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a weeks news dated - October 4th 1935

Opening of New Session

The annual report and distribution of awards in connection on the Huthwaite Evening Institute (New Street) took place on Monday evening, in the presence of a large number of students, parents and friends.
  Mr. H.A. Simpson outlined the numerous successes that had been achieved during the last session, and said 205 people had taken advantage of the excellent tuition which was a feature of the Evening Institute, at which the teachers were acknowledged experts in their respective subjects. Again in hosiery they had captured more scholarships tenable at Nottingham University than any other Institute. That evening Messrs. J.W. Lee, L. Clay and E. Dickens had started their courage at Nottingham.
  In the mining section there had been an average attendance of 20 youths and men maintained, and in the safety class the attendance frequently reached from 30 to 40 boys. H. Barnes and A. Quincey had gained scholarships, tenable at Mansfield Technical College.

Valuable Services.

In the cookery department they had been able to run a cookery class numbering 30 women and girls, and of these six had passed the E.M.E.U. examination. The discipline and conduct of the students had been excellent, and in each classroom an air of eagerness and quiet application was noticeable throughout the session. They had lost the valuable services of Mrs. L. Hill, who had retired after serving continuously for 30 years, and had done so much in the management of the sewing class. He wished Mrs. Hill every happiness in her retirement.
  They were pleased to see Mrs. C.H. Coupe, who had come to present the prizes. Mrs. Gaston was prevented from being present by urgent business. Both ladies had attended during the session and had taken great interest in the girls work, and once more were kind enough to give valuable prizes for needlework and cookery.
  Mrs. Coupe then presented the prizes which consisted of useful and attractive personal articles.

Votes of Thanks.

A vote of thanks was accorded Mrs. Coupe for her attendance and interest ....
Thanks were also accorded the New Hucknall Colliery Company who would again give a number of prizes for excellence in the mining place results.
  Subjects taken this year, in addition to last year, are dressmaking (Miss V. Allsop) and tailoring (Miss Evelyn Buxton), Sutton. Art and lettering classes for boys and girls are also a new departure. Other subjects are hosiery, bookkeeping, shorthand, adult mining, cookery, needlework, English and arithmetic, leather work, drawing and safety course for boys in mines. Boys and girls of 14 are charged half-fees only, this matter being one that is always regarded sympathetically. The evening ended with an enrolment, and a most encouraging number of candidates signed the contract forms to attend classes.


The following is the list of prize-winners:- Mining (grouped course), Herbert Barnes and A.W. Quincey, scholarships tenable at Mansfield Technical College, Hosiery, John Walter Lee, Leslie Clay and Edward Dickens, scholarships to Nottingham University, Cookery (grade 1), - Doris Ashley, Phyllis Fox, Joan Barlow and Rosie Revill, Grade II., Edna Dickens and Gladys Purseglove. Special prizes: Mrs. Coupe's prize for cookery, Doris Ashley; Mrs. Coupe's prize for needlework, Dorothy Rowe; Mrs. Gaston's prize of cookery, Edna Dickens; Mrs. Gaston's prize for needlework, Phyllis Fox. Prizes for attendance and good conduct,- Girls: Nellie Sheppard, Jessie Smith, Joan Simmonds, Doris Ashley, Edna Dickens, Phyllis Fox, Joan Heathcote, Gladys Purseglove, Dorothy Rowe, Irene Rhodes, Dorothy Wood, Mary Wells, Lucy Bettison, Ida Mansell, Marion Ford. Boys: W. Bradwell, E. Blount, L. Clay, E. Dickens, R. Evans, H. Hoult, G. Kirk, L. Marriott, R. Murfin, G. Wright, H. Bradley, G. Coleman, F. Dyment, W.H. Frith, F. Pepper, W. Pratt, A. Archer, W. Bingham, H. Clarke, C. Blow, M. Clark, R. Gunby, L. Oliver, A. Quinsey, C.D. Stone, C. Stone, A. Tomlinson, H. Wright, R. Wood, A. Woodfield, A. Barker, D. Weston and F. Farrands.


On Saturday the West End F.C. held a successful streamer dance in the Drill Hall, a very enjoyable time being spent. The M.C.'s were Messrs S. Stones and Reg Holmes (South Normanton) and Tom Burton's Band played the music. The catering was supervised by Mesdames Hill and Dibble and Miss Deakin, and the organiser was Mr. J. Elliott (secretary of the Club).

Now that the evening classes have re-opened, ambitious coal-mining students not that every facility is provided for their advancement, particularly the scholarship scheme which allows youths who reach a certain standard of merit and pass the examination to proceed to a technical college with all expenses and fares paid. Many who have attained promotion in the mining world began their careers at evening schools, and there are more opportunities now than in years past. Mining science classes are held twice a week, and three is also a class for boys on "Safety" principles in mines. In either case the time is well-spent, the classes being under the direction of Mr. W. Jackson, who combines the practical and the scientific sides of the subject in a way which appeals to all. Last year two New Hucknall lads won scholarships, and the number may be easily increased this season.

