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a weeks news dated - June 7th 1935


There was more than ordinary interest attaching to the annual dinner of Huthwaite United Football Club on Saturday evening, as the players were presented with the first trophies they have won - miniature cups awarded them as runners-up of the North Notts. League, Division II. About 30 players and friends were present, the dinner being provided by host and hostess Hardy at the "White Lion" Huthwaite.
  Mr. W. Ingram afterwards presided, and pointed out that the Club had made good progress during the season. Their performances towards the close of the season merited the awards they had gained, and deserved congratulations. The prospects for next season were promising, the financial condition was sound and a number of players had already been signed on.

For the First Time.

A short speech was also made by the captain, Mr. J. Harrison, of Newcastle Street, who as secretary had kept a high standard of efficiency. He contended that they could have won the championship had the players given a bit better support earlier in the season, but they had the satisfaction of achieving second place and for the first time in the club's history had won trophies.
  The cups were then presented to the players, and the remainder of the evening was spent in harmony. Community singing was popular, and songs were rendered by Mr. J. Harrison, Barker Street, the pianist being Mr. George Willis, of Tibshelf.
  The club's record was :- Matches won 22, lost 5, drawn 2, goals for 98, against 47. The top-scorer was J. Bowler (32). and Keeling came next with 22. Cox was the ony player to turn out in every one of the 25 matches.
  It has been decided to join the same League again next season, and the following players have been secured:- Barker and Coupe, goalkeepers; Woodhead and Harris, full-backs; Jones (vice-captain) and Cox, half-backs; Bowler, Keeling (captain). Broadhead and J. Riley, forwards.
  Mr. J. Harrison will remain in office as secretary, and his services should be of the utmost value, and Mrs. Hardy, treasure, has promised to assist the club in every possible way.

More Lamps for Skegby and Huthwaite


FACILITIES for better street lighting at Huthwaite and Skegby have been agreed to by Sutton Urban District Council, who confirmed the following extracts from the minutes of Committees at their monthly meeting on Monday evening.-
  Gas Committee. ...

Lawn Receipts.

... Arising out of a report of the Sub-Committee, the Surveyor reported that Mr. Wyville had refused the post of caretaker on the children's playing ground on the Lawn, as the wage of £1 per week was less than the sum he received in unemployment benefit.
  A letter was submitted from Mr. T. Bradley with reference to the facilities at the Huthwaite Library for the Huthwaite Bowling Club, and consideration was deferred until the Library Committee have made their investigations of the whole of the present arrangements at the Huthwaite Library.
  It was agreed that permission be granted to the Huthwaite Parish Church Sunday School for the use of the Huthwaite Park on the occasion of the annual Whitsuntide demonstration.
  It was resolved that the Council accept a request from the Social Welfare Committee of the Sutton Town Football Club to play a cricket match with the Committee in aid of their funds...

Huthwaite Cricket Match.

It was resolved that the Huthwaite Council of Social Service be granted permission to play two or three cricket matches on the Huthwaite Park ground.
  The resignation of Councillor Sowter from the General Purposes Sub-Committee was accepted and Councillor Taylor was appointed in his stead.
  It was agreed that the Sub-Committee meet at Huthwaite, with a view to making a recommendation to the Health Committee in connection with the tipping of refuse.
  Roads and Building Committee.- The Clerk submitted six tenders for the purchase of the horse at Huthwaite, and it was agreed that the tender of Mr. F. Comery, of 16, Springwell Street, Huthwaite, be accepted in the sum of £ 10s., on the conditions stated in his tender.

Proposed Subway.

... The proposals of the Skegby, Teversal and Huthwaite representatives for the erection of 10 additional street lamps at Skegby and 13 at Huthwaite for summer lighting were approved, and consideration of the terms to be obtained from the Derbys. and Notts. Electric Power Co. was referred to the Sub-Committee with power to act.
The tenants of houses in Hibbert Crescent wrote complaining of children and youths playing football on the vacant land in front of the houses, and the Clerk was instructed to communicate with the police on the matter.
  A letter was submitted from the Derbys. and Notts. Electric Power Co. asking the Committee to consider the installation of more electric street lamps. It was resolved that the Committee confine the number of such lamps to those agreed upon at that meeting.
  The Clerk was asked to make arrangements for the Sub-Committee, together with the Chairman of the General Purposes Committee to meet the Manager of the Mansfield Traction Company in the second week in June with reference to omnibus fares and routes in the Urban District.

Town Planning.

Town Planning Committee.- The Clerk submitted a letter and plan from the Ministry of Health with reference to a resolution of the former Huthwaite Urban District Council to prepare a town planning scheme, and asking for:- 1, the Council's observations on the resolution and maps; 2, the period within which the Council hope to be in a position to adopt a draft scheme.
  The Clerk was instructed to communicate with the Ministry of Health with a view to the resolution of the former Huthwaite Council being rescinded, and the town planning scheme being applied to the whole of the Huthwaite area of the Sutton Urban District.
  Health Committee.- It was resolved that the Committee visit the whole of the sewage works in the area on Thursday, 13th June.
  The Sanitary Inspector submitted five quotations for the supply of two gross of galvanized sanitary pails, and it was agreed that the quotation of Messrs. Brettell and Shaw, Ltd., of Quarry Bank, Staffs. be accepted in the sum of 3s. 4.5d. each net.

