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a weeks news dated - March 22nd 1935

Interest Growing in Monday's Contests

Considerable interest is being evinced in the election for a new Sutton Council on Monday, particularly in the two new Wards - Skegby and Huthwaite. The candidates are busy seeking the support of the electors, and in many cases election addresses have been dispatched, whilst in others meetings are being arranged.

It is doubtful if there has been an election where the result has been open to more speculation than at the present time, and in particular does this apply to the new area being amalgamated with Sutton, and there will sure to be some surprises in store. The great thing electors have to remember, however, is the number of votes to which they are entitled. This is very important, as voting for more candidates than there are seats available means a spoilt paper.
Thus electors in the Sutton West Ward should remember they can vote for Six Candidates only ; electors in the Sutton East Ward, Six Candidates only; electors in Huthwaite Ward, Three Candidates only; and electors in Skegby Ward, Four Candidates only.
The candidates seeking election are :-



Below we give the full list of polling stations, together with the list of streets, residents in which will have to vote at the stations mentioned.

Huthwaite Ward.

  No. 1 Polling Station, Council Schools, Huthwaite:- For voters living at Allsop's Yard, Bainbridge Terrace, Barker Street, Barnes' Yard, Beech Avenue, Blackwell Road, Bonser Crescent, Boot's Yard, Carnarvon Road.
  No. 2 Polling Station, Council Schools, Huthwaite:- For voters living at Chesterfield Road, Club Yard, Columbia Street, Common Road, Common Side, Cross Lane, Harper Terrace, High Street, Hopkin's Yard, King Street
  No. 3 Polling Station, Council Schools, Huthwaite:- For voters living at Lime Avenue, Little Lane, Longsides, Main Street, Market Place, Market Street, Mill Cottages, Mill House, Newcastle Street
  No. 4 Polling Station, Council Schools, Huthwaite:- For voters living at New Street, New Fall Street, North Street, Old Fall Street, Pilsworth's Yard, Royal Oak Yard, Sampson's Yard, Sherwood Street, Skegby Road, Springwell Street, Strawberry Bank
  No. 5 Polling Station, Council Schools, Huthwaite:- For voters living at Sutton Road, Swan Yard, Unwin Street, Woodend, Woodhead's Yard, Woodland Avenue, Wright's Yard, Crow Trees Farm (Fulwood)

Applications for Bungalows Considered

SEVERAL outstanding matters were dealt with by Huthwaite Urban District Councillors at a special meeting of the Council on Tuesday evening, and apart from a little purely formal business everything is now in readiness for the amalgamation with Sutton Urban District Council on April 1st. Councillor J. Iball presided over the following members:- Councillors T. Goodall, E.H. Lowe, J. Davies, S. Alcock, M. Betts, D.D. Bonser, W.E. Hancock, J. Peters, C.H. Coupe, F.C. Sowter, W. Clark and J.G. Wright.

Not for Human Habitation.

The Clerk reported that he had received a written undertaking from the owner of No. 1, Main Street, Huthwaite, to the effect that the premises would not be used for human habitation. The owner also enclosed a plan of the proposed alterations to the premises, which he proposed to turn into a shop.

It was stated that the plan did not comply with specifications, and on the proposition of Mr. Sowter, seconded by Mr. Davies, it was proposed that the plan be not accepted, but that the Council accept the undertaking.

A tenant in Bonser Crescent wrote asking permission to erect a hut, and Mr. Sowter moved that this be granted subject to the hut meeting with the approval of the Surveyor.
Mr. Hancock: Half a minute- did you not make a man take down a respectable place?
Mr. Sowter: No, we let him put it up.
Mr. Hancock: I think you will find this man, was made to take one down.
Mr. Sowter said he was under the impression it was the man he was referring to and he moved that they adopt the same course in this instance. However, if the man he had in mind had been allowed to erect a hut and it was remaining up he would agree to permission being granted to the present applicant.

"Box Lids and Orange Boxes."

Mr. Coupe: I think this applicant should have a properly built hut and not one made of box lids and orange boxes. These kind are best down.
Mr. Coupe: Well I shall move this be allowed.
Mr. Hancock: And I am supporting providing the other is allowed to stand.
It was agreed that permission be granted for the hut to be erected.

The owner of Nos. 90, 92 and 94, Blackwell Road, Huthwaite, was next interviewed with regard to this property. The owner said he had obtained an estimate of the repairs stated to be necessary, and this was for £50 each.
Mr. Sowter said if the houses were not worth £50 each they were not fit to stay up.
Mr. Coupe said he had seen the houses and he thought the Council were being very hard on the owner. There was not a damp patch to be seen and they were well ventilated. He could live in them himself.
Mr. Betts: (to the owner) : Have you already destroyed three houses?
The owner: Yes.
Mr. Coupe: The tenants of the houses are quite happy.
Mr. Hancock: That's false, the tenants are not happy.
Mr. Lowe (to the owner) : Are you prepared to spend any money on them?
The owner: Yes, but no £150.

