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THE establishment of a rota for unemployed whereby they will be assured of work in their turn, and a suggestion that a crematorium should be provided for the town, were amongst the numerous subjects discussed at the monthly meeting of the members of the Sutton Urban Council on Monday evening.
  Councillor C. Brown, M.P. (Chairman) presided, and others present were Councillor Rev. L.J. Stamper, Mrs. C. Moore, E.H. Lowe, W. Baugh, J.B. Stuart, J.A. Percival, T.H. Taylor, H.C. Wright, G. Shaw, A. Walton, F.C. Sowter, W. Limb, G.H. Baker, A. Thompson, H. Squire, J. Davies and T. Lawrence.

Temporary Council Room.

Mr. Percival called attention to the following minute of the General Purposes Committee:- "A letter was submitted from Mr. J.H. Colton, stating that as he could not find reliable bondsmen as required by the Committee, he was unable to carry out the contract for the erection of a temporary Council Room at Forest Lodge." "What." asked Mr. Percival, "is the next step with regard to this temporary hut?"
  The Chairman said he was much concerned over the matter as it seemed to him it was going to be definitely delayed, whilst the congestion at the offices was getting worse than ever. They typist had been asked to again go in the bathroom to do her work, and eventually had to be accommodated in the Council room
"These premises are intolerable as regard accommodation." added the Chairman.
  The Clerk (Mr. Luther Pepper) said it would be for the General Purposes Committee to consider the next step. He understood the next tender was higher than the one in question....

A Room at the Baths?

Mr. Stewart: The public Baths Committee would be glad to let you the room at the Baths on the usual terms. (Laughter).
Mr. Limb said it would only be possible to be housed at the Bath whilst roller skating was on, as when swimming was taking place the floor had to be stored in the room in question.
  Mr. Sowter asked how far centralisation had brought about congestion, and said they still had offices in Huthwaite and the books of the collectors could be taken there. They would thereby save poor people, some over 70 years of age, having to journey to Sutton all the time to pay rates, etc. Four men could work in the Huthwaite offices and that would ease the situation.

Diverse Views.

The Chairman said with all the diverse views they had heard he did not think they could do anything that evening.
Mr. Percival move that the matter be referred to the Sub-Committee for consideration.
  Mr. Davies: This matter has already been tossed backwards and forwards since the new Council came into being. We have reversed our decision two or three times, and we come to the conclusion this timber building should be built, and I think the Council should settle it and get on with the job. ....
On being put to the meeting, the proposition was carried.
  In moving the minutes of the Markets Committee, Mr. Sowter (chairman), referring to a complaint of persons trading from barrows and drays in the Market Place and adjacent streets, and the decision that in future no barrows be allowed in the Market Place for trading purposes, said he would like people to know the Council had no power with private traders, hawking barrows through the street. It was a matter for the police. If the person concerned were causing obstruction the police would take action. He raised the matter to prevent people writing to the Council on the matter.

New Cross Traffic Lights.

Mr. Wright called attention to the decision of the Roads and Buildings Committee, of which he is Chairman, to make application for the installation of traffic lights at New Cross, and said the Committee thought it was a just claim. The Surveyor submitted figures to the Committee, and for the benefit of these who were not at the meeting he thought it would interest them to know what these were.
  In August a census was taken for the Minister of Transport of traffic to or from Mansfield. There was, however, traffic in other directions, and a further census was taken, this revealing 2,739 vehicles passing a day. The previous figures were 5,419, which gave a total of 8,158, in a sixteen hours day, an averse of 509 per hour, or more than eight per minute.
  The census was taken from 6am to 10pm, and as the traffic was comparatively light in the early morning and late at night, it meant that there were probably 12 vehicles a minute passing at some parts of the day, and he thought there was every justification for asking that consideration should be given to the erection of traffic lights. He was sure there was no other place in the county were traffic lights were so badly needed as at New Cross.

Huthwaite Market.

Mr. Thompson said he would like to ask a question upon the report of the Surveyor on the state of the roads and the work done. Had the Surveyor had mentioned to him anything in regard to the Market Place at Huthwaite? He (Mr. Thompson) noticed that it had been commented upon in the local paper and he wondered if he had considered it or intended doing anything in regard to the Market Place.

The Surveyor: It has been mentioned at the Roads and Buildings Sub-Committee but no decision was come to on the matter.
Mr. Thompson: If it has been mentioned I think the Committee ought to be prepared to do something, and prove to the residents at this end of the new area they are not forgotten, and that we are prepared to do something to improve that end of the town.

Paddling Pool.

An alteration was made in the following minute of the Health Committee:- "The request of Mr. A. Marriott to rent the old open air baths near Messrs. I and R. Morley's works be not granted, and the site be handed over to the General Purpose Committee, with a recommendation to (a) take down the wall round the site; (b) culvert the brook for the length of the wall; (c) fill in the tanks for conversion into sand pits for children; (d) add the site to the Garden Lane Recreation Ground.
In moving he minutes, Mr. Thompson moved an amendment to the paragraph "Fill in the tank for conversion into sand pits for children," substituting the words "Convert one into a sand pit and the other into a paddling pool for children."


An eight-day clock has been presented to the Social Service Centre by Messrs. Lupton and Daker (Sutton), and a sewing machine for the Womens' Section is being loaned by Mrs. C.H. Turner (Common Road). Other offers of sewing machines were made by Mrs. Evans and Mrs. Wright.

Messrs. Pratt and Bradley were the M.C.'s at the Social Service whist drive on Saturday night. A prize of tomatoes, grown by the donor, was given by Mr. Pratt. ....

On behalf of the funds of the indoor games section of the Notts. and Derbyshire Collieries' Alliance, a dance was held in the Drill Hall on Saturday. Facilities for a pleasant time were not taken advantage of to the extent hoped for, but the officials discharged their duties efficiently. The M.C.'s were Messrs T. Oldham and O. Spencer, and the arrangements had been made by Messrs. T. Hill (Institute Secretary) and W. Parkin (Indoor Games Secretary). A programme of dance music was provided by Tom Burton's Orchestra.

A women's section has now been established in connection the the Social Service Centre. A meeting on the question was held at the Centre on Thursday afternoon, when there was a very good attendance of ladies interested in the subject. A practical address was given by Miss Butcher, who is in touch with the Womens' Sections in the Northern and Midland Areas. Miss Butcher outlined the various pursuits to which the women members could devote their time. She would be able to supply materials for making a variety of useful articles and she explained that if interest was maintained in the Women's Section, and reasonable progress made, a grant might be obtained from headquarters towards a sewing machine. Miss Butcher's address was greatly appreciated, and it was decided to form a Women's Section, with the following officers:- Chairman, Mrs. J.A. Tomlinson; Secretary, Mrs. H.A. Simpson; Treasurer, Mrs. J. Clifton; Committee, Mesdames J. Ensor, Bingham, Bonsall, Wright, A. Evans, Fitchett and Owen. Light refreshments were served by Mesdames Simpson, Bonsall and Ensor.


Gold to the value of £113,164 from South Africa was landed at Plymouth, this week, from the liner Adda, and forwarded to London.

Five new oilfields have been discovered in Germany in the course of the systematic search undertaken by the Government, to find new home oil reserves.

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