood, Horace Flowers, John Flowers, Dennis Flowers.

Donald Walvin, Lawrence Hargreaves, Donald Street, Thomas Holmes, Lawrence Needham, Dennis Rhodes, Leonard Brownley, Raymond Atkin, Raymond Hubble, Allan Allsopp, William Holmes, Ernest Brownley, Leslie Sisson, Joseph Hargreaves, Wilfred Needham, Arthur Draycott, Frank Needham, James Wilson.

Ernest Greatorex, Donald Radford, Jack Turner, Albert Radford, Joseph Holmes, Horace Hubble, George Humphrey, Jeffrey Rhodes, Kenneth Bird, George Stringfellow.

Alec Connah, Raymond Greaves, Ernest Banecroft, Arthur Clipstone, Tommy Jones, Leonard Higginson, Brian Burrows, Frank Smith.


Mavis Stopps, Ida Mansell, Edna Thompson, Freda Charlton, Betty Lincoln, Betty Stones, Kathleen Bradwell, Doris Ball, Vera Butler, Edna Hubble, Mary Hardwick, Mary Cooper, Madge Purseglove, May Hall, Joan Lincoln, Avis Bradwell, Nellie Hubble, Doris West, Joan Simmonds, Madge Simmonds, Joan Allen, Dorothy Lee, Kathleen Harwood.

Janet Hargreaves, Margaret Wilson, Annie Wilson, Jean Hardy, Mavis Betts, Enid Rhodes, Hilda Wright, Dorothy Wilson, Avis Herrod, Margery Smith, Edna Hillyer, Gwennie Allen, Joyce Parkin, Irene Sisson, Jean Bexon, Ida Bettison, Irene Sisson, Jean Bettison, Gladys Barnes, Hilda Flowers, Joan Wilmot.

Jean Stringfellow, Elsie Buxton, Lois Neal, Nellie Bradley, Dorothy Oliver, Edna Oliver, Audrey Birks, Ivy Lynk, Joyce Wright, Audrey Jones, Evelyn Connah, Winnie Smith, Muriel Harrison, Mary Thompson, Bertha Connah, Kathleen Hall, Esther Allsopp, Mary Wilson.

Huthwaite Parish Church Council


The annual meeting of the Huthwaite Parish Church Council was held on Tuesday in the Common Road School, the Rev. W.L. Boulton presiding over a moderate attendance.

The Chairman thanked his workers for their devoted labours during the twelve months. The Churchwardens were re-elected, Mr. W. Lee (Vicar's) and Mr. T. Goodall (People's), and were thanked for their long period of service. Mr. W. Rockley was re-elected secretary to the Church Council and the whole of the sidesmen were reappointed. Ruridecanal representatives were Messrs. Rockley and T. Hill, and Messrs. Rockley and Goodall were appointed to the Diocesan Conference.

Statement of Accounts.

The statement of accounts showed an expenditure, including a deficit of £493 16s. 2d. from the previous year, of £853 16s. 8d. The income was £429 3s. 9d. leaving an adverse balance of £424 12s. 11d.

Chief items of income were £156 from offertories, and £177 from the Bazaar. Harvest collections outside church were an additional £16 15s. 8d., and there was £8 from an entertainment at the Common Road School (per Miss Kitchen). Free-will offering boxes produced £5 5s., and there were donations of £5 from the Vicar, and £3 3s. from Mrs. Irvine.

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