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a weeks news dated - May 3rd 1935


On Sunday afternoon an egg service was held in the Parish Church conducted by the Rev. W.L. Boulton. The Sunday School children were in charge of their respective teachers, and the eggs, 149, in number, were received by Mrs. Shaw (supt). The service consisted of hymns, prayers and an address. The eggs were intended for Mansfield Hospital

At the last meeting of the Hospital Carnival Committee it was decided to purchase a jubilee silver challenge cup, value £10, for the jazz band competition at this year's carnival. The committee's jubilee effort is a fancy-dress dance on Monday, when the present Carnival Queen, Miss Hatton, will be present with her attendants, and will be enthroned ...

A whist drive in aid of the Social Service Centre was held in the new building on Saturday evening. The M.C. was Mr. T. Bradley, and the prizes presented by Mrs. Kay were won by the following:- Ladies; 1, Mrs. Coleman (Sutton); 2, Mrs. Nicholls. Gent's; 1, Mr. C.H. Coupe; 2, Mrs Nowell (Sutton), playing as a gentleman. The majority of the visitors were from Sutton...

By special request a repetition of the cantata.. was given in the New Fall Street Church on Sunday evening. There was a very good congregation and the trust fund benefitted substantially. The choir was augmented by musical friends from the locality and assisted by the Sutton Colliery Orchestral Band, the total number of performers being about 50...

The annual presentation of distinctions to the members of the New Hucknall Ambulance Division took place in the Drill Hall on Sunday morning. Mr. H.B. Stevens (Supt.) presided, and welcomed Mrs. Gaston, who presented the awards.... Ambulance Officer Jackson pointed out to the members the advisability of continuing the good work, both in their own interests and to the benefit of everybody concerned. The classes have been held as usual under the supervision of hon. Surgeon-Instructor Dr. Gaston, and the successful students were as follow:- Certificates; Joseph Barnes, Arthur D. Jones, Owen Marriott, Frank Deakin, Allan Woodward, John George Marriott, William A. Hallam, James Baines, John Farrands, Arthur Salt and Thomas Smith. Labels: William Brown, John A. Reddish. Brigade members who were successful on re-examination were Supt. H.B. Stevens, Company Officer H. Murfin, Company Officer H. Gething, Ambulance Officer G.W. Rallings, Ambulance Officer W. Jackson, Staff Sergeant C. Blow, Sergeant R. Beighton, Corporal E.M. Straw, A. Allen, F. Ashley, Privates J. Tomlinson, H. Speed, J. Alcock, W. Marshall, I Marshall, R. Alcock, C. Stirland, I. Bagguley, G.T. Herrod, E. Farnsworth, W.L. Richards, F. Heathcote, J.H. Mann, J.E. Searson, W. Smith, C. Stones, A. Adlington, E. Berry, T. Shaw, L. Humphreys, A. Betts and E. Holmes. The Division is to give a display as part of the Jubilee programme, and their smartness and efficiency should make it a big feature of the proceedings. The secretary of the Division is Ambulance Officer Rallings (Sutton) and the treasurer Mr. L. Draycott (Sutton).


A wedding of great interest to Huthwaite residents was solemnised at St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church, Loughborough, by the Rev. Father Cunningham (the parish priest), the bride being Miss Martha Eveline Mary Adkin, the eldest daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. F. Adkin (Loughboro'), and the bridegroom Mr. James Barnes, only son of Mr. and Mrs. S. Barnes, Barker Street, Huthwaite.
  The bride was official Health Visitor to the Urban District Council, and in this capacity carried on a valuable work which caused her to be held in high esteem by the authorities and a grateful regard of the public in general. Her supervision of the Maternity and Child Welfare Centre has been of great benefit to the town, and the annual gathering of the mothers and infants under her care developed into an important social and educative feature. Miss Adkin is a Queen's nurse, and has qualified in all the branches of her profession. She gained knowledge and experience by periods of training and residence at Nottingham, Lincoln, Leicester and Loughboro' before coming to Huthwaite. In this district her activities have extended to a wider area than the immediate locality, they have been performed in all cases unostentatiously, but with the utmost efficiency and have been duly appreciated.

Wide Interest.

