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a weeks news dated - July 5th 1935

Successful Annual Carnival

The annual carnival in aid of the funds of the Huthwaite Prize Band was held on Saturday in beautiful weather. A rose day, with the same object, was a gratifying success. The carnival was organised by Mr. W. Clark, and had many interesting features, which resulted in a substantial sum being raised.
  In the afternoon, competitors in fancy dress, jazz band members, with the Prize Band, under the direction of Mr. Chas. A. Cooper, assembled on the Market Place, the Hospital Carnival Queen (Miss Hutton) also being present in Royal robes with her attendants.

Voluntary Services.

Mr. Clark made an appeal on behalf of the Band, who had rendered voluntary services on behalf of the Hospital Carnival, and also in aid of the Sutton "Rag." They had also assisted at the children's treats at the Drill Hall, and at the Huthwaite effort for the Gresford Disaster Fund. In other places a big charge was made, but at Huthwaite the band gave their services free of all obligation. Mr. Clark also referred to the Band's success at Skegness last year, and emphasised that in all respects they were worthy of help.
  The Carnival Queen made an appeal to her subjects to give liberally to the effort in recognition of the Band's services to charitable causes.
  Mrs. E. Oxley remarked on comments made at the Skegness Band Festival to the effect the the Huthwaite Band was the smartest on parade on that occasion.

Streets Paraded.

A procession was then formed, and, with the Carnival Queen taking part, paraded the streets, collections being taken en route. The jazz bands, in picturesque attire, lent a good deal of glamour and lively interest to the spectacle, and incidentally greatly increased its magnitude. The Titchfield Nomads Band was a procession in itself, aggregating over 60 performers. The town has never been so completely promenaded as it was on Saturday, and most of the drummers, band majors, and little ones in the procession found the grass of Councillor Lowe's field, where the judging was carried out, cool and pleasant, after the hot streets.
  An open bread-baking competition attracted 17 entries which were judged in the New Fall Street Schoolroom by Mr. Allsop, of Sutton. This event was supervised by Mr. J. Iball, and three prizes of 10 stones, 7st, and 3st. bags of flour were given by Messrs. Abbot (Huthwaite), Mrs. Goodwin won first and third prizes with separate entries, and Mrs. L. Speed the second. A similar competition for members of the Committee was won by Mr. G. Bee out of four. The prize was of the value of a guinea, given by Nurse Chadburn.

Baby Show.

Eighty babies were brought to the baby show which was held in the Free Church Schoolroom and judge by lay Sister Thorpe (Mansfield Hospital) and Nurse Chadburn. Results were :-
  Under six months : Dennis Marshall, Roy Butler, Alan Gilbody.
  Six to 12 months : Joan Cooper, Robert Sellars, M. Beresford.
  12 months to 2 years : Joyce Burns, H. Goodison, Brenda Burnham.
  Twins : Shirley and Eunice Woodhouse ; Donald and Leslie Machin.
  The winners were taken to the field and the prizes presented by Nurse Chadburn. A prize was awarded to Harold Weston, an eleven-months' old baby. At birth he was only two and a half pounds in weight, but had made rapid progress and was now a normal child of great promise and was considered worthy of a special prize.
  The marks awarded in the jazz band competition to the three bands were 88, 86 and 84. Members of the New Hucknall Ambulance Corps under Srgt. Blow, were on duty during the day.

The Judges.

The judges were:- Fancy Dress, Mr. and Mrs. G. Dalton, Mr. and Mrs. J. Iball and Councillor J. Davies, C.C.; band appearance and deportation, Mr. V. Henton and Sergeant Ellis. Results were :-
Bands.- 1, Titchfield; 2, Birchwood; 3, Killamarsh.
Fancy Dress (decorated cycles, prams, etc.),- 1, 'Miniature Tennis' Messrs Wilkinson; 2, 'artistic cycle', Madge Simmonds; 3, 'Derby Winner', E. Fox; 4, 'My Kids Crooning,' Violet Lee and M. Vannon; 5, 'dolls pram'. Mr. Hardwick.
Tableau.- 1, Maypole (Edith Lineker, Nellie Pickering, Dolly Pickering, Mildred Butterworth, Hilda Fox, Vera Shaw, Edna Hinks, Louie Hinks, who were in charge of Mrs. Lineker); 2, Jubilee chariot (Mr. Weston).
Individual costumes (under 14).- 1, Tom and Frank Partington; 2, Joyce Dyment; 3, Iris Lee; 4, Jim Partington; 5, Marcia Lineker and Margaret Pickering.
Fancy costume (adults).- 1, Miss Hargreaves; 2, Miss Kirk; 3, Wm. Dewhurst (Alfreton), a consolation prize was awarded to Miss Maud Gunby.
Comic section.- 1, 'Tramp,' S.Bowdler (Holmewood); 2, 'Wandering Kate,' M. Wright; 3, 'Our Jubilee,' Cecil and Freda Hardy.

