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a weeks news dated - February 1st 1935

Council's Approval of Committee's Report

Members of the Sutton Urban Council were occupied for a considerable time in committee on Monday evening discussing the recommendations of the Boundaries Committee regarding re-arrangements, particularly as affecting the staffs, which will be necessary owing to the amalgamation with Huthwaite, Skegby, Stanton Hill and Teversal on April 1st.

The proposals, details of which appear below, were later unanimously adopted in open Council, and one recommendation which will be received with a good deal of satisfaction by the majority of residents is that step shall at once be taken to obtain a Charter of Incorporation.

The meeting was presided over by Councillor A. Briggs (chairman) and others present were Councillors A. Pepper, J.H. Brailsford, A. Spencer, C.A. Morley, H.C. Wright, H.S. Shacklock, W. Limb, J. aked, J. Wade, A. Walton and T. Barnes.

Huge Pile of Documents.

The Chairman formally moved the adoption of the report of the Boundaries Committee as submitted to the Council in Committee. - Mr. Pepper seconded.
Mr. Shacklock said he thought it might be explained that the Committee had met eleven times and that some meetings had lasted three hours and more ...... (a very wordy report goes on to acknowledge the clerks work, retaining of officers from abolished districts and other matters of lesser need for transcribing before ending with the following)

Gas and Water Departments.

It is considered that the following additional staff and workmen will be necessary in these departments:- Gas Department One additional main and service layer, one additional complaint man; one additional lamplighter for Huthwaite; one additional slot collector; and that these vacancies should be filled by the Gas Committee. The Committee also recommend that the Gas Committee consider the question of keeping stock and stores accounts.

Water Department; One senior clerk and one junior as rental clerk in Mr. Hall's department. These officials would also serve the Gas Department. It is proposed to transfer the keeping of certain account books, hitherto kept in the Surveyor's, Sanitary Inspector's and housing departments, to this department, these books being in the nature of rentals.

The following additional workmen will be required:- One man in a like capacity to A. Brailsford, plumber, etc., to be in charge of Huthwaite, Skegby, Stanton Hill and Teversal; one water inspector; one labourer. It is recommended that a systematic account be kept of stocks and stores.....

Surveyor's Department

The question of the housing repair work at present undertaken by the Surveyor's department was considered, and it is recommended that the Housing Committee be recommended to relieve the Surveyor's department of this work when taking into consideration the question of a Housing Superintendent.

It is also recommended that the house scavenging be transferred from the Surveyor's to the Sanitary Inspector's department. The Committee recommend the appointment of the following additional staff in the Surveyor's Department; a deputy surveyor at a salary of £350 per annum; a junior clerk. It is also recommended that an additional foreman be appointed for Sutton, and a foreman for Huthwaite, Skegby, Stanton Hill and Teversal; and that the question as to whether they act under the supervision of the Sutton foreman or independently be referred to the Roads and Buildings Committee for consideration.......

Mr. Luke Allsop.

The death of Mr. Luke Allsop, of 122, Main Street, removes a well-known figure with many claims to public regard. He was 70 years of age and was born in Sampson's Yard, where he lived for 34 years, until his marriage. The remaining 36 years were passed in the cottage in Main Street where he died, thus he divided his life of 70 years between two cottages quite close to each other. He was the youngest member, and the last survivor, of a family of 12, of whom ten were sons. They were the well-known "cricketing Allsops" who did much for the game in Huthwaite and district at one period. The late Mr. L. Allsop, however, also favoured football as a pastime, and 50 years ago he played with the Peacock eleven on a pitch in Station Road, and his cleverness on the left wing is not yet forgotten by a few of the "old-timers."

Over 50 Years in Hosiery Trade.

The deceased commenced work as a boy at a local brickyard, but very soon he adopted the occupation of a framework knitter, which was that of his father also. He followed this employment to the end, first with Messrs. Betts, and when the concern was taken over by the Huthwaite Hosiery Co., putting in a total of 56 years in the same undertaking. He also upheld one of the best traditions of his birth-place in growing high quality celery. He was well known among local exhibitors, and had won a number of prizes.

He was a life-long member of the Free Church and 60 years ago, when the Old Chapel in Main Street was in use, he was one of the Sunday School members selected to give recitations at the chapel anniversary. He had also been a member of the "Rising Star" Lodge for over half-a-century, these separate records showing that he left a mark on all sections of communal life. He was always interested in sport, and fond of watching football and cricket matches. His health had failed since November last, when he ceased work. He leaves a widow and one son, and the funeral service was conducted at the Sherwood Street Church on Sunday by Mr. A. Hawley. The hymns were... Mr. N. Evans being the organist.

Mourners and Wreaths.

The mourners were the Widow; Son, George and fiancee, Miss Featherstone (Sutton); Mr. and Mrs. Sheppard, Mr. and Mrs. J. Marshall, Mr. and Mrs. W. Wood, Mrs. N. Marshall (Welbeck), brothers-in-law and sisters-in-law, Mrs. Brain, Mars. Radford, Mr. C. Marshall (Welbeck), Mr. and Mrs. G.A. Gascoigne, Mr. and Mrs. W. Allsop (Sutton), Mr. and Mrs. N. Bradford (Stanton Hill), Mrs. A. Thorpe, Mrs. N. Lloyd, Mrs. Barsby, Mrs. Robinson (B Winning), Messrs. Jack Allsop and Luke Allsop, nephews and nieces; Mr. and Mrs. T. Walters, friends; The Huthwaite Hosiery Company was represented by Councillor C.H. Coupe. J.P. (director), and the "Rising Star" Lodge by Bros. G. Weston and Hardy.

The bearers were names too numerous to list Staff and fellow workers, Huthwaite Hosiery Company; "Rising Star" Lodge; Shoulder of Mutton Dividing Society.


