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Full List of Nominations

YESTERDAY was nomination day in connection with the election on March 25th of the Sutton Urban Council to govern the affairs of the enlarged area. The latest time for handing in the papers was five o'clock, and by this time Mr. Luther Pepper, the Returning Officer, had received 49 nominations for the 19 seats which are spread over the four wards, namely Sutton East and West Wards, Huthwaite Ward, and Skegby Ward, the last-named including the parishes of Stanton Hill, Teversal and Skegby.

Many of the Councillors who served on the Councils whose term of office closes on March 31st next are amongst the nominees, and the contests are likely to arouse much interest. Below we give the full list of nominees, with their proposers and assentors. The members of the Sutton Council, as at present constituted, who are seeking re-election in the East and West Wards, in each of which there are six seat, are denoted by an asterisk. In the Huthwaite Ward (three seats) members of the Huthwaite Urban Council area also denoted by an asterisk, whilst a similar mar appears against the names of the present Skegby Parish and Rural District Council representatives who area seeking election in the Skegby Ward (four seats).

From the entire listing i've just extracted all the Huthwaite area nominees plus holding residence.


*BETTS, MATTHEW, The Elms, 48, Sutton Rad, Huthwaite, boot and shoe manufacturer.
  Proposer, Thomas Goodall: Seconder, William Bostock. Assentors, Alfred Heathcote, John Broughton, William Beresford Fidler, John William Allsop, Frank Heathcote, William Betts, George Truman Herrod, Robert William Bostock.

*CLARK, WILLIAM, 72, Sutton Road, Huthwaite, boot and shoe dealer and repairer.
  Proposer, Ruth Amy Smith; Seconder, Sarah Ann Clarke. Assentors, Robert Coweley, Charles Henry Herrod, William Woodhead, Samuel Stones, George Davis, George Harvey, Frank Dove, Joseph Maltby.

*COUPE, CHARLES HENRY, The Orchards, Huthwaite, hosiery manufacturer.
  Thomas Goodall: Seconder, Victor Brian Rainsbury. Assentors, Georgina Coupe, Thomas Hill, Cyril Tom Bernard Hill, Harry Rodgers, Samuel Rodgers, Ann Rodgers, Stephen Gascoigne, Matthew Betts.

*IBALL, JOHN, 7, Sutton Road, Huthwaite, ex-coal miner.
  Proposer, John T. Kay: Seconder, John H. Heydon. Assentors, Annie Heydon, Samuel T. B. Marshall, Wilfred Lincoln, G.H. Brown, George Edwin Smith, Andrew Weston, Elizabeth H. Marshall, Mary Elizabeth Allsop.

*LOWE, EDWIN HOWARD, The Beeches, Huthwaite, hosiery manufacturer.
  John Thompson; Seconder, John William Turner. Assentors, George Leonard Walton, William Simmonds, Oswald Hardwick, Frank Davies, Isaiah Parton, Jeremiah Clement Burrows, William Beresford Fidler, Lucy Hill.

*SIMPSON, HERBERT AUGUSTUS, 71, Chesterfield Road, Huthwaite, schoolmaster.
  Proposer, George William Farnsworth: Seconder, Albert Owen Tomlinson. Assentors, Thomas Goodall, William Bostock, George Beastall, John William Allsop, Albert Beardsall, Charley Hassall, William Oliver Lawrence, George Palfreeman.

*SOWTER, FREDERICK CECIL, 33, New Street, Huthwaite, miner.
  Proposer, Joseph Stone: Seconder, Gertrude Robins. Assentors, Lucy Walker, John Thomas Walker, Percy Longden, Alice Florence Longden, Herbert Wilmott, Catherine E. Wilmott, Sidney Vardy, Edith Vardy.

*WRIGHT, JOHN GILBERT, 50, Main Street, Huthwaite, butcher.
  Proposer, John Gelsthorpe: Seconder, Joseph Pegg. Assentors, Frank Dove, Albert Owen Tomlinson, George Hill, Percy William Hatton, Joseph Lineker, W. Ed. Smith, Isaiah Parton, William Cook.

*ALCOCK, STEPHEN, 36, King Street, Huthwaite, miner.
  Proposer, James North: Seconder, C.H. Walker. Assentors, R.W. Bostock, W.G. Davies, Clarence Herbert Pemberton, G. Edwin Smith, M. Taylor, J. Green, H. Holland, W. Cooper.

*DAVIES, JOHN, 3, Beech Avenue, Huthwaite, ex-miner.
  Proposer, Harriet Annie Peters: Seconder, John Peters. Assentors, Joseph Clifton, Ellen Clifton, Edgar Oxley, Matilda Oxley, George Wilson, Ada Wilson, Alfred Charles Smith, George Henry Brown.

*HANCOCK, ERNEST, Buxton House, Chesterfield Road, Huthwaite, insurance agent.
  Proposer, Walter Llewellyn Boulton: Seconder, Alfred Wilson. Assentors, William beresford Fidler, Alfred Heathcote, William Keeling, Florence Hardy, John Cooper, William Smith, George Leonard Dalton, William Bostock.