After a lapse of a year, the "Top End" celery show was held at the "White Lion" on Saturday. The entries numbered 14, a considerable decrease on the last display, but the quality left little to be desired, and the judge, Mr. H. Johnson (Pilsley) spoke very favourably of the exhibits. The first six in order of merit were as follows:- 1, C. Keeling, 3lbs. 8oz.; 2, C. Keeling, 3lbs. 13oz.; 3, J.T. Ward, 4lbs. 4oz.; 4, H. Briggs; 5, T. Godber; 6, W. Rawson (Tibshelf). The weights represented one stick. The exhibition was organised and managed by Messrs. T. Simmonds (secretary), G. Harrison, C. Fulwood, H. Severns, W. Gascoigne, and W. Radford. For a long period the Secretary has taken a particular interest in this exhibition and not that it has been re-established, another season will probably see a much greater amount of interest displayed.


On Saturday Huthwaite Parish Church was the scene of a picturesque wedding the bridegroom being Mr. George Cartledge, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. Cartledge, of 28, Marlboro Road, East Kirkby, and the bride Miss Muriel Humphrey, the only daughter of Mrs. G. Humphrey, 27, New Street, Huthwaite, and the late Mr. G. Humphrey, who was well-known in the Huthwaite district as Superintendent of the New Hucknall Welfare. The Rev. W.L. Boulton (Vicar) performed the ceremony.
  The bride was given away by her cousin, Mr. Ernald Haywood, ...

Miss Ida Hunt was the chief bridesmaid, the others being Miss Elsie Cartledge (sister of the bridegroom), Miss Mary Hall and Miss Edna Ralph (cousin of the bride). ...

Mr. J. Boot, a friend of both contracting parties, officiated as best man, and as the newly married couple left the church the bride was presented with two symbols of good fortune - a silver horseshoe from Miss Jean Bostock, and a wooden spoon from Mrs. Poplar (Teversal).

... The honeymoon is being spent at Manchester, the bride travelling in a flowered dress under a fawn coat, with matching hat and shoes. The newly married couple will reside at "Ellesmere," Huthwaite Road, Sutton, and they were the recipients of many handsome presents, including a dining room carpet, curb and fittings, to the bride from the Huthwaite C.W.S.


On Saturday the bowls season closed with a pleasant little function. On the Welfare green a game was played between New Hucknall Welfare (champions of the Notts. and Derbyshire Alliance) and the Huthwaite B.C. (champions of the Mansfield and District Association 'A' Section) and the Sutton and District Mid Week League. These are greater honours collectively than have ever been brought to the town before.

Saturday's match was won by the Welfare by 119 shots to 101, and subsequently Mr. T. Bradley (Huthwaite) complimented the groundsman (Mr. C. Brandreth) on the excellent condition of the green, and the team on winning the trophy.
The winners received the prize presented by Mr. E. Towers, a former president of the Welfare Club and now of Kirkby.

The scores were:-
New Hucknall Welfare. - H. Rudkin, J. Allsop junior and H. Hubble; T. Oldham, W. Boot and C. Pilkington; S. Bowmar, C. Brandreth and E. Holland; B. Goodwin, E. Nunn and W. Rudkin; total 119.
Huthwaite. - R. Hayes, H. Thompson and J. Nunn; T. Thompson, C.H. Coupe and A. Purdy; J. Allsop, T. Wilcoxson and T. Bradley; A. Hunt, J. Harrison and J.J. Harrison; total 101.


The marriage was solemnised on Saturday at the Free Church, Huthwaite, between Mr. Edward Howard Purseglove, son of Mrs. Purseglove, of 26, Common Road, Huthwaite, and the late Mr. E. Purseglove, and Miss Lois Herrod, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. Herrod, 83, Main Street, Huthwaite. The ceremony was conducted by the Rev. J. Hooley (Alfreton), and Miss A. Hawley officiated at the organ and played a selection of suitable music.
  The bride was given away be her father, and was robed in pink crepe... The two bridal attendants were a cousin of the bride (Miss D. Herrod). and the bridegroom's sister (Miss G. Purseglove)...
The best man was Mr. Robert Purseglove (brother of the bridegroom). and after the ceremony a reception was held in the Sherwood Street schoolroom. The happy couple subsequently left for the honeymoon at Blackpool, ...


A meeting of the new Clarion Union (South Yorkshire, Lincolnshire and District) was held at Laneham Ferry on Sunday. The Huthwaite Section delegates were Mr. and Mrs. J. Swindell, who made the journey by tandem.

Mr. T. Bradley was the M.C. at the Social Service whist drive on Saturday. The winners were:- Mr. Malcolm Ellis; Mr. T. Cutts; Mrs. Whetton; Mrs. Nicholls. Hidden number, Mrs. Taylor.

