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a weeks news dated - September 6th 1935

Committee Decision and Recommendations

AMONGST the recommendation of Committees adopted at the meeting of the Sutton Urban Council on Monday evening was one by the Health Committee that Mr. J.T. Unwin should be appointed chief sanitary inspector in succession to the late Mr. F. Spetch. Extracts are from various committee's minutes are as under:-   (Main data transcribed)

Gas Extensions at Skegby

... General Purposes Committee, - Arising out of the report of the Sub-Committee it was resolved that the matter of bathing and yachting on the Reservoir be deferred until a comprehensive scheme is drawn up and provision made therefor.
  The arrangement made by the Sub-Committee for the use of the room at the Library, Huthwaite, were approved, and R. Wright, the foreman, be made responsible for the letting and cleaning of the room.
  It was decided that six seats be purchased for Huthwaite Park, and the Sub-Committee be authorised to accept a tender when they are received.

Proposed New Council Offices.

The Surveyor submitted his report of 29th March with reference to the proposed new Council Offices, which matter was then deferred for six months, and it was resolved that the Surveyor furnish the members of the Committee with a lithographed copy of the proposed scheme, accommodation, and estimated cost, and the matter be considered at a special meeting of the General Purpose Committee...
  The Sutton Road Day and Rag Committee were allowed the use of the Council Room for a public meeting to form a Committee to organise a carnival in 1936 on behalf of the hospitals....

Attendances at Baths.

Public Baths Committee. - The Bath's Superintendent reported that the receipts and attendances at the Bath's were as follows:- June; attendances, 6,653; receipts, £90 7s. 11d.; attendances last year, 6,273; receipts last year, £85 15s. 7d. July; attendances 8,659; receipts, £111 7s.; attendances last year, 7,791; receipts last year, £110 11s. 8d.
  The report of a meeting of the Sub-Committee held on the 22nd August, was adopted. Arising out of such report it was resolved that (3) The curb of Main Street, Huthwaite, be replaced where necessary.

Proposed 'Bus Stand

The Surveyor submitted a sketch plan from Mr. G.G. Bonser for a proposed 'bus stand on land lying between Forest Street and Priestsic Road. It was resolved that his suggestions will receive attention when the provision of a 'bus stand is considered.
  The matter of street lighting by the Derby and Notts. Electric Power Co. was deferred for six months.
  The Sub-Committee was asked to consider the matter of the surplus land on the various housing sites, and prepare schemes and estimates for the planting of shrubs etc., and the erection of the necessary fencing.
  The Sub-committee were asked to consider the matter of the condition and future use of Devonshire Square and report thereon.
  It was resolved that two additional seats be placed on the side of the road near the Miner's Welfare Institute, Huthwaite.

Health Committee.- The Surveyor submitted a letter from Mr. A. Marriott with reference to the use of the old open-air baths near Messrs. Morley's factory, and it was resolved that he Sub-Committee make an inspection and report thereon.
  The Surveyor reported that the Superintendent of the Huthwaite Cemetery had asked for certain alterations to be made to his house, and the Sub-Committee are to inspect the house and report thereon.
  The Sanitary Inspect reported that 20 families had been removed from the Idlewells Clearance Area to the houses in Carsic Lane, and every assistance had been received from the tenants in making the necessary arrangements.
  A letter was submitted from the Ministry of Health, stating that the Minister approved the proposals of the Council for the appointment of an additional Sanitary Inspector, and stating that full particulars of the appointment made should be furnished to the Minister.

Medical Officer's Report.

It was resolved that Mr. J.T. Unwin, the present deputy Sanitary Inspector, be appointed Chief Sanitary Inspector to the Council, and that the matter of his salary be referred to the Sub-Committee for consideration and report.
  A letter was submitted from British Glues and Chemicals, Ltd., stating that they were clearing the site formally occupied by Meggitt's factory, and asking if the land would be sewered, with a view to using such land as a building site. It was resolved that they be informed that provision for sewering this land had been made in the sewerage scheme approved by the Council and now before the Ministry of Health.
  The report of the Medical Officer of Health for the period July 20th to August 24th was as follows:- Deaths, 28, equivalent to an annual mortality of 7.6 per 1,000; mortality of corresponding period last year 3.9. Fifty-six births were registered during the month - 27 males and 29 females, equivalent to an annual birth-rate of 15 per 1,000.


