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a weeks news dated - February 8th 1935


On Monday evening, in aid of the Social Service Centre, a whist drive was held in the Lecture Hall, the M.C.'s being Messrs. Pratt and Thompson. The winners were:- Mrs. Franklin, 181; Mrs. Wright. 165; Mr. J. Rowland, 172; Mr. J.T. Nicholls, 168.

On Saturday evening Mr. and Mrs. Wright held a whist drive at their home in Unwin Street in aid of the Parish Church bazaar fund. Mr Wright provided the refreshments and the prizes were won by Mr.s Fitchett, Mrs. Swain, Mr. Tuckwood and Mrs. Evans (playing as gentleman).

The funeral of Mr. John Taylor took place on Saturday, a simple service being conducted in the Cemetery Chapel by the Rev. W.L. Boulton. Deceased who was 73 years of age, had lived at 4, Windmill Cottages, for over 40 years. He was born at Tibshelf, coming to Huthwaite 45 years ago. He retired some time ago, having been a deputy in the Deep Hard at New Hucknall for many years. Several of his family were connected with Parish Church work in various ways, and the late Mr. Taylor once served a term as an Urban District Councillor. A widow, five sons, and a daughter are left. The mourners were:- Widow; ...... , Len and Edith, son and daughter-in-law, Reg and Madge, son and daughter; Mr. H. Allsop (Mansfield), and Mr. G. Allsop (Belper), brother-in-law: Mr. A. Allsop, cousin.... and there were a number of floral tributes.

Prize Band Celebrate Successful Year

The Library Lecture Hall, Huthwaite, was the scene of a happy gathering on Saturday evening, the occasion being the annual banquet and social evening in connection with the Huthwaite Silver Prize Band. Councillor C. H. Coupe, J.P., presided and among others present were Mrs. Coupe, Councillor J. Iball (Chairman of Huthwaite Council) and Mrs. Iball, Councillor and Mrs. J. Davies, Councillor and Mrs. F.C. Sowter, Councillor and Mrs. W. Clarke, Councillor and Mrs. M. Betts, Councillor S. Allcock, Mr. J. Limb (President of the Band), Mr. P. Cooper (vice-president), members of the band, their wives and lady friends, and members of the Huthwaite Carnival Committee.

"Like the Spider."

At the commencement of the proceedings, Mr. P. Cooper welcomed the company on behalf of the Band and apologised for the absence, through illness, of Mr. C. A. Cooper (bandmaster).
  An excellent meal had been prepared and laid on the tables under the supervision of Mrs. A. Purdy, who had the help of the following ladies in attending to the wants of the guests:- Mesdames A. Herrod, T. Bradley, T. Thompson, A. Hunt, F. Hibbert, Misses Aldred and Purdy.
  After the company had fully satisfied the 'inner man,' there was a short interval while the tables were cleared, and then the guests re-assembled for a programme of concert items and speeches.
  Expressing his pleasure at being present the Chairman (Mr. Coupe) said he was proud to know he had been a supporter of the Band for so many years. He could go back to the days of Mr. Cooper's father, Mr. J.B. Cooper. In those days the Band was often in a precarious position, but they kept setting props and bars to keep up the roof and, like the spider; trying again, and the worst never came.

Comfortable Position.

The Band's success at Skegness last year put them in a comfortable position financially, but they must not get too comfortable. It was necessary to keep a balance in hand because they did not know what was before them, and a storm might come along and put them back to where they were years ago. Regretting the absence of the Bandmaster, who was also an adjudicator of no mean renown, and referring to the illness of his mother, Mrs. Cooper, the speaker said he was sure he was voicing the opinion of all in wishing them both a speedy recovery.
  The Chairman added that the Duchess of Portland had paid a visit to the Huthwaite Social Service Centre that afternoon, and on learning of that gathering and of the Band's success at Skegness, she had expressed her delight and asked that her best wishes be conveyed to the company.
  An interesting presentation was made at this stage by Mr. Clark, who handed to the President of the Band a cheque for £6 10s.- the proceeds of a dance held at the Drill Hall - as an appreciation of the Band's services in connection with Huthwaite Carnival. As Secretary of the Carnival Committee, Mr. Clark said they deeply appreciated the Band's services. Every member of the Committee had worked hard on the Band's behalf and they would work harder in the future.