In view of the recent short time at New Hucknall Colliery a special grant was made from the Notts. Industrial Union yesterday. Three shillings per full member and 1s. 6d. each boy was paid out of the Sherwood Street Schoolroom by the Union officials.

A whist drive in aid of the Social Centre Football Club wass held at the Centre on Tuesday night, and was well patronised. The M.C.'s were Messrs. Wilson and G. Radford (secretary of the Club).

The harvest festival was celebrated at the Sutton Road Methodist Church on Sunday when the preacher was Mr. F. Dabill of Hucknall.

Although in some parts of this district there is an absence of real prosperity, conditions are much better than in some places, according to an appeal which was read at a meeting of the Parish Church Council on Tuesday evening, and which gave a moving account of the poverty of a Welsh mining township. The letter was from the Rev. S.H. Lewis, Vicar of Clydach Vale, Rhondda (Glamorgan) and it stated that about 70 per cent. of the parishioners were on dole or parish relief. No one starved but there was a great deal of suffering. In prosperous days there were three curates, now the vicar is working the huge parish single-handed. There were no men of means, the parish being made up of long streets of miners' cottages. There was a debt of £2,000 on the two churches, vicarage and church hall, on which five per cent interest is being paid. No one would lend money with the future uncertain. The heating apparatus, church and organ are fast falling into a ruinous state owing to lack of funds and subsidence. Every Friday evening 16 women collect threepenny bits, pennies and half-pennies to meet the Diocesan Quota of £127 yearly. Clydach Vale has been compelled to send out an S.O.S. for the first time, asking for small postal orders, or even a few stamps. Mr. Goodall (Church Warden) reported that he had sent a donation of £1 10s. on behalf of the Church members, and his action was commended and approved. The Rev. W.L. Boulton presided at the meeting and next year's bazaar was discussed. Mr. L. Bailey being appointed Bazaar Secretary.

On Wednesday an excellent costume representative of a "Pageant of Biblical Women" was given in the Sherwood Street Schoolroom on behalf of the Church funds. The characters were sustained by members of the Women's Own, the producer being Mrs. Bradley, to whom great credit is due for a very striking spectacle. There was a large audience, the chairman being Miss J. Kitchen, who at the close moved a vote of thanks to all who had taken part.


Among the boxers who will take part in the novices' heavyweight competition at the Wembley Empire Pool, next Tuesday, is Jack Corbett, Huthwaite.


Dorothy Alexander was successful in gaining a second prize for Pianoforte Playing for Students under 10 years at Heanor Musical Festival. Pupil of Miss Simpkin, Lime Avenue. - Advt.

On Sunday the annual celery show was held at the Shoulder of Mutton, 26 exhibits being staged. The winners were:- 1, T. James (Ilkeston); 2, C. Searson (Alfreton); 3, W. Ward (Huthwaite). The judge was Mr. H. Wilmott.

On Sunday the clarion Cycling Club run was to Fiskerton Ferry. The outward journey was through Southwell, and on arrival lunch was provided After an enjoyable afternoon on the Trent side tea was enjoyed at Hoveringham, another favourite haunt of cyclists. The way home included Oxton, Long Dale and Larch Farm.

On behalf of the funds of the Women's Section of the Huthwaite Unionist Association, a whist drive, organised by Mrs. H. A. Simpson, was held in the Common Road Schools on Tuesday. The M.C. was Dr. Vance and good prizes were offered. They were presented by Mrs. Brunt to the following:- Mrs. Franklyn; Miss Vardy; Mrs. J. Ensor. Refreshments were served by Mrs. H. Ensor, Misses Searson and Farnsworth.

The annual leaf day on behalf of the Duchess of Portland's Home (Elleralie House) for Paralysed Sailors and Soldiers was held on Saturday under the supervision of Mr.T. Goodall. Chief assistants were Mr. A. Walters, Mrs. Maltby, Miss Season, and Miss Brailsford, and there was a band of willing vendors. Help was greatly appreciated from the C.W.S. factory. Messrs. Betts and Broughton and the Day Schools. The financial result was a gratifying increase on last year, being £5 14s. 1d. against £4 8s. 3d.

In connection with the Parish Church harvest festival, a special service was held in the Common Road Church of England School on Wednesday. A large quantity of flowers and fruit had been brought by the children giving the event a seasonable atmosphere and the visitors included Mrs. Boulton and friend (Miss Fox), Mesdames Shaw, Alexander Evans, J. Ensor, Heathcote, Searson, Oxley, Misses W. Wright and Farnsworth and Mr. T. Goodall. The service was conducted by the headmistress (Miss J. Kitchen), favourite hymns being sung by the children. The pianist was Miss Joan Abbott, and an address was given by Miss Quinen (Sutton). Refreshments were served by the teaching staff, Mrs. W. Kitchen and Miss Farnsworth. Subsequently the gifts of produce were taken to the Parish Church to form a part of the offerings there.

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