Bad State of Repair.

The Medical Officer of Health said if the houses needed £150 spending on them, they must be in such a bad state of repair that they were not fit to live in.
Mr. Betts (at the top of his voice) : There are worse houses in Mansfield Woodhouse.
The Chairman: Please be quiet, Mr. Betts, remember your are at a Council meeting.
Mr. Betts (again shouting) : You will get quiet, but neither you nor anybody else will cut me out.

The owner said there was a row of houses opposite his without sinks or drains and the Council were leaving these along. He did not think they were being fair to him. He had already pulled down three, and he contended that the tenants of the three houses in question were quite happy.
It was eventually agreed that the owner be allowed seven days in which to obtain a reduced estimate and submit it to the Council.

Applications for the tenancy of four bungalows in Beech Avenue were next considered, and after a great deal of discussion it was decided that the bungalows be let to Mrs. Adwick, Mrs. Orridge, Mrs. Wass and Mr. G. Fletcher.
It was also decided that where a bungalow is let to an elderly person, with whom a younger person lives, that a stipulation be made to the effect that on the death of the tenant the tenancy of the bungalow be given up.
On a basis of a 5s 2d. rent, it was resolved that the bungalows be assessed at £6 each.

Extreme Cases.

Mr. Hancock asked if it were possible to let a 1930 house under the 1924 Act?
It was stated that this was possible but there would be no subsidy.
Mr. Sowter: Am I right in assuming that people coming out of condemned houses are allowed to pay the same rentes in the new houses.
The Clerk: There is a stipulation in the Act to that effet for extreme cases, but it is left to the discretion of the local authority.
It was resolve that the rent in the case of tenants displaced from slum property be provisionally fixed at 4s.
The seal of the Council was affixed to the agreements in connection with the loans for the pail closet conversion scheme, the Small Dwellings Acquisition Act and the Chesterfield Road roads and sewers.

Miss G. H. Ada, the Girl Guide District Commissioner wrote asking if the 1s. charged for the use of the Library Lecture Hall by the Girl Guides was made up of 9d. for the Council and 3d. for the caretaker.
The Clerk was instructed to inform Miss Ada that the 1s. was to be paid to the Council.

The Clerk said he had written the Sutton Council and Mr. C. Brown, M.P., with regard to a position for Nurse Adkin under the Sutton Council, and the Sutton Clerk had replied to the effect that a position was to be advertised. Nurse Adkin had been informed of this.
The question of the sewerage works and water works revised assessments was next considered, and it was resolved that the assessments of £85 for the former and £230 for the latter - which was originally £350 - be accepted.....


HUTHWAITE SOCIAL SERVICE CENTRE. - Opening of New Building Tomorrow .. Adv.

A five-years-old boy, Robert Hayes, of Siddalls Farm, was running across Sutton Road on Wednesday evening of last week when he was involved in a collision with a bicycle ridden by Clifford Baton, of Cragg Lane, Newton. Both cyclist and the child were thrown to the ground, Baton sustaining cuts on the forehead and right hand, and the child bruising his forehead, chin, right knee and left hand. The cyclist's injuries necessitated treatment by Dr. Gaston, after which he was taken home.

On Tuesday evening the annual dance organised by the New Hucknall Colliery Officials' Committee on behalf of the Mansfield Hospital was held in the Drill Hall, 160 being present. The assembly included Capt. Mushchamp and Mrs. Muschamp, Mr. and Mrs. H.B. Stevens and a number of colliery officials. The M.C.'s were Messrs H.B. Stevens, H.E. Wharmby, T. Oldham and Dr. Gaston, and the music was supplied by Butler's Band (Hucknall). Mrs. Taylor (stewardess), had charge of the refreshment department, and in every way the comfort of visitors was closely studied. The committee was comprised of Messrs. H.B. Stevens, W. Jackson, S. Smith, G. Meakin, W. Slack, G.W. Rallings, H.E. Wharmby, S. Franks, E. White, A. Pickering, E. Searson, J. Tomlinson, J. Hodgkinson, C. Blow, T. Oldham, H. Ensor and R. Beighton.

A delightful concert was given in the Sutton Road Church schoolroom on Wednesday evening by the Sutton Outram Street Methodist Church Ladies Choir...


An interesting meeting of the Huthwaite District Nursing Association was held in the Free Library on Thursday, when the chairman (Mr. E.H. Lowe), presided. Others present included Messrs. C.H. Coupe (treasurer), H.A. Simpson and M. Betts, Mesdames L. Hill (hon. secretary). Adwick, Coupe, Simpson, Robotham, Mitchell, Kay, Bradley, Smith, Evans, Fitchett, and W. Hill and Miss Searson.

