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a weeks news dated - July 12th 1935


The weekly whist drive in the Social Service Centre was held on Saturday, when the winners were - Mr. F.H. Leah; Mr. Bramley; Mrs. Taylor; Mrs. Nicolls.

Among the successful candidates in the County Junior Scholarship Examinations, recently held, is Master Grenville Swift, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. H.M. Swift, of 298, Common Road. This is a highly competitive examination, and the scholarship is valuable, as it takes the successful scholar to a secondary school, with fees and expenses paid until he is sixteen years of age. Swift, who attends the New Street School, will proceed to the Queen Elizabeth Grammar School for Boys at Mansfield in September next.

An interesting ceremony took place at the New Street School on Thursday, when Mr. E.H. Lowe attended at the end of the afternoon session to present a silver cup to the school for competition among the various groups of children, usually known as "houses." Ernest Greatorex received the cup on behalf of the children, and Mr. Simpson thanked the donor for his generous gift. It is engraved as follows: "Huthwaite Junior School, Lowe Challenge Trophy."

A meeting of the Social Service Council was held on Thursday. There was a good attendance, but business was chiefly of a routine nature. Mr. W. Jackson was chairman, and as it was the first meeting since his indisposition he was welcomed by the Council, who expressed their pleasure at seeing him back again. Mr. Jackson thanked the members for their good wishes, and remarked that he was pleased to see that good progress was being made by the Council. It was reported that the membership of the Centre was about 150, of which five-sixths were totally unemployed.

The New Fall Street Sunday School anniversary was continued on Sunday, but, as on the previous Sunday, the morning parade of the children through the streets was abandoned by reason of the heat. Services in Church, however, were well attended and were a great success, the preacher being the Rev. E. Sellers. The singing was conducted by Mr. J.W. Allsop, and the organist was Miss Mitchell. Children who sang solos and rendered recitations under the direction of Mrs. Spencer were:- Ronald Mansell, Irene Rowe, Tom Baden, Ivy Walker, Billie Naylor, Arthur Murfin, George Hardy, Joe Allsop, Jack Edwards, Derek Gascoigne, Graham Hardy, Hilda Murfin, Ivy Finch, Rhoda Turner, Mavis Naylor, Marjorie Walker and Edna Marshall.

Steady progress is being made by the Social Service Centre, and a complete kitchen department has now been fitted up. This contains a gas-copper and an up-to-date gas cooking-stove, with a "griller" for those who have epicurean leanings. This equipment has been made possible by the assistance of Mr. and Mrs. Betts, and Mrs. Betts' sister (Miss Shaw) has given towels and utensils. The Centre is now self-contained as regards the provision of meals, hot water, and facilities for washing-up. The refreshments side of the undertaking will probably be developed if occasion arises. It is also intended to fit up a separate room for woodwork, which is now urgently needed. It should also be mentioned that a very acceptable gift of a well-stocked first-aid outfit has been received from Messrs. Boots, chemists. Various handicrafts are carried on, and members can have their boots mended for the price of the materials, while totally unemployed and the old-age pensioners can have their hair cut free of charge.

The gardening section is an important item, and a feature of this summer's Carnival at Huthwaite will be a flower and vegetable show at the Centre, with classes for members only. If they achieve as much distinction as some of them do on the bowling-green they will be well in the forefront. A visit of inspection was recently paid to the Centre by Commander Satow, who is in touch with many unemployment schemes, and he expressed great satisfaction, describing the Centre as one of the most orderly and most efficient he had visited. A special tribute was paid to the Steward (Mr. J. Bingham) and his assistant (Mr. Gunby), for the manner in which they carried out their voluntary duties. The interior of the building is always kept bright and fresh, and, as all who take part in the work of the Centre are insured against accident, there is no risk in "lending ahand" in whatever direction help is required. There is one need which has not yet been supplied - a clock for the common room. If anyone would like to present a useful timepiece it would be transported with gratitude by the Steward.


