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a weeks news dated - March 15th 1935


Recommendations by Council Committees.

THE Committee of the Sutton Urban Council had various matters affecting the boundary alterations before them at their meetings last week. Their recommendations, together with decisions in respect to other business, are included in the extracts from the minutes printed below, and submitted for confirmation at the meeting of the Council on Tuesday evening.

Application Deferred.

Gas Committee. - A letter was read from Mr. A. Pickaver, of 64, New Street, Huthwaite, applying for a position as lamplighter in the Huthwaite district and it was resolved that consideration of the application be deferred.

The Financial Officer presented his report with reference to the proposed gas charges for the new district, under the Nottinghamshire Review Order, 1934, which showed that despite a reduction to the Huthwaite consumers of 1s. per 1,000 cubic feet, and a reduction of 6d. per 1,000 cubic feet to the consumers in Skegby, no increase in the price would be necessary.
The report was adopted

Proposed Water Charges.

The Sub-Committee reported that the Financial Officer had presented a report on the proposed water charges to operate as and from the 1st April, 1935, consequent on the undertaking given by the Council under the Nottinghamshire Review Order, 1934, that the charge for water in the Huthwaite and Skegby districts should be uniform throughout the enlarged area, and which would necessitate an increase of 33 103 per cent, in the existing charges, that they had considered the question of taking water from the Huthwaite supply for the higher parts of Sutton with a view in effecting a saving in cost of the Alfreton Road pumping station, and that the Financial Officer had presented a statement showing a general revision of water charges according to rateable value from £2 upwards.

It was resolved that the whole of the report be referred back for further consideration, that the questions of the increased water charges and the revision of rateable values be considered at a special meeting of the Committee to be held at the Council Offices on Monday evening, and that in the meantime, the Financial Officer be requested to supply full details of the proposed alterations in charges and rateable values showing a comparison with existing charges to each member of the Committee.

New Council Offices.

General Purposes Committee. - The Surveyor reported that the special Sub-Committee had met Mr. T.C. Howitt, of Nottingham, with reference to the new Council Offices, and that Mr. Howitt had since been supplied with a plan on the site and a schedule of the suggested accommodation.

A letter was read from the Secretary to the National Fire Brigades Association, with reference to the efficiency of firemen, and this was referred to the Sub-Committee for consideration and report.

Postal District.

The Clerk read a letter from the Head Postmaster, Nottingham, intimating that the question of including Stanton Hill, Skegby and Huthwaite in the Sutton Postal District was under consideration.

It was resolved that the attention of the police be drawn to the pilfering in the Lawn Pleasure Grounds and the various allotments in the town.

The Clerk reported that Mr. G.G. Bonser was desirous of having access to the minutes of the Council to enable him to write the local government history of the town, and it was resolved that he be granted access to the minutes as required.

Public Baths Committee.- The Surveyor reported that the Sub-Committee recommend that the roller skating be discontinued from the 30th inst., and that the Baths be opened for swimming on Good Friday, the 19th April next, and that the question of providing costs for the skating M.C.'s be deferred until the next skating season. The recommendations were confirmed.

Restricting Signs.

Roads and Buildings Committee. - The action of the Sub-Committee in purchasing eight restricting signs as required by the speed limit regulations at £1 13s. 9d. each, and eight derestricting signs at 18s. each from the Franco British Electric Co., of London was confirmed.

The Surveyor submitted a letter from the Secretary of the National Union of General Workers with reference to the men employed by the Huthwaite Urban District Council, and it was resolved that he be informed that as many men as possible will be taken over by the new authority.

Ambulance Charges.

It was recommended that the question of reorganising the district for maternity and child welfare work be considered on receipt of a report by the Medical Officer of Health.
It was recommended that a scheme as outlined by the Medical Officer be brought into operation for the supply of food to children in necessitous cases.

