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a weeks news dated - January 11th 1935


Monday Next, January 14th, performance of Operetta, "Pearl the Fisher Maiden," at Sherwood Street Methodist School, at 7.30 pm., under auspices of Social Service Council for benefit of unemployed. Admission 6d., reserved seats 1s. -Advt.

The annual free luncheon given and provided by the New Hucknall Colliery Institute Committee and Mr. and Mrs. Taylor (stewards) took place on Thursday. The luncheon consisted of meat sandwiches and liquid refreshment, and was appreciated and enjoyed by between 60 and 70 members. Mr. T. Hill carried out the duties of secretary, and Mrs. W. Brunt and Mr. F. Wilson rendered assistance by carving.

The house-to-house collection for the National Children's Homes and Orphanage realised £6 10s. The honorary collectors were Mesdames Weston, Smith, Rowe, Oldham, Misses Offiler, E. Fidler, N. Sheppard, G. Oakley, D. Lupton, D. Hague, M. Oldham, E. Allsopp Palfreyman and Messrs. F. and J. Wells, I. Morris, H. Bradshaw and A. Smith. The hon. secretary and treasurer were Miss Horsey and Miss Wells respectively.

The members of the Women's Unionist Association held an enjoyable whist drive on Tuesday night in the Common Road Schools. Miss Farnsworth acted as M.C., and during the interval Miss Margery Stretton, B.a., of London, entertained the company with an eloquent and instructive address on the present political situation.   Mrs. H. A. Simpson introduced the speaker and the company were highly delighted with Miss Stretton's lecture. A vote of thanks was proposed by Miss Farnsworth, and seconded by Mrs. Brunt. Refreshments were served by Mrs. C. Dinsdale, Mrs. H. Ensor, Miss. K. Searson and Mrs. Fitchett.   Prizes were won by Mrs. Duffield, Mrs. Brunt and Miss Stretton, and were presented by Miss Margery Stretton.

By the kind invitation of Mr. and Mrs. C.H. Coupe, a party of friends and neighbours enjoyed a whist drive at the Orchards on Wednesday evening. Twenty-four hands of whist were played, and the prize-winners were:- 1. Mrs. Bernard Hill, 172, a box of chocolates; 2. Mr. James Barnes, 169, half-dozen teaspoons; 3. Mrs. Arnold Fidler, 168, sugar tongs.   Mrs. Brooks won a box of biscuits in a guessing competition, and also two silk handkerchiefs by drawing a lucky number. Mrs. Coupe provided the prizes and refreshments, and each guest contributed a shilling to the Church Organ Fund, thus raising £2. Mrs Boulton presented the prizes. The Vicar thanked the host and hostess for their kind hospitality, and Mrs. Coupe replied, observing it had been the happiest evening she had spent for a long time.   Mr. Coupe said two objects had been realised - one the desire of Mrs. Coupe to contribute to the organ, and the other to have such a pleasant company of friends and neighbours at the Orchards.


In reference to the school dispute at Huthwaite, and the absence of the senior children from the Huthwaite Road Senior School, Sutton, the following is a copy of the letter received by Mr. E.B. Hibbert, clerk to the Huthwaite Urban Council from the Board of Education, and a copy of which letter has also been sent to the City Education Committee:-
" Sir,- With further reference to your letter of the 22nd November last, I am to explain that the Board have given careful consideration to the questions raised therein and also to the proposal outlined in the enclosure to that letter that all the children residing in Huthwaite, including Infants, Juniors, and Seniors, should be accommodated in the New Street Council School and the Church of England School at Huthwaite.
They are satisfied, however, that even on the basis of the present recognised accommodation of these schools, which is considerably in excess of their 'effective' accommodation, this latter proposal would be quite impracticable. On the other hand, the Board agree in principle with the Authority's scheme of reorganisation under which the older children from Huthwaite would be accommodated in the Huthwaite Road Council School, Sutton-in-Ashfield, and it is clear that the distances generally to be traversed by the Huthwaite Senior Children concerned would not be in excess of what area commonly undertaken by children of similar ages in the areas of this and other Local Education Authorities. Moreover, they understand from the Local Education Authority for Nottinghamshire with whom they have been in communication, that they would be willing to consider the question of providing omnibus tickets for some of the extreme cases.

Good Offices.

In all these circumstances the Board trust that your Council will use their good offices with the parents of the Huthwaite Senior children concerned in order to remove their misapprehensions and put an end to the present most unfortunate disturbance of the children's education. In the arrangements made by them the Local Education Authority have had no desire but to forward the interests of the children concerned, and their attendance at the Huthwaite Road Council School will secure for them greatly improved educational facilities.
I am to add, however, for the information of the Urban District Council, that if the parents of the children concerned should still desire that this matter should be further discussed with a small number of their representatives, and also with representatives of the Local Education Authority at the Board's Offices, the Board would be quite ready to arrange accordingly, though in view of what is stated above they hope that this will not be considered necessary. "

A meeting of the parents of the children was held on Thursday night, when Mr. J. Davies was the principal speaker, and the parents are now awaiting the results of an interview for which the Council has asked...