Jazz Band Contest.

All three bands entered for the jazz contest, the first prize being a silver cup. The result was :- 1, Birchwood Toreadors (E. Newton); 2, Titchfield Nomads (E. Hasbey); 3, Killamarsh High Moor (W. Hand).
  Children's sports were held under the supervision of Mr. G.A. Rhodes the following events being decided.
  Boy's sack race.- 1, Charlie Walker; 2, Harold Keeling; 3, Raymond Gregory.
  Boy's flat race.- 1, Jack Draycott; 2, Don Hague; 3, Dennis Rhodes.
  Girl's egg and spoon race:- 1, Jessie Brown; 2, Dora Hibbert; 3, Iris Bone.
  Skipping race.- 1, D. Hibbert; 2, J. Brown; 3, Enid Rhodes.
The starter was Mr. J. Truswell, and Sergt. Ellis and Mr. Dalton were the judges.
  The costume prizes were distributed by Mrs. Dalton and the jazz band contest and deportment prizes by Mr. W. Clarke. The programme concluded with a fancy dress in the Drill Hall, which was crowded. The music was provided by the Belgrave Orchestra, and the M.C.'s were Messrs. S. Stones and E. Spencer.


A meeting of the above was held on Friday evening, when it was reported that the past season's work in regard to seeds for the unemployed was most satisfactory and much credit was due to the committee for the help afforded in this way. It was suggested that a show of garden produce should take place and a sub-committee was given power to arrange this. Notice was given that all application forms for seeds for unemployed and part-time workers will have to be in much earlier this year, accompanied by the payment for same. The number who applied for seeds under the Control Allotments Committee's Scheme last season was 114, and they were supplied at at total cost of £36 17s. 4d. A strong committee has been formed for next season, and with the help of Mr. Truswell and co-operation of members, shows are to be held during this summer and autumn, Mr. T. Bradley is the secretary.
  The following articles had been ordered and paid for:- 82 seed collections at 1s. 6d.; 17 seed collections at 1s; five seed collections at 6d.; 130 bags of potatoes at 2s.; 72 bags of fertiliser, at 2s.; 22 forks at 2s.; eight gardening booklets at 1d.; 12 cookery booklets at 1d.; three hut booklets at 6d.


Mr. T. Pratt was the M.C. at the Saturday whist drive in the Social Service Centre last week-end. The winners were: Mrs. Wright; Mrs. Neary; Mr. D. Elliott; Mr. Bramley.

The New Fall Street Sunday School anniversary was held on Sunday, when the special preacher was Mr. G. Cresswell (Worksop). It is usual for the children to parade the streets and sing at various points on anniversary Sunday, but the custom was broken on Sunday morning on account of the heat. The indoor services were well attended and were very successful. Mr. J.W. Allsop had trained the children's choir and conducted it very efficiently, Miss S. Mitchell being the organist. During the day solos and duets were rendered by the following: Ivy Walker, Joe Allsop and Tom Bodin, Edna Marshall, Irene Rowe, Rhoda Turner, Ivy Finch and Ronald Mansell, and recitations (under the supervision of Mrs. Spencer) were given by Marjorie Walker, Mavis Taylor, Hilda Murfin, Graham Hardy, Derk Gascoyne, Jack Edwards, George Hardy, Arthur Murfin and Billie Naylor. The offertories were very satisfactory and were devoted to Sunday School funds.

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