The Medical Officer reported that the Health Sub-Committee has met to consider reorganising the district for maternity and Child Welfare and Ante-Natal services. It was decided to recommend that the clinics shall be held as follows ..........


The existing premises at Stanton Hill, Skegby and Huthwaite be used for the next three months: that Dr. W.J. Candlish should be appointed assistant ante-natal officer, until the services of the Huthwaite district nurse be retained at the Huthwaite Centres by a payment to the Nursing Association, the Medical Officer to order necessary equipment for the Huthwaite, Stanton Hill and Skegby Centres forthwith.

Cases certified by the present Medical Officers to require milk during April, and coming within the income scale to receive free milk on the authority of the Medical Officer of Health; and that the scheme providing free dental treatment for necessitous expectant mothers and children 1-5 years at present in force in Huthwaite, Stanton Hill and Skegby be continued and extended to the whole area.
  The report was adopted.

The question of travelling expenses for the Health Visitor owing to the enlarged area was referred to the Sub-Committee for consideration.
  The report of the Medical Officer of Health for the month ending February 28th, was as follows:- Deaths for the month, 19, equivalent to an annual mortality of 8.8 per 1,000; mortality of preceding month, 4.7; corresponding month last year 5.7. Thirty-six births were registered during the month - 20 males and 16 females, equivalent to an annual birth-rate of 16.8 per 1,000.


At long last the Huthwaite School dispute has come to an end. On Monday the whole of the senior children of the locality were in their places at Huthwaite Road Senior School, Sutton, satisfactory arrangements having been made for their transport to and from school. The children have had the choice of two alternatives in the matter of conveyance. They could either travel to school in the morning and be taken home again after lessons in the afternoon, or be taken home and back to school in the dinner time, and 50 have chosen the former and 30 the second method. The arrangements do not, of course, apply to all the Huthwaite children, but only those living farthest from school, the districts benefiting by the facilities being Common Road, Blackwell Road, and Chesterfield Road, from the north-west side of Back Lane. It is to be hoped nothing further will arise to interrupt the education of the youngsters. Their prolong holiday has deprived .....

When will some people learn to keep their hands of other people's property? Time after time warnings have been issued by the Sutton and other local Councils respecting damage and pilfering, but still complaints are received that these things are going on. At Tuesday's meeting of the Sutton Council it was necessary to issue warnings in respect to damaged lamps and pilfering of the Lawn Pleasure Ground and allotments, the last-named offence being a particularly mean form of theft. Apparently some irresponsible person or persons have recently been finding delight not only in turning out clock lamps, but also in breaking the glass, and the Council are determined to put a stop to these and other reprehensible acts. Anyone caught in future will be proceeded against, and it is the duty of residents in general to report any such incidents, for, after all, these things are the property of the ratepayers. It is to be hoped, however, that the warning issued will act as a sufficient deterrent to the wrongdoers, and that there will be no cause for further complaints.


  The winter session of the New Hucknall "Safety First" class for boys in the pit, held at the Evening Institute, came to a close on Monday, when the examination for badges was held. Twenty found candidates were examined, and all were succesful. Mr. W. Jackson presided over the proceedings for the New Hucknall Colliery Company, and Mr. A. Wood represented the workmen. the class instructor (Mr. E. White) was also present.
  The schedule issued for the examination by the Education Committee included a great variety of questions dealing with all sides of colliery work. The various sections were - Colliery yards and surface plant ; tidiness and use of safety appliances ; handrails ; machinery guards and fences ; fire appliances ; screen plant ; clothing ; first-aid treatment ; flame and electric safety lamps ; descending the pit and commencing work ; control of tubs ; signals ; horse and hand haulage ; and general safety precautions.
  The success students were :- Henry Allsop, Hbt. Barnes, Wilfred Bowler, Wilfred Brown, Arthur Cotterill, Joe Evans, Samuel Freeman, Matthew Hallam, Sidney Hallam, William Hallam, Percy Hill, Ben Hubble, Thomas Kinsey, Charles Oliver, Leonard Pilsworth, Cecil Rodgers, Chas Stone, Arthur Tomlinson, Douglas Weston, John Wilbraham, Hedley Wright, Andrew Quincey, Thomas. Waterall, and George Sharpe.
  All are employed at New Hucknall, with the exception of Cotterill (Sutton colliery) and Kinsey (Blackwell Colliery).