HENTON, VERNEY, 3, Lime Avenue, Huthwaite, wholesale boot factor.
  Proposer, John Hedley Watkinson: Seconder, John Ellis. Assentors, Leonard Arthur Thompson, Frederick Buckberry, Adam Bird, Abraham Bradwell, Tom Talbot, John Oakley, Albert Sparham, George Cockayne.


A whist drive was held by Mr. and Mrs. H. Ensor on Saturday night at their home in aid of bazaar funds. There were five tables, the M.C. being Mr. H. Ensor, and the winners .......

On Monday and Tuesday the annual bazaar in aid of the Parish Church funds was held in the Common Road Schools. One the first day the proceedings were opened by Mrs. W.W. Boulton, the chairman being the Rev. W.L. Boulton (Vicar), a hymn and prayer being included in the opening ceremony. There was an excellent display of useful and ornamental goods, the stalls being as follow:- Plain sewing and household linen, Mothers' Union: fancy goods and embroidery. Ladies' Working Party: cake stall, Misses E. Farnsworth and J. Kitchen: crockery and books, sidesmen: flowers and fruit. Choir: treasure tree, Mrs. H. Rodgers; ice cream stall. Mrs. and Miss Brailsford. Concerts and entertainments were provided by the South Normanton Council of Youth and Men's Society; Sutton St. Mary's Dramatic Society and Mothers Union members. The first day's takings were about £80.

Special interest attached to the services in the New Fall Street Church on Sunday, these marking the completion of another successful scheme inaugurated by the Ladies Guild members. The church was re-opened on Sunday after being closed a fortnight to allow of a renovation and brightening up of the interior of the organ. The scheme has been a completed one, extending to roof, walls, woodwork and all the furnishings, and the Church now bears a cheerful and comfortable appearance in every respect. The work has cost about £, which has all been raised by the Ladies Guild with recent social events and special efforts. On Sunday the proceeds were for the Trust fund, and the preacher was Mr. F. Hardy, J.P. (Mansfield). In the afternoon a musical service was held, when the soloists were Mr. A. Allsop (tenor), Sutton, and Mr. Jim Wright (bass)............. The Ladies Guild is a body of enthusiastic and hardworking ladies, with few equals, and are the mainstay of the church. At different times they have provided the seating accommodation and raised the money for the organ (£250) beside recent enterprises. They have also repaired and improved the vestry, apart from the latest scheme, and are always ready for fresh endeavours, having willing and capable officials in Mrs. Mitchell (president), Mrs. J.M. Turner (vice-president), Mrs. Sowter (secretary) and Mrs. H. Harshall (treasurer). On Monday evening the Guild gave a repetition of their sketch 'On the Farm' in which they were assisted by Mrs. Stocks (Sutton). The proceeds were for the renovation fund.


The Notts. and District Miner's Industrial Union have sent a letter to the Prime Minister asking him to use his influence in making it possible for the unemployed to participate in the King's Silver Jubilee celebrations by granting through Parliament an extra day's benefit to those who are wholly unemployed, and by granting to those on short time the usual benefit, despite the fact that a national holiday has been declared.
  When the council of the union met in Nottingham on Saturday the sending of the letter on the advice of the executive committee was approved, and the secretary (Mr. H. Cooper) intimated that he had received a letter from the Prime Minister's secretary acknowledging receipt.
  It was also stated that a letter had been sent to Mr. W. Saunders, secretary of the Nottinghamshire coalowners, requesting that, in commemoration of the Silver Jubilee, they make a grant to each of their employees of an extra day's pay.

The Financial Side.

In the ordinary business of the council it was stated that four members had lost their lives while following their employment in the pits during the last two months.
  On the financial side Mr. G. Hancock (treasurer) reported that there was continued improvement in membership and income during December and January....
  The secretary, in a general statement, said the organisation was in a healthy condition. It was gratifying that many of their members had been appointed on local Employment Committees under the new Act, and also on the Courts of Referees.


In the House of Commons on Thursday Mr. Charles Brown asked the Minister of Labour if he could state the numbers of unemployed hosiery workers in Sutton and Mansfield in January, 1933, 1934 and 1935, respectively, giving separate figures for men and women. Mr. Stanley circulated the following table:- ...

Importation of Cheap Hosiery.

The greater part of the increase at 28th January, 1935, as compared with 22nd January, 1934, was among the temporarily stopped.
Mr. Brown asked whether there was a considerable increase in the number of unemployed in the hosiery industry and whether the Government intended to prevent the importation into this country of cheap hosiery made by sweated labour. (Conservative cheers.)
  Mr. West asked if it was not a fact that Mr. Brown's question asked for prohibition and not increased tariffs.
  Mr. A.C. Caporn (Nottingham West) asked if it was not a fact that if the Minister could induce British ladies to wear English-made stockings he would succeed in finding employment for a large number of people...

Changes in Sutton and District
by Mr. G. G. BONSER J.P.

This weeks edition contains the above headlined column. Contributed by the eminent Suttonian who does provide historic interest, the full article will for reference, be found separately given.

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