Into the Limelight

The speaker went on to pay tribute to the abilities of the Bandmaster, who had been with the Band for many years, and was the holder of the Associate Diploma of the Victoria College of Music. Mr. Cooper's abilities had been used chiefly to bring the Band into the limelight. Mr. Clark observed that the Band had not the backing of any works or firm as most bands had, but in spite of this they were at present in a better position financially than ever before. But there were several expenses to be met in the future, and it was necessary that funds should be raised to keep the Band in a sound position.
  Referring to the Band's success at Skegness, the speaker said they gained second place out of 46 competing bands and brought home £50 - one of the Band's invaluable services in connection with last year's carnival and hoped that this year's effort would be a bigger success than ever. He knew that Band would do their part.
  Acknowledging the cheque on behalf of the Band, Mr. Limb said it was a very useful sum and was much appreciated. He thought he could safely promise that the Band would play for the carnival, because they believed in helping one another. He regretted the absence of their Bandmaster, who was second to none and without whom the Band would be in a poor way.

Services Appreciated.

Mr. Davies (President of the Carnival Committee) said the Committee greatly appreciated the kindness of the Band, and while the money did not repay them for all their services, it was a small recognition. The Band largely depended on local support, and were deserving of all that could be rendered. The Carnival Committee were sorry they could not do more, but they were only too willing to work in conjunction with the Band. Last year's carnival helped to raise £80m and there was no doubt that the Band's presence considerably augmented the fund. In conclusion the speaker thanked the Band on behalf of the Carnival Committee for the invitation to the function.
  Mr. Sowter said when we became more civilised there would be an Act of Parliament to maintain all hospitals by State aid. Then all would be giving and none missing. He would very much like to see that system brought into operation. However, he did not decry for one minute the splendid help that was given voluntarily.
  Mr. P. Cooper proposed the toast 'The Visitors,' and especially welcomed Mr. C. Brown, M.P., who had looked in during the proceedings. The speaker wondered how the Huthwaite Band would fare when the amalgamation took place.
  The Chairman also extended a welcome to Mr. Brown, and he wondered who would be the first citizen of Huthwaite to become Mayor of Sutton.

Sutton's Mayoralty.

In reply, Mr. Brown wished the Band every success. With regard to the future of the Band, and the question of future mayors of Sutton, he said Huthwaite people need have no fear about keeping their end up. If they sent people to Sutton capable of doing this, there was no reason to suppose that if a Charter of Incorporation were granted some citizen of Huthwaite would not be Mayor of Sutton in due course.
  Although Huthwaite could not be transported bodily to Sutton for the purpose of local government, he sincerely hoped they would all work together in a friendly spirit and strive to do their best for the community of which they would form a part
  Mr. J. Iball expressed thanks on behalf of his wife and himself for their invitation, and wished the Band every success in the future.
  The artistes were thanked on the proposition of Mr. Davies, seconded by Mr. Clark, and the caterer (Mrs. Purdy) and her helpers on the proposition of Mr. Betts, seconded by Mr. Allcock.
  Excellent entertainment was provided by Mr. A. Dove (elocutionist and bass), Mr. F. Bridger (tenor). Master J.G. Berry (an eight-years old accordionist) and Master Ernest Lait (soprano), and a very pleasant gathering was brough to a conclusion by the singing of the National Anthem.


During the past week the Duchess of Portland has paid two visits to the Huthwaite Social Centre by reason of her interest in the "rest room," which she has furnished and which at her own request she has now formally opened.

On Saturday her Grace paid a brief visit. The room was not quite ready, and she gave an order for furniture and easy chairs, which were delivered on the Monday.