In addition to the usual letters accompanying subscriptions, one was received from Mr. and Mrs. J.H. Weston, Lime Avenue, praising very highly the competence, adaptability and perseverance of Nurse Dickens in nursing their son, only weighing 21lbs. 10ozs. at birth. Good wishes for the success and progress of the Association were expressed.

Terms of Payment.

The Maternity and Child Welfare Centre, Sutton, wrote asking permission for Nurse Dickens to carry on at the Huthwaite Center after March 31st., when it comes under the jurisdiction of Sutton. This, it was stated, had been replied to by the Secretary asking for the same terms of payment as had previously been received direct from the Notts. County Council.
Dr. Tibbits, County Medical Officer wrote acknowledging liability to pay the midwifery fees for three cases which Nurse Dickens had attended under the orders of the relieving officer.

A letter was read from Mrs. Kingston, the President of the Notts. Federation, thanking the Association for 5s. subscription to the present for Lady Galway, who had been President for six years, and has now sailed for New Zealand.

It was stated that Miss Challis, County Superintendent, had paid a visit of inspection and expressed herself fully satisfied with the work of Nurse Dickens.

The Secretary reported the purchase of two pairs of crutches for needy cases.
It was decided to hold the annual meeting in April, and to ask Mr. C. Turner and Mr. H.S. Simpson to audit the accounts.
Mr. Lowe thanked all present for their attendance and interest in a cause which he had much at heart.


On Saturday the first annual treat for poor children took place at Huthwaite in the Drill Hall - another example of the philanthropic activity of the Hospital Carnival Committee. The idea of the treat originated with Mrs. J. Maltby, and subsequently developed into a successful and comprehensive undertaking with Councillor Clark as organising secretary.
  The preparations at the Drill Hall were made by Messrs. J. Iball J.P., J. Truswell, E. Oxley, Spencer, Bros. A. Rhodes, J. Maltby, Kirk, Pemberton and other friends. Seven hundred tickets had been issued, but this was something of a formality, as no child under 14 with a mug and an appetite was refused admission, and at tea time the Hall provided an animated spectacle. There were plentiful supplies of tea, bread and butter, salmon and meat sandwiches, pastries and buns, and subsequently nuts and sweets were distributed. Tea was served by Mesdames Iball, C. Smith, Clifton, Truswell, Clarke, Kirk, Oxley, Taylor and Misses Dalton, Hague and Brailsford, under the direction of Mrs. Maltby. The funds had been raised by social events and there were extra subscribers in the Huthwaite Co-operative Society and Mr. V. Rainsbury.

Lust Juvenile Voices.

A stone of bread was given by Mr. Whetton (Sutton) and an assortment of toys by Mrs. Clifton (Huthwaite)... The gratitude of the children was so lively and spontaneous that the sympathies of the Committee expanded in response, and it has already been decided that the children shall have a seaside trip in the summer, free of charge, as the guests of the Committee.
  Saturday was a busy day at the Drill Hall, for in the evening a dance was held in aid of the Committee's funds. About 250 were present, ....


The funeral took place on Thursday of Mr. W.M. Marshall, aged 53, of Wright's Yard, Huthwaite. Deceased, who was a native of Huthwaite, was ill for a few weeks, and passed away shortly after an operation at Mansfield Hospital. He was a familiar Huthwaite figure and had been employed at New Hucknall over 30 years. He took a keen interest in sport, especially football, and local cricket found in him a warm supporter. He leaves a widow, five sons and four daughters.
  The funeral service was conducted by Mr. A. Hawley, at the Sutton Road Church, which the late Mr. Marshall attended in earlier years. Mrs. Bennett was the organist...

The Mourners.

The mourners were:- Widow; Mr. T. Row, father-in-law; Mr. and Mrs. W.A. Marshall; Mr. and Mrs. W. Marshall, Mr. and Mrs. Garratt, Mrs. L. Harrison (Sutton), George, Emma, Jimmy, Mary and Albert, sons and daughters; Mr. and Mrs. T. Marshall, brother and sister-in-law; Mrs. Wood, Mrs. Hardy, sisters; Mrs. Taylor, Mr. and Mrs. Woolley (Sutton), Mr. and Mrs. F. Charles (Ollerton), sisters-in-law; Mrs. Barnes, Mrs. Ellis, nieces; Mrs. Flowers, Mrs. Clipstone; Mr. Wright and Mr. Smith friends. The Foresters Lodge was represented by Bros. Clay and Ashley...
Wreaths were sent also by Shoulder of Mutton Ladies' Death and Dividing Club; and Unemployed Worker's Movement;...

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