A pleasing feature of the wedding was the interest manifested by numerous friends and former associates of the bride in various places. The bride has also acted as local secretary of the N.S.P.C.C. The bridegroom is a Huthwaite native, and a member of a family for many years connected with the Wesleyan Church. He is a member of the staff of the Britannic Assurance Co., having held the post for the last four years...
  The two bridesmaids were Miss Phoebe Doris Adkin (sister of the bride), Loughboro' and Miss Enid Fidler (niece of the bridegroom), Huthwaite.... Mr. J. Hall was the best man and Mr. A. Fidler groomsman,...
  The reception was held at the home of the bride's aunt and uncle, Mr. and Mrs. W. Whelband, Arthur Street, Loughboro', about 50 guests being entertained. Huthwaite visitors included Mr. and Mrs. S. Barnes, Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Fidler, Mrs. Ramsell, Mrs. Bradley (Huthwaite Nursing Association), Nurse Dickens, and Mr. A. Dickens, junior. The last named in fulfilment of a long-standing promise motored the bride to Church.
  The happy couple after a few days in Huthwaite, depart this week to their future home at Rayleigh Lodge, near Southend, where the bridegroom has been appointed to a new post... The Notts. County Medical Staff and Nurses are subscribing a gift for the bride (probably a piece of furniture), and the bridegroom received from the Britannic Staff a handsome canteen of cutlery.


The football match played on Wednesday by the "Pick of Huthwaite" against "Professionals" realised £5 for Mansfield Hospital.

On Sunday the Huthwaite Ivanhoe C.C. members visited the picturesque Monsal Dale in Derbyshire. The journey was made in good time, dinner being partaken of at Bakewell and tea at the Dale. The scenery and the ride were enjoyed and the party returned home via Bakewell, Matlock and Alfreton.

A Jubilee gift of 8s. for each adult worker and 4s. for each boy under 16 is being made to the employees at New Hucknall Colliery. The money is being provided by the funds of the Field Club, and applies also to those in the Company's employ who are at present off work through illness or accident.


The death of Mr. Henry Beresford, of Swan Terrace, removes a familiar figure from Huthwaite Brass Band activities. The late Mr. Beresford, who as 75 years of age, had had an interesting career, and was recently as last Christmas, he and his wife who survives him, celebrated their golden wedding.

Life-long Interest in Music

The late Mr. Beresford, who was a miner, spent his early years in Killamarsh and Blackwell. He afterwards lived in Shirland for a lengthy period, and was a member of a the Shirland Temperance Band, having a life-long interest in matters musical. Henry Beresford He had lived in Huthwaite about 30 years, and joined the Huthwaite Prize Band a quarter of a century ago, and officiated as drummer until a few years ago. He was also employed as a lamplighter by the Urban District Council, and this occupation naturally widened the circle of his acquaintances.

He always maintained a keen interest in the Band's progress, right up to the end, and until he met with an accident 18 months ago he was a man of exceptional vigour, who carried his years lightly. A fractured ankle, though it impaired his physical condition, by no means diminished his cheerful outlook and his healthy interest in all about him. He had a fund of band reminiscences which he drew upon continually, and he was always ready to assist a good cause. He played various instruments in his early musical career, and always displayed the enthusiasm of a man whose heart was in his hobby. He rendered many years service to the Huthwaite Band, and they showed their appreciation by acting as bearers. A wide, seven sons and three daughters are left.

Mourners and Wreaths.

The mourners were:- Widow; Ferdinand Dixon and Marina (Nottingham), Jim and Elsie (Sutton), Rufus and Edna (Sutton), Rowland and Eliza, William Henry, Clarence and Willis, sons and daughters-in-law; Lucy Machin (Sutton) and Lavinia, daughters; Mr. Henry Osborne and Mr. Rowland Osborne (Long Eaton), grandsons ; Aunt Phoebe Pollard (Temple Normanton).

The Huthwaite Prize Band was represented by the following as bearers:- Messrs. Chas A. Cooper (bandmaster), William Cooper, J.T. Dobb, G. Bee, S. Hunt, W. Hinks (senior) and W. Hinks (junior).
All the family mourners brought wreaths, and his daughter, Lavinia provided a memorial vase. There were also floral tokens from:- Mrs. L. Beresford (Sutton); Mr. and Mrs. Hedley Wilson and family; Mr. and Mrs. A. Beardall and family; Mr. and Mrs. C. Adlington and family; Mrs. B. Hallam and Charlie, Violet, Ernest and Joe Draycott; Mr. and Mrs. Bert Draycott. Mr. and Mrs. Wilkinson and family; and dear Friend; Mr. I. Roper (Stonebrrom); and Huthwaite Prize Band.



