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a weeks news dated - November 8th 1935


Mr. Walter Kenyon presided at the annual meeting of the Huthwaite Branch of the British Legion, held in the Drill Hall on Friday night. There was a good attendance, and the arrangements made for the observance of Armistice Day were approved. The following officers were re-elected:- President, Councillor E.H. Lowe; secretary, Mr. Isaiah Parton; treasurer, Mr. O. Hardwick; chairman, Mr. W. Jackson; vice-chairman, Mr. W. Kenyon; committee, Messrs. D. Jones, J.B. Edwards, F. Peace, J. Barlow, R. Gowley, J. West, C. Pemberton, T. Walvin and J. Wass. A balance sheet was presented, and disclosed a balance in hand of £1 5s. 11d. It may be mentioned that Mr. Parton entered upon his eleventh year as secretary.


The following ascertainments were disclosed at a meeting of the Notts. Wages Board, held at the Victoria Hotel, Nottingham, on Monday.
Tonnage raised at the pit head for September 1,147,144 tons; number of shifts at the coal face, 316,517; total number of shifts at the coal face and above ground, 794,786l; number of men employed 42, 110.
Output per man per shift at the coal face, 72.49 cwt., as against 71 cwt. in September, 1934, an increase of 1.40 cwt. Output per man per shift for all persons employed, 28.87 cwt., as compared with 28.10 cwt. in September 1934.
Wages per man per shift, 10s. 6.53d, as compared with 10s. 7.72d. in 1934, a decrease of 1.19d. Proceeds at the pit head, £692,907, the rate per ton working out at 12s. 0.97d.
Percentage payable 138 per cent, the wages accruing from the industry being 130.63, making a deficiency of 7.32. For the corresponding month of 1934 the percentage was 126.73. The total deficiency since April up-to-date is £597,726.
There is an increased output of 43,687 tons as compared with September last year, and the selling price is down 2.13d. In September the profit was 1s. 2.33d., as against 1s. 3.42d. in September last year, a decrease of 2.09d.

Alterations at Library

AT a monthly meeting of the members of the Sutton Urban Council held at the Council Offices on Monday evening, it was decided to make alterations to the room beneath the Free Library for use as a Council room pending the erection of a new Council house...
In the unavoidable absence of the Chairman (Councillor C. Brown), the chair was occupied by Councillor W. Limb (vice-chairman), and others present were Councillors Mrs. C. Moore, Rev. L.J. Stamper, N.D. Todd, T.H. Taylor, G. Shaw, F.C. Sowter, A. Walton, G.H. Barker, W. Baugh, J.B. Stuart, J. Davies, E.H. Lowe, H.C. Wright, T. Lawrence, J.A. Percival, A. Thompson and H. Squires.

The Vice-Chairman said he had received a letter from the Chairman, who wished to inform the Council in his official capacity he had been asked by the Postmaster at Nottingham and the local Postmaster (Mr. Garlick) to inspect the alterations which had been made at the Sutton Post Office. This had been done and the altered and improved premises were opened to the public that day (Monday). Mr. Brown desired to say how they appreciated the improved accommodation provided for the town, and they were grateful for the recognition of the importance of the town.

Alterations to Post Office

Mr. Limb said he had also inspected the altered premises, which had been beautified and were now a delight to go in,...
When the Water Committee minutes were being considered Mr. Thompson asked if attention could be given to the service water pipe in Allsop's Yard, Huthwaite, which, he thought, was too small. The Water Manager promised to see into the matter..

Huthwaite Road Footpath.

Arising out of the Roads and Buildings Committee minutes, Mr. Lawrence said a lot of criticism had arisen because the right-hand side footpath opposite Jubilee Cottages in Huthwaite Road had not been paved. He understood plans had been submitted ...
Mr. Wright said the Council had made application under the Main Road Improvement Works provision for permission to go forward with that work...

Considerable Expenditure.

... A letter was read from the Ministry of Transport endorsing the proposals of the Council in regard of foot crossings for pedestrians, the approval being on the understanding that the Council will review the situation from time to time, and that if at such review they are of opinion any modification is necessary or desirable, they will submit a further scheme to the Ministry.
The Clerk submitted a letter from the Meden Valley Water Works Committee in relation to the supply of water to Huthwaite, Skegby, Stanton Hill and Teversal, in accordance with arrangements which were entered into prior to the amalgamation of the districts, and the matter was referred to the Water Sub-Committee.

Alteration to Free Library.

Arising out of the report of the Surveyor, the importance was stressed of no building being commenced before plans had been approved by the Council....


An open show for old hens was held at the Huthwaite Homing Society headquarters, the White Hart, on Saturday, the judge being Mr. W. Booth, of B Winning. The prize list was as follows:- 1 and special, J. Dooley (Stanton Hill); 2, M. Percival (Stanton Hill); 3, Elliott and Fisher (Huthwaite); reserve, J. Dooley; v.h.c., J. Dooley; h.c., M. Percival; c. W. Brunt (Huthwaite).


Winners at the Social Service whist drive on Saturday were Mr. M. Ellis, Mr. J. Greatorex, Mrs. E.A. Bennett and Mr. C.H. Coupe, playing as lady.

Mr. Leonard Bostock, of Huthwaite, son of Mr. William and Mrs. Bostock had retired from the position of Chief Detective Inspector of the Singapore Police, having reached the retiring age. Shortly after the Great War - in which he served in the First Tank Corps - Mr. Bostock entered the Civil Service and went out to the Straits Settlement. For a time he was stationed at Penang, and afterwards at Singapore. Mr. Bostock, is now taking up his residence at Richmond, Surrey.

The Sherwood Street Methodists having had their banner renovated at a cost of £7 10s., a concert was held on Wednesday night to defray the cost. The chairman was Councilor J. Davies, C.C., and very enjoyable selections were given by Mr. F. Walker's Orchestra, which was conducted by Mr. H. Brooks....

The Overseas Mission anniversary was celebrated at the Sutton Road Church on Sunday and Monday. The preacher on the former day was the Rev. A. Sanderson, a returned missionary, whose sermons were devoted to conditions in Northern India and the mission work which is being done there... In an address the Rev. A. Sanderson again took for his topic the aspect of missionary work in India. He pointed out that before the country could be Christianised the population must be educated, and rid of the ancient prejudices which adversely affected family and religious life...



HUTHWAITE C.W.S. made their exit from the Intermediate Cup at Netherfield on Saturday, but not without a hard fight, the home team, Netherfield Albion, being rather fortunate to win by three goals to two. The match was played before a fair sized crowd and in fine weather.... Teams:-
Huthwaite C.W.S. - R. Illsley; R. Booth and A. Pegg; J. Simms, E. Dyment and R. Jones; A. Betts, A. Copley, A. Clarke, A. Barsby and G. Bunning.

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