Referred to Sub-Committee

The following were referred to the Sub-Committee for consideration and report:- 118 applications for the post of van driver; 111 applications for the post of caretaker at the Huthwaite Cemetery; 13 tenders for scavenging the Urban District.
The Medical Officer of Health's report for the period 1st May to 25th May, was as follows:- Deaths, 23. Fifty-two births were registered during the month - 21 males and 31 females...
  Finance Committee.- A letter was submitted from Mr. A. Farnsworth asking the Council to extend the operation of the Small Dwellings Acquisition Act, now in force in the Huthwaite area, to the whole of the enlarged Urban District...


Among the Notts. Police who have been awarded the King's Jubilee medal for long and faithful service are Sergeant Robinson and Police-Officer Turner, both of Huthwaite. Sergeant Robinson, who has been in Huthwaite nine years, has 25 years' service to his credit.
  P.c. Turner has spent the last eight years in Huthwaite and in his total of 24 years there is a war service period. In his case the award coincides happily with his silver wedding, which was yesterday, Mr. and Mrs. Turner were married in Bedfordshire, and came to Huthwaite from Cotgrave.
  Both officers deserve congratulations for the official distinction which they have thoroughly merited, and Mr. and Mrs. Turner are certain of supplementary good wishes on their "silver milestone" celebration.


Considerable local interest attaches to the announcement that Mr. John Edgar Oxley, second son of Mr. Edmund Oxley, of Lime Avenue, Huthwaite, and the late Mrs. Oxley, has been appointed headmaster at the Burton Latimer Council Schools (Northants.).
  Mr. Oxley has had a career which reflects great credit upon him as an enterprising and persevering student. His school was Huthwaite Blackwell Road, and he commenced work at the C.W.S. factory, but his abilities, coupled with continuous endeavour, brought there reward, and he proceeded to Hucknall Pupil Teachers' Centre, and afterwards to Winchester Training College, leaving the latter with an exceptionally high record.
  His first post was at Rainworth, and for several years he has been an assistant master in London, where he found time to take his B.A. degree under London University auspices.
  Mr. Oxley commences his new duties on July 1st. The school has a roll 200, with gardening, domestic and handicraft facilities. If there is any musical talent it will be developed along the best line, for the new headmaster follows a family tradition in being an apt musician, and performs on the clarionet and piano. At Huthwaite he was one of the C.W.S. instrumentalists, and at Winchester he conducted the College orchestra.
  Mr. Oxley has two children and his wife is a Suttonian, a daughter of Mr. V. Staton, a former handwork instructor at Sutton. Many good wishes will follow the family to their new home.
  It is interesting to recall that the late Mr. J. Boardman, a former headmaster at Huthwaite, was subsequently headmaster at Burton Latimer for many years.


HUTHWAITE Sherwood Street Church has sustained a severe loss by the passing of Mr. Edward Purseglove, of 26, Common Road, Huthwaite. he was a lifelong member of the Church, with a record of nearly 50 years as a member of the choir, which he joined in boyhood. He was present at the opening of the Wesleyan Church on Sutton Road, and sang a duet with Mr. Coleman, of Sutton.
  The late Mr. Purseglove, who was 58 years of age, was one of the two oldest members of the Sherwood Street choir, in which all his interests were centred. He was of an unassuming disposition and highly respected, and many heard of his death with a real sense of loss. He leaves a widow, four sons and two daughters.

Choral Activities.

Deceased had been treasurer of the choir for the past 10 or 12 years. He was amongst the few singers who formed the Harmonic Prize Choir, in which he took a keen interest until the choir's removal to Sutton. He had been employed at the Tibshelf No. 3 and 4 Collieries as a fitter for 36 years. He commenced his working career at New Hucknall.
  The funeral took place at Huthwaite on Wednesday, conducted by the Rev. S.T.L. Hacker (Ripley). At a service in the Sherwood Street Church prior to the interment there were present many personal friends and members of the choir and congregation. The organist was Mr. S. Paling, of Sutton, with whom the late Mr. Purseglove was formerly associated in his musical activities.
  The cortege entered the Church to the strains of ... The officiating minister spoke of Mr. Purseglove's connection with the Church from a boy, and also his association with the choir, in which he had always taken a great interest, and always found keen pleasure in his work. As the cortege left the Church, the Dead March from "Saul" was rendered.

Mourners and Wreaths.