Hucknall Huthwaite Allotments Question.

A public meeting was held in the National Schoolroom, Hucknall Huthwaite, for the promotion of an Allotments Association. There was a good attendance, and the Rev. W.J.B. Kerr, who presided, briefly explained the object of the meeting, and spoke of the benefits to be derived from such an association.   He fully believed that most of the imaginary difficulties would disappear when the time came for them to take up the land, as he felt sure the landowners in many cases would be willing to treat with them.

Mr. T.C. Birkhead was the principal speaker and dealt with the question in the spirit of the Local Government Act of 1894, and Mr. A.C. Evans and Mr Bostock also offered some observations.   A discussion followed, being taken up by several of the audience, and ultimately it was decided to form such an association. Mr. Kerr was invited to accept the presidency, which he did conditionally. Mr. Bostock was elected secretary, and a number of names were given as wishing to join.

Committee Reports.

Below are extracts from the minutes of Committees of the Huthwaite Urban Council presented for adoption at the Council meeting on Tuesday evening.
  Gas, Lighting and Water Committee -- The Collector submitted his reports for the past month, which showed that he had received and paid to the treasurer £300 15s. 10d. in respect of gas rentals and £32 2s. for water rentals.
  The Manager and the Clerk reported fully upon their investigation of gas charges to consumers, and submitted detailed statements of the efforts upon the undertaking of the reduction of 3d. per 1,000 cubic feet for bulk supply and the cost and alteration of system of collection involved on a reduction of price to consumers and rebate to prepayment meter consumers for the remaining quarter of the Council's administration. It was resolved that no action be taken.

Improvement at the Park.

Roads and Buildings Committee.- The Surveyor reported upon the progress made with the Chesterfield Road Housing Scheme, and he was instructed to proceed with the street works and sewering to enable the contractor to connect up his house drains.
  Notice was submitted of a meeting of the Mansfield and District Regional Town Planning Committee at the Town Hall, Mansfield, and the Chairman and Councillor Lowe, with the Clerk, were deputed to attend.
  Cemetery, Allotments and Pleasure Grounds Committee - The Chairman reported upon the satisfactory condition of the Burial Ground, and the report was approved.
  The Chairman and Councillor Davies reported upon their inspection of the Park and the Surveyor submitted provisional estimates of the cost of the proposed boating lake and other improvements. Resolved that all the members of the Committee meet on the site to further consider these matters.
  Health and Hospital Committee - The Medical Officer of Health reported that three deaths (equivalent to an annual mortality of 7.0 per 1,000) had been registered during the month, the mortality of the previous month being 11.8 per 1,000, and of the corresponding month last year 7.0 per 1,000. Three births, comprising two males and one female, were registered.   Three cases of chickenpox were notified during the month.

Defective Property.

There was no report from the Surveyor regarding the Bainbridge Terrace drainage, and the matter was deferred until the next meeting.
  A large number of reports were dealt with concerning defective property. In several cases the owners, or agents, agreed to carry out the necessary work, and, where no undertaking to effect improvements had been given, it was decided to carry out the decisions arrived at concerning the property in question.
  Resolved that where owners have made default in demolishing their properties in pursuance of the orders served upon them, action be taken by the Council to demolish came under Section 21 of the Act.
  The Sanitary Inspector reported that he had approached Mr. Groom, Lime Avenue, about the smoke nuisance, and that steps had been taken to abate the same.
  The Surveyor reported upon the number of closets connected, and the amount expended. The report was approved.
  The provision of threscots in lieu of porches to the houses in Chesterfield Road was discussed and deferred for further report from the Surveyor thereon at the next meeting.
  The Sanitary Inspector reported upon the action taken in this area during Rat Week, November th to 12th. The report was approved, and the Clerk was instructed to furnish the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries with such report.

Revised Rents of Homes

Finance and General Purpose Committee - Quotations for the supply of hay, woods and straw were considered and the tender of Mr. George Farnsworth was accepted.
  The Clerk submitted a list of revised rents of houses in the Common, Bonser Crescent, Little Lane and Cross Lane, which was referred to a sub-committee comprising the Chairman of the Council and of this Committee, the Clerk and the Rating Officer for consideration and report.
  The Surveyor submitted his estimate of the coast of street work at the Chesterfield Road Housing Schemes, amounting to £523. It was resolved that the same be approved and that application be made to the Minister of Health for sanction to a loan for that amount.
  Public Library Committee - A letter was read from the East Midland Regional Library Bureau stating that the scheme came into operation 1st January, 1935, and enclosing instructions on the procedure for borrowing books, and that the annual subscription would be payable on the 1st April 1935.
  The Caretaker reported that he had posted a notice in the Lending Library informing the public of the provisions of the scheme.

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