The Huthwaite effort on behalf of the Nottingham Federal Council League of Nations Union was to organise a flag day on Saturday, and the result was very gratifying to the local branch officials:- Mr. T. Goodall (President), Councillors J. Davies (Vice-President), Messrs. A.C. Smith, (Secretary), and E. Lincoln (Treasurer). A large staff of flag sellers was enrolled and the financial return was £9 7s. 2d. Sellers of flags and other helpers were Mesdames Adwich, Clifton, A. Smith, J. Ensor, A. Smith, and C. Fitchett. Messrs. A. Smith, E. Lincoln, E. Adkin, J. Wright. Misses K. Searson, K. Wood, J. White, E. Wright, M. Bailey, E. Fidler, G. Wright, V. Oakley, B. Oxley, M. Holland, E. Brunt, J. Hancock, J. Blow, K. Ensor, M. Purseglove, E. Thompson, A. Parman, J. Lincoln, P. Wilson, G. Purseglove, M. Oakley, B. Connah, J. Hargreaves, E. Parker, E. Hincks, N. Pickering, F. Dykes, N. Woodfield, P. Norris, H. Fox, D. Lupton, E. Goodall, T.E. Hubble, J. Lincoln, Masters E. Wilson, A. Clarke, R. Croft, H. Fitchett, A. Shelton, J. Walker, C. Evans, W. Hughes. The secretarial duties were carried out by Mr. A.C. Smith.

Very interesting demonstrations of how to turn apparently useless articles to good account were given in the Social Service Centre on Tuesday to both men and women. The demonstrator was Miss Hicks, of the National Council of Social Service, a lady highly skilled in the art of making the best of things. The attendance at the womens' lesson included Mesdames. Wigginton, Jackson, H.A. Simpson, A.C. Smith, Iball, Clifton, Bradley, Bingham, Thompson, C. Turner and C. Bonsall, and they were deeply impressed by the helpful and practical talk, and the excellent results, which can be obtained from a spare-time occupation using the simplest materials. The exhibits included bathmats made from orange-box ropes and string, rugs from old sacks, slippers from felt hats, a toy horse from an old motorcar inner tyre, and a woolly rabbit from a piece of discarded fluffy material. "Thrift" garments was a valuable section of the lesson, and showed a "pullover" made from stocking-tops, and a baby's jacket and bonnet out of an old woollen vest, while a baby's cot to be fixed on the back of two chairs aroused great admiration. The subject in general should be of great assistance when the proposed women's section is established, and it was arranged for Miss Hicks to pay another visit very soon. All the visitors were entertained to tea, the water being boiled and other duties carried out by Messrs. Bingham and Gunby, while Mesdames J. Ensor and J.T. Kay served the refreshments. The secretarial duties in connection with the event were carried out by Mr. H.A. Simpson. It may be mentioned that Miss Hicks, who has visited many Social Service Centres, found great pleasure in the spick-and-span appearance of the building and the well-regulated system in operation at Huthwaite.


The funeral took place on Saturday of Mrs. Ada Ashley, of Sutton Road, Huthwaite, who passed away in Nottingham Hospital on the previous Tuesday as the age of 61. She was a native of Huthwaite, and for many years connected with the Sherwood Street Church. Mr. A. Hawley conducted the funeral service there, and made reference to the deceased's long association with the church, and to the fact that all her family had been brought up in the same principles. The organist was Miss Hawley,..
  Mourners were : Mr. Chas. Ashley and Doris, husband and daughter; Jim, Eunice and son Jim Conisborough; George and Lily; Joe, Winnie, and June; Percy Ambrose and Fred, Sutton; Gwen and Wilf., Pleasley; sons and daughters and grandchildren; Mrs. Stopps, Mr. and Mrs. E. Allen; Mr. and Mrs. E. Mansell, sisters; Mr. J.W. Richards, brother; Mr. and Mrs. W. Bright, Killamarsh; Mr. and Mrs. W. Ashley, Mr. and Mrs. J.R. Rowe, Mr. and Mrs. F. Ashley, Mr. and Mrs. Cockayne, brothers-in-law and sisters-in-law; Mrs. Strange, Rainworth; Mr. and Mrs. E. Gannon; Mrs. Poole, Kirkby; and Mrs. Butterworth, Sutton, nephew and nieces. Members of the White Hart Death and Dividing Society also attended.
  The bearers were Messrs. E. Gannon, G. Ashmore, Reg. Ashmore, B. Allen, Wm. Richards, F. Simmonds and C. Allsop. There were wreaths from all the foregoing mourners, also from Mr. and Mrs. Harrison (Newcastle Street), Wanda and Wenda Dennis, Mr. and Mrs. Hassall and Mrs. S. Draycott.

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