The Rev. W.L. Boulton officiated at the wedding on Saturday at Huthwaite Parish Church, between Mr. Harold Taylor, son of Mrs. and the late Mr. C. Taylor, King Street, Huthwaite, and Miss Frances Heathcote, daughter of Mr and Mrs. A Heathcote, Station Road, Huthwaite.
  The bride, who was given away by her father, ... There were two bridesmaids - Miss E. Taylor (sister of the bridegroom), and Miss J. Heathcote (cousin of the bride.)... The best man was Mr. George Bacon.
  As the bride left the Church she was presented with a silver horse-shoe by her tiny nephew, Master Alan Crafts.
  The reception was held at the home of the bride's parents. Later, the happy couple ... left for the Norfolk Broads.


Nancy Gelsthorpe, of the City of Whiteboro, Teversal, was involved in a collision with a motor lorry at the junction of Chesterfield Road and Main Street, Huthwaite, on Friday, and sustained cuts and bruises to the face and head. She was attending by Dr. Gaston and conveyed home in the Sutton Council Ambulance. He bicycle was badly damaged.


The Gospel Mission, Huthwaite, held harvest festival services on Sunday, conducted by Mr. A. Randle of Morton. The soloists were Master J. White, of Sutton, and Master W. Dewey, of Morton... Both has excellent voices, which were much enjoyed by the appreciative congregations. The festival was concluded on Monday, when a tea and musical items were given. This part of the programme was followed by a sale of fruit and flowers by Mr. Chadburn. Ready purchasers for these were found among members of the Church and visitors. Proceeds were devoted to Church funds.


In the final of the Mixed Doubles Knock-Out Competition of the Collieries' Alliance, the New Hucknall Welfare "A" team have for the fourth year been successful in carrying off the trophy. They achieved this distinction on Saturday when, as champions of the Southern Section, they met Ollerton, champions of the Norther Section at Edwinstowe, and won by eight rubbers to one, 17 sets to three, and 116 games to 63. The match was very enjoyable nd keen, and after the game the teams were entertained to tea, followed by an informal dance. The cup was received on behalf of the Club by Mr. S. Marshall, captain of the team.
  The cup was won by New Hucknall Welfare "A" in 1934 against Annesley, at Bentinck, when they won by 6 rubbers to 3; in 1933 against Annesley, at Teversal, with a result of 7 rubbers to 2; and in 1932 against New Hucknall Colliery at Pinxton, by 7 rubbers to 2.   New Hucknall Welfare players:-
  Mr. Marshall and Mrs. Everley.
  Mr. Rodgers and Mrs. Ward.
  Mr. Spencer and Miss Allsopp.


One of the "Feast" attractions was a dance held in the Drill Hall on Monday evening by the Villa F.C. The attendance was not up to expectations, although the Club is worthy of every assistance. The M.C. was Mr. W. Sevens, and music was provided by Pem Drach's Band.

A whist drive was held at the Social Service Centre on Saturday. The M.C.'s were Messrs. Pratt and Bingham, ...

The "Wakes" coincided with the opening of the football season, therefore double attractions were provided during the earlier part of the week for visitors. On Sunday the annual effort on behalf of the Old People;s Treat funds fell through owing to bad weather. It has been the custom to have a recital on a roundabout organ, but the courtesy of Mrs. Hall, and take a collection afterwards. This year it was decided to hold a united service with ministers representing three denominations to speak, but rain prevented this. There was a proviso that in the event of unkind weather, the proceedings should be transferred to the Free Church, but very few people fell in with this, and the service was abandoned.

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