A HUTHWAITE "Derby" between C.W.S. and United in the above Competition on the West End ground on Thursday evening resulted in a keenly-contented game and a victory for the factory side by two goals to nil...
  It is rumoured that Crompton's displays with the C.W.S. are likely to cause him to move in higher circles. At least three clubs - a Second Division side, a Northern Section Club and a Central Combination team - are most interested. However, as it is the end of the season, no doubt little will be done until next August. Of course, being a member of the teaching profession, Crompton may be moved from Huthwaite at any time - even though his "Junior Champions" cannot conceive such a thing.
  The winners were represented by:- Crompton; Booth and Bromley; Cooper, Dyment and Herrod; Betts, Heath, Briggs, Copley and Bunning. Referee, Mr. A.E. Spendlove (Huthwaite).

Arrangements in Sutton and District

MANY and varied are the attractions in Sutton and district for Jubilee Day and residents of the area are promised a right royal time. Special attention is being paid to the children, and both young and old should have good cause to remember Jubilee Day 1935. It is hoped that tradespeople and householders generally will do all they can in the way of decorating their premises and the streets, which should help considerably to create the real atmosphere for such an auspicious occasion.

Representatives of the Committees appointed to make arrangements for the Jubilee celebrations in Sutton, Huthwaite, Stanton Hill, Skegby and Teversal met at the Sutton Council Offices on Tuesday evening, when it was reported that in each area perpetrations for the event were well in hand. Councillor A. Walton presided, and others present were:- Messrs. W. Hall and J.C. Barke (joint hon. secretaries), Councillors G.H. Barker, J.B. Stuart, J. Davies, W. Limb and the Rev. L, Stamper. Messrs. G.W. Elder, A. Sewell, Jackson, J. Bowdler, H.A. Simpson and C. Bonsall, Miss Hutchinson and Mrs. Townsend.

Discussion took place with regard to the Committee's Jubilee gifts of half-crowns to old-age pensioners, and it was decided that all over 65 be presented with 2s. 6d. each on production of their pension books. Adult unemployed in the whole area are to receive a gift of 2s. each, and juvenile unemployed (under 17) 1s. each.
  Mr. Stuart reminded the Huthwaite and Skegby representatives that the swimming gala at Sutton Baths was open to all in the area.
The Secretary of the Sutton St. John Ambulance Nursing Division wrote stating that the services of members would be at the disposal of the Committee for any duties on Jubilee Day, and it was decided to accept the offer with thanks.

Programmes of the day's events in the three areas are as follow:-


10.30 am - Assembly and service on Market Place, followed by procession.
2.30 - "Round the Houses Race," class 1, for boys - tricycle or scooter; class 2, for errand boys; class 3, for girls - with prams.
3 pm - Ambulance display.
3.30 - P.T. Display
5.30 - Fancy Dress Parade. Class 1, most original; class 2, patriotic; class 3, comical.
6.15 - Tug of War, boys under 14.
6.30 - "Dodging the Bucket," for Councillors and ex-Councillors.
6.45 - Final of six-a-side football contest.
8 pm - Bonfire; Community Singing and prize distribution; Fireworks.

Football Field

STAGING a wonderful recovery in the second half after a disappointing first half display against Mansfield Invicta (possible champions of the Sutton and Skegby League Division 1) in the League Cup final in the Sutton Junction Ground on Saturday evening, Huthwaite Villa ran out winners by five goals to one and thus delighted their many supporters...



With both teams striving for top place, a very fast game was played at Huthwaite on Monday evening, between Stanton Ironworks and Huthwaite Villa, and the result was a draw of one goal each.
  Villa include the brothers Cook, the Ripley forwarn, and W. Cook scored after 15 minutes play. The visiting centre-forward collided with Gascoigne, and the latter had to have a coupe of stitches inserted in a cut on his forehead. Osborn equalised for Stanton a minute before half-time. Villa put up a plucky display with ten men. Both set of forwards were lively, but the goalkeepers Allsop (Villa) made some excellent saves...



At Stanton Hill on Saturday, Huthwaite Park Rangers pulled off another victory, defeating Stanton Hill Imperial by four goals to two... Team:- Huthwaite Park Rangers.- C. Ward; A. Bailey and A. Bailey; R. Tuckwood, R. Booth and A. Dykes, S. Wright, C. Bacon, H. Smalley and G. Marshall.

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