The mourners were:- The Widow; Mr. and Mrs. J.R. Purseglove, son and daughter-in-law; Howard and Lois (fiancee), Robert and Alice (fiancee). Alan, Gladys and Madge, sons and daughters; Mr and Mrs. G. Slack, brother-in-law and sister; Mrs. Marshall and Mrs. Pickard (Edwinstowe), cousins; Mrs. J.B. Cooper and Miss Cooper, mother-in-law and sister-in-law; Mr. and Mrs. C.A. Cooper, Mr. and Mrs. J.B. Cooper, brothers and sisters-in-law; Mr. and Mrs. A. Cooper, uncle and aunt; Mrs. H. Cooper, sister-in-law; Mrs. Marriott, aunt; Mr. Smith, Mr. Flint and Eric, personal friends, Mr. A. Drabble and Mr. C.H. Coupe, friends, representing the Church Mr. H. Watkinson (Tibshelf Colliery)...


The L.N.E.R. will run half-day excursions from Sutton and Kirkby on Whit-Sunday, 9th June, to York and Scarborough and Sheffield, Guide Bridge, Manchester, Warrington and Liverpool, on Whit-Monday, 10th, to Skegness, and on Tuesday, 11th, to Sutton-on-Sea and Mablethorpe; also every Sunday, commencing 9th June, to Skegness and Lincoln.
  Day excursions have been arranged from these two stations for Whit-Monday to Lincoln, Grimsby Docks and Cleethorpes, and for Whit-Monday, Wednesday, 12th and Saturday, 15th June, to London, and for the Saturday to Skegness, Boston, Sutton-on-Sea and Mablethorpe; also, from Sutton only, for the 12th, 13th, 14th and 15th June, to Manchester in connection with the races.
  Each day from the 10th to 15th June special cheap return tickets will be issued to Nottingham from Sutton, Kirkby and Kirkby Bentinck in connection with the Nottingham Historical Pageant at Wollaton Park, available by any train at or after 12 noon.


The funeral took place on Wednesday of Mr. Richard Oliver, of Boundary Terrace, Huthwaite, who passed away at the age of 63. He was a native of Horsley Woodhouse, and had lived in Huthwaite 40 years, being employed at New Hucknall Colliery for a long period.
  The Rev. A.G. Smith officiated at the interment in Sutton Cemetery. The mourners were:- Widow and Son Walter; Mr. and Mrs. F. Rowe (Newton), son-in-law and daughter; Son Lawrence; Mr. G. Oliver, brother; Mr. and Mrs. A. Oliver, brother and sister-in-law.
  The bearers were all nephews, viz., Messrs. Leonard, Edwin, Alf., Harry, Ernest and Leslie Oliver...


The annual dinner of the Huthwaite Villa F.C. was held on Saturday at the "White Swan," Huthwaite, host and hostess Cook, catering for about 28 guests. The club have won the Sutton and Skegby knock-out cup, were runners-up in the Notts. Combination (first section) and finalists in the Huthwaite Charity Cup. Medals in connection with the last-named competition had been presented, and on Saturday the players received further sets of miniature cups and medals from Messrs. J. R. Wright and J. Gelsthorpe.
  A regrettable feature was the absence of one of the players (Gascoigne), who has been ill for some weeks, and is in a seaside convalescent home. His wife received his trophies.

Successful Season.

Mr. Wright congratulated the club on the season's success, and wished them success in the future.
  Next year the Villa will be absent from the Sutton and Skegby League (or the Border League), having decided to run one team only in the Notts. Combination, Division I. Whatever their prowess on the field, the Villa players displayed unexpected reserve at the dinner in the matter of musical talents, and contented themselves with community songs.
  At the annual meeting the following elections were made:- President, Councillor E.H. Lowe; chairman, M.G. Orridge; vice-presidents, Messrs. J.R. Wright, J. Gelsthorpe, G. Dalton, J. Slack, G. Dobb and E. Smith; treasurer, Mr. W.H Cook; secretary, Mr. F. Bostock (in succession to Mr. E. Walters, who has resigned through illness); assistant secretary, Mr. G. Reeves, junior; financial secretary, Mr. I. Parton; trainer, A. Duffield (Mr. S. Herrod having now more calls upon his time); committee, Messrs. E. Greatorex, W. Collins, W. Buckley, S. Herrod, J. Sheppard, C. Booth, I. Parton, junior, C. Wheeler, J. Griffiths, T. Key, H. Wheeler, W. Marriott and F. Pearce.
  The chief goal-scorer was C. Marshall.   T. Allsop, S. Marshall, E. Reeves and A. Flinders have re-signed for next season.


The annual meeting of the Old Peoples Treat Committee was held on Thursday evening at the Railway Inn. An excellent cold supper was prepared by Host and Hostess Mee, the meat having been given by Mr. J. Wright, who also officiated as carver to the complete satisfaction of the company. Mr. A. Tomlinson (secretary) presented the financial statement which was adopted as verty satisfactory. The Auditors (Dr. Vance and Mr. W. Harwood) gave their report and stated that is had been a pleasure to them. The books and accounts had been kept in splendid fashion, and they congratulated the Secretary on the perfect manner in which they had found everything. A vote of thanks was proposed to the Chairman (Mr. Holland) and the Secretary for the able way in which they had carried out their respective duties. Mr. H.A. Simpson moved the proposition and pointed out that it was a very pleasant circumstance that the three officials mentioned had held their posts for so many years. Mr. C. Bonsall seconded, and thanks were also accorded our Host and HOstess.

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