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a weeks news dated - June 28th 1935

Challenge Shield Retained

Huthwaite C.W.S. hosiery sports ground was the centre of an interesting fire-fighting display on Saturday, this being the 15th annual inspection and competition in connection with C.W.S. fire brigades.

The well-arranged sports ground was a charming venue for the competition, and the events were watched with interest by a large company of people, who included friends of visiting teams. A muster of 70 competitors from seven brigades took part, and they marched in smart formation from the C.W.S. factory to the ground headed by the Huthwaite Prize Band. Here Mr. A. Pickup, a director of the C.W.S. with whom was Supt. Aspin, too the salute.

Smart Work.

It was Huthwaite's day, for the local brigade scored with three first prizes and a third (after a tie), and with the 93 points which they gained they retained the challenge shield which they won last year. Chadbourne Street, Leicester, and the Wheatsheaf Works, Leicester, won it in 1932 and 1933 respectively.

Much smart work was seen in the competitions, but Huthwaite's young men beat their opponents by just that necessary little bit of extra speed and finish. They are trained athletes, and it was stated they did even better times at their practices.
The results were:-

Three men hydrant and damaged length of hose drill:- Huthwaite, 25 seconds; 2 Leicester Printing, 27 2-5 seconds; other competitors: Leicester Boots, 27 3-5; Enderby 28 3-5; Rushden, 32 3-5; Desborough, 33 4-5; Longton (their first time out with the Midland Division), 42 2-5....

Two men dressing, hydrant and handpump drill. This was a spectacular event for the lookers-on, for two men seated at a table playing cards, received a call, threw away their cards, and asked to dress and get and fix up their equipment.

the prizes were afterwards presented to the captains of the winning teams by Mr. Pickup, who congratulated Captain Folwell, of Huthwaite, on the success of his team, of whom he must be proud. He handed him a gold medal, the shield, certificates and prizes.

The Desired Essential.

Mr. Pickup said he had had actual experience in fire brigade work, so he was very interested in the competition. The co-operative movement had voluntary fire brigade associations all over the country and indeed the world, and their great object was the prevention of fire. The great essential desired was a smart turn-out, for a delay of only a few seconds might mean the destruction of property running into hundreds of thousands of pounds at their great establishments. The existence of fire brigades not only meant prevention, but also a disciplinary influence for there was a great danger in cigarette ends carelessly thrown down.

Each man in a brigade cost the C.W.S. something like £3, but this was a very good and cheap investment, for it meant that every day of the year they had men protecting property of the value of 22 million pounds. This fact would bring home to the brigades the responsibility of their service. Mr. Pickup then, on behalf of the C.W.S., thanked all who had helped to make the afternoon a great success, mentioning the referee (Mr. J. Yates): the judges (Messrs. F.W. Hardwick, of Alford and S. Beards, of Denby), the time recorders (Messrs. E. Tuckwood and J. Gibson), the master of the arena (Mr. J. Peat), the secretary (Mr. F. Blakely), and the staff at Huthwaite works.

Captain Hills (Leicester Boots) moved a vote of thanks to the C.W.S., Mr. J.A. Tomlinson and his staff and the officials of the afternoon. Mr. Tomlinson himself was called upon to second and he said it was a great pleasure for Huthwaite to entertain the visitors.
Mr. Yate, as referee, complimented the teams upon their work, particularly mentioning the excellent times in the one-man drill.

Long Service Presentations.

The following presentations for long service medals and bards were made:- Bars (for additional five years service), Huthwaite, Fireman J. Wood: Leicester Boots, Fireman H. Clayton; Leicester Printing, Captain J.W. Higgins; Longton, Captain J.S. Adams and Fireman Heath; medal for ten years service. Longton Fireman H. Milner.

Afterwards the whole company were entertained to tea at the Huthwaite works.
During rhe afternoon opportunity was taken to make a presentation to Supt. D. Aspin, who is retiring from active service. He has been Superintendent of the Lancashire, Yorkshire and Midland Division area for 19 years, and this was the eleventh competition which he had attended. He has had 38 years of fire brigade work, first in 1897 with Rawtenstall, then Eccles and Chelmsford, but he returned north again in 1916 to join the C.W.S. fire fighting.

On Saturday he was made the recipient of a delightful souvenir of his long connection with the Midland Division, this taking the form of a handsome cheque to which was attached a silver plate bearing the following inscription:- "Presented to Superintendent D. Aspin, on his retirement, by the officers and men of the Midland Division of the C.W.S. Fire Brigade, June 1935."...


Huthwaite's "Lido" in the Recreation Ground, was ver popular on Monday night, both for onlookers and those who dipped in the cooling waters. The fame of the bathing-pool has spread beyond the confines of Huthwaite. After tea-time on Monday there were many small visitors from Stanton Hill. Boys and girls came in dozens and nearly all with a towel and a bathing suit. Some of them had not much more than a bathing suit on to start with, and in other cases a towel was used by a group of three or four, but in any case the water was an irresistible attraction and the splashings and paddlings made a joyful spectacle.

A committee meeting in connection with the Huthwaite Hospital Carnival was held on Wednesday, when Mr. Wilkinson presided, supported by Mr. Clarke (hon. secretary). Among others present were Mesdames Clark and Kirk, Councillor J. Davies and Messrs. Trusswell, Rhodes and Stones. Meetings between now and the Carnival are to be held weekly, as the extensive programme necessitates a great deal of work. The reports of the various sub-committees were very encouraging and the suggested boxing tournament for schoolboys was further discussed, and it is hoped the Mr. Larry Gains will be able to referee the contests.


The customary whist drive was held at the Social Service Centre on Saturday in aid of the funds. Mr. T. Pratt was the M.C. and the winners were:- Mrs. Ghent; Mrs. Purdy and Mrs. Moulton; Mr. Bramley; Mr. Shelton.


The picture reproduced has special interest for Suttonians. It is a parade of members of the British Legion at Alexandria, Egypt, on the occasion of the Silver Jubilee of their Majesties, the King and Queen, and shows the walking immediately behind the standard, dressed in dark coat and white trousers, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Tom Marshall, of 18 Low Street, Sutton, who will be remembered by many old friends in this district.


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