On Tuesday the Duchess made another unexpected visit, accompanied by Lady Maud Rolleston, and was met by Councillors Simpson (secretary) and Goodall, and Mrs. Key, and was escorted round the building by Mr. J. Bingham (contribution secretary). The Duchess had brought a quantity of table-cloths, draperies, games, pictures and writing materials, and these she arranged with the help of Mr. Bingham, whom she described as a "handy man"

A Special Study.

The Duchess set about the task in a business-like fashion, and, having arranged the articles to her satisfaction, she briefly declared the room open, and invited all the workmen on the Centre to inspect it.

Her Grace has made a special study of this room, and it is the first completed part of the new headquarters. Nor does her interest in it cease now that it is open. Both she and Lady Maud promised to bring further fittings to make the rest room more dainty and complete, and no doubt it is all the better for feminine hands to apply the finishing touches to an apartment of this kind.

Before the visitors departed Councillor Simpson expressed to them the thanks of the Social Service Council and the unemployed for their kindness and generosity.


DON'T FORGET C.W.S. Whist Drive and Dance, St Michael's Hall,, Saturday, February 9th... Advt.

On Wednesday evening a whist drive was held by Mrs. Swain at her residence on behalf of the Mother's Union bazaar stall. There were 28 players, Mr. W. Rockley being M.C., and the prizes were presented by Mrs. Shaw to the following; Mrs. Buckley; Mrs. Peters; Mr. C. Peters; Mr. J.G. Wright.

On Sunday the married lady members of the Sutton Road Methodist Church organised a successful effort on behalf of the trust funds. In the afternoon the married ladies' choir of 30 voices rendered the service of song 'Sweet Lavender,' the music being highly appreciated by a large congregation. They had the assistance of Mrs. W. Farnsworth in the soprano solos, and the organist was Mr. W. Ball. The choir had been rehearsed and were conducted by Mr. Wilson Hill. The chairman was Mrs. Daffin and the literary parts were read by Mrs. Councillor Jeffries, J.P. (Kirkby)... The preacher was Mr. J.J. Pass (South Normanton)....


The annual parochial meeting of Huthwaite Parish Church members was held in the Common Road Schools on Tuesday evening, the Rev. W.L. Boulton (Vicar) presiding.

The financial yar commenced with a deficit of £382 2s. 1d., and including this the total expenditure amounted to £948 3s. Outstanding expenses were; Organ renovation, £297 10s. : heating apparatus, £36 : salaries, £44 15s. :Diocesan quota, £31 2s. 2d.

Total income was £488 13s. 2d., leaving an adverse balance of £495 9s. 10d. Offerings amounted to £166 0s. 8d., against £143 10s. 1d. for the previous year, and the annual bazaar produced £118 5s. 7d., against £147 14s. 9d. There was a donation of £100 from the Vicar and the harvest festival brought in £22 8s. 9d. The Vicar's Easter offering was £5 16s. 8d., and bank charges were £20 10s. 8d., a big increase on the previous year.
The accounts were adopted, on the proposition of Mr. Forster.

Optimistic View

Messrs. Lee and Goodall were re-elected Vicar's and People's Wardens, respectively, and Mr. W. Rockley to the Church Council, Mr. Alan Hill was specially thanked for able assistance in preparing the balance sheet.

The Chairman thanked all Church workers, and, although he admitted that the debt was something of a strain, took an optimistic view of the future.

Mr. A. Gunby moved that the number of sidesmen be reduced from 30 to 10. He remarked that it was once considered an honour to be a sidesman, but now people were indifferent to it. The motion found very little support and the sidesmen were re-elected in a body. Mr. Gunby signified his readiness to stand down to make room for somebody else, but was informed that all the sidesmen having been re-elected, he must serve for a year.

The possibility of putting the Blackwell Road School site to some practical use came under discussion, but no decision was reached, the exact conditions of the title being a matter of some uncertainty.

Mr. W. Lee was unable to attend the meeting but it was generally agreed that he could not be bettered in carrying out a churchwardens duties.

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