Statistics of compensation payments to workmen in 1933 are given in a Stationery Office publication issue on Friday.
  They show that the number of persons employed in factories was 4,990,021, of whom 3,197,805 were males and 1,792,216 females. There were 592 fatal accidents, involving payment of £159,094 compensation and 147,417 disablement cases with £1,609,198 compensation. The total compensation paid to persons in factories was £1,842,055, compared with £1,861,430 in 1932.
  A total of 6,716,637 persons were employed in industries during the year, of whom 4,899,912 were males and 1,817,625 females.
  There were 2,047 fatal accidents and 341,863 disablement cases. The total compensation paid was £3,404,921.

Successful Effort for Carnival Funds.

On Saturday evening, at the Huthwaite Drill Hall, a fancy dress ball was held in aid of the Hospital Carnival funds for 1935. There was a large attendance despite the unfavourable weather which prevailed, and a very happy gathering spent a delightful evening. Pem Darch and his 'boys' were in attendance and rendered splendid accompaniments to all the dances.

During an interval the judges of the fancy dress parade, Mr. and Mrs. R. P. Dalton, of Sutton, Mr. and Mrs. Openshaw and Mr. and Mrs Blundell, of Nottingham, carried through their duties. The character of "Robin Hood" won the gent's first prize, and Miss Ruby Kirk, of Huthwaite as "Mae West" won the first prize in the ladies class; "Mexican" won the second prize for gent's, and "Snowball" (Miss Simms, of Huthwaite), the second ladies prize. The Crusader gained the third gent's prize and Lavender (Miss M. Stone) the third prize for ladies, whilst Pierrot won the special.

Mrs. Dalton presented the prizes to the winners amid hearty applause. After the judging Councillor J. Davis, C.C. proposed a vote of thanks to the judges for the splendid way in which they discharged their duties. Mrs. E. Oxley seconded, and Mr. B.P. Dalton expressed thanks to those interested in the work of helping the hospitals, and also to those who took part in the fancy dress parade.

A lucky number prize was won by Mr. Arthur Wilkinson. The takings exceeded expectations, and will swell the funds for the Carnival. Mr. S. Stones was a very efficient M.C., and the refreshments were in charge of Mesdames Maltby, S.A. Clarke and Miss Brailsford.
Prizes were also won by Len Dickens, "Robin Hood"; Arthur Dickens, "Crusader"; Joe Hardwick, "Pierrot."


Councillor W. Clarke, of Sutton Road, secretary of the Hospital Carnival Committee, has been appointed to the Mansfield Hospital Board of management.

The annual party of Girl Guides was held on Friday evening in the Lecture Hall. The gathering comprised the 1st Huthwaite and the Sutton St. Modwen's Troops, together with former members, making a considerable total. A substantial tea was served, after which there were games and singing. The officers in charge were Captains Straw and Hargreaves and Lieut. Janes. On Sunday morning the Huthwaite Guides had a parade to the Parish Church to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the death of General Gordon. The sermon was preached by the Rev. W. L. Boulton.

A meeting of the Huthwaite Carnival Committee was held in the Library on Wednesday evening, when there were present Messrs. Allcock, Clark, Rhodes, Wilkinson, Spencer, Stones, Simpkin and Oxley, and Mesdames Maltby, Clark and Oxley. The secretary was instructed to write to several people asking their help for future efforts, and the preliminaries for the 1935 carnival were discuss and approved. The method of choosing the Queen and her attendants was debated, and necessary arrangements made. The details for the forthcoming ball were gone into. A representative from the Sutton Cycling Club was present, and promised, on behalf of the organisation, to provide an event for the benefit of the carnival.

A two-days' effort at New Fall Street Methodist Church, at which the chief attraction was the Male Voice Choir connected with the Church, was a gratifying success. On Sunday the preacher, morning and evening, was the Rev. J. Blayney (Coalville). and he also presided at a musical service in the afternoon. The Mail Voice Choir provided the programme, the soloists being Messrs. Jim Wright and D. Burton. Items were also given at the evening service by the choir and quartette party, the latter consisting of Messrs. Spencer, Marshall, Hardy and C. Colley. Selections during the day inc....

On Monday evening the Rev. J. Blayney gave a public lecture in the Church, entitled "Please Take Notice." There was a very satisfactory audience, over which Councillor J. Iball, J.P. presided. The Quartette Party gave further items, and at the close vote of thanks to the vocalists, the lecturer and the Chairman was moved by Mr. J.T. Colley, and seconded by Mr. J.W. Allsop, who had officiated as organist. The effort was in aid of the Trust fund and there were good attendances at the services and the lecture. The Rev. J. Blayney, who is well over 80, greatly interested the hearers.

Huthwaite Happenings.

At the United Methodist Free Church, Huthwaite, a chorus of 50 children rendered the contata. "The Pic-nic Party."
The various characters were represented in quaint costumes, the principal parts being taken by the following:- Misses Annie Baxter, Gladys Blood, Elsie Smith, Annie Cooper, Nellie Holland, Annie Betts, Maudie Hill and Hilda Hawley. The children were under the tuition of Mr. Charles A. Cooper, Miss R. Meeson being the accompanist. The chair was occupied by Mr. T.H. Searson.

The Huthwaite Horticultural Society held their annual meeting at the Shoulder of Mutton Inn, Huthwaite, and it was reported that there was a credit balance accruing from the last show. Mr. S. Watson was again chosen President of the Society, and nearly all the officers were again appointed to their respective positions, viz; Mr. Alex Dickens, chairman; Mr. B. Smith, vice-chairman; Mr. M. Beardsall, secretary; Mr. J. Thorpe, assistant secretary; and Mr. A. R. Lowe, treasurer. The last named again offered the use of his field free of charge.

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