An appeal against a demolition order made by the Huthwaite Urban Council, respecting Nos. 22, 24, 26, and 28, Club Yard, Huthwaite, was successfully made to Judge Hildyard at the Mansfield County Court on Tuesday by Mr. R.P. Marchant appearing for the Westminters Bank, Ltd. (trustee department) as the executors of H.W. Cook, deceased.
  The matter was before the judge last September, when he made the suggestion that the council should settle the matter with the owners if they were prepared to spend money on the property. An adjournment was granted for the surveyors of both parties to discuss proposals for repairs, and his Honour said that was a business suggestion.

Substantial Investment.

Mr. Marchant said the estimated cost of repairs of the four houses was £164 5s., which included £22 4s. 6d. for additional work not in the original specification. The original estimate was £162. They had now four houses which were in good condition, and they merited the spending of nearly £50 on each. The point made was demolition or nothing. They had since waived that by an agreed schedule of repairs, which had been done.
  Mr. Marchant quoted a letter sent by the agents of the property to the council in which the following occurred "If other repairs are considered necessary by the council, the owners would consider it."
  The question of costs of the appeal was the issue, and Mr. E.B. Hibbert (for the Huthwaite Urban Council) said the authority had made every effort to come to terms with the owners. The undertaking at first hearing fell a long way short of the demands made.
  The judge commented on the high cost of repairs to these four houses. Mr. Marchant said it was due to certain structural alterations. By carrying out repairs and alterations the houses had been made a substantial investment which would last for a number of years to come.
  In allowing the appeal, without costs, his Honour said he thought the Council did all that was required of them. Both parties had been "near the line" and he was of opinion that there should always be as much consideration as possible between the parties before a demolition order was made.


At Mansfield Musical Festival on Saturday, Miss Joyce Bingham won a second place (bronze medal) in the open soprano solo class with 88 marks - being one behind the first prize winner: Miss Bingham is a member of the Sherwood Street Church Choir.

A confirmation service was held in the Parish Church on Wednesday evening when nearly 50 candidates were presented to the Bishop of Southwell for the "laying on of hands." All had been prepared for the ceremony by the Rev. W.L. Boulton (Vicar). .....

An old resident has passed away in the person of Mr. Reuben Lee, of Blackwell Road. He had lived in the district 80 years, and his remains were laid to rest in Huthwaite Cemetery, the service at the Parish Church being conducted by the Rev. W.L. Boulton. Wreaths were sent by Tom, Annie and Harold, son and daughter-in-law : Eliza and Harry Spurr, daughter and son-in-law : Nellie and Harry, grandchildren ; Lizzie and Ada, daughters : Mr. L. Lee, brother : Mr. and Mrs. Abraham Lee, brother : Mrs. Ben Lee and family ; Mr. W. Lee and family ; Aunt Catherine ; Mr. and Mrs. Brown ; Mrs. Brooks ; Joe and family ; and a memorial vase subscribed for by the neighbours.

Choir services were held at the New Fall Street Church on Sunday, when the preacher was Mr. Copeland (Kirkby)... The accompaniments were played by the Sutton Colliery Orchestra, and the combined choir and orchestra, over 50 in number, were conducted with great ability by Mr. J.T. Colley... The organist was Mr. J.W. Allsop, and a large congregation thoroughly enjoyed the excellent music.

A variety concert, together with the presentation of Sunday School prizes, took place at the Gospel Mission on Tuesday evening, when Miss Searson presided...

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