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a weeks news dated - December 27th 1935


Messrs. Stain and Bingham were the M.C.'s at the Social Service Centre whist drive on Saturday, when the prize-winners were:- Mr. F. Brooks (playing as lady), Mrs. Cutts, Mr. G.W. Gunby, Mr. J. Bentley; consolation prizes; Mrs. Rowland, Mr. J. Thornton, Mr. M. Ellis, Mrs. Brammer.

Mr. Jim Wright, of Main Street, who is home on vacation from Culham College, had maintained his interest in games, and his friends will be glad to hear that he has gained his colours for football in his first term, and is a regular member of the College eleven Mr. Wright also plays Rugby, so is not likely to lack recreation during the winter months.

The annual Christmas whist drive organised by the Parish Church Council on behalf of the Church funds was held in the Common Road School, and was a big success. There was a large number of whist players, the M.C. being Mr. L. Bailey, and the winners were as follows: Mr. Bunker, Mr. H. Rodgers, Mrs. Fitchett and Miss Winnie Bostock. Hidden number, Miss Vardy (New Street). Mrs Gaston presented the prizes which had been given by friends, and the whist drive secretary was Mrs. A. Evans.

On Sunday evening a special carol service was held at the Parish Church. The Rev. W.L. Boulton made the announcements and the organ accompaniments were played with skill by Mr. H. Heighton...

The Rev. W.L. Boulton (Vicar) presented the prizes on Sunday afternoon to the members of his Catechism Class. Prize-winners were:- Dorothy Tomlinson, Connie Crafts, Eva Pask, Edward Dickens, George Wright, Charlie Evans, Neville Ensor, Barry Evans, Jack Havenhand, Mary Wilson, Gertrude Wilson, Joan Turner, Iris Ball, Vera Stopps, Kathleen Morris, Geoffrey Swain, Ronald Tomlinson, Bernard Ensor, Arnold Havenhand, Ernest Blount, Alan Ensor, Raymond Marriott, Alan Weston, Albert Fox and Henry Fitchett (Monitor).

A series of indoor games competitions at the Huthwaite Social Service Centre were concluded on Friday night with the following results:- Draughts; B. Bettison and N. Bromley, a tie. Chess; 1, B. Bettison; 2, T. Thompson. Billiards; section 'A' T. Bradley; section 'B' W. Kirk. Cribbage; 1, C. Bradley; 2, W. Hallam. Table skittles; 1, J. Rodgers; 2, T. Stain. Dominoes; 1, Horatio Marshall; 2, Herbert Marshall. 5's and 3's; 1, C. Bradley; 2, A. Williams. All fours; 1, T. Bradley; 2, H. Smith. All the prizes had been given, and the entries aggregated 292 from 72 players.

On Thursday the annual treat to the members of the Maternity and Child Welfare Centre took place in the Sherwood Street Schoolroom. About 100 mothers and infants were present and they were provided with a tea of salmon, potted meat, cakes and pastries, etc., while Mr. Fred Walker's Orchestra played selections. There were many helpers, and subsequently toys and balloons were distributed among the children, with apples and oranges for those who had teeth to eat them. The gathering was an encouraging sign of the good work carried on at the Huthwaite Centre.

The 1st Huthwaite Company of Girl Guides had their Christmas party in the Library Lecture Hall on Friday night, the proceedings consisting chiefly of a first-rate supper. The Guides brought the viands and sat down to a varied menu of cream buns, fruit, sandwiches, mince pies and other good things. The room was decorated, and there was a small Christmas tree on the supper table. Captain Straw and Lieut Jones were in charge, and the party ended with games and good wishes. Before they dispersed, having some eatables left over, the Guides took them to the Social Service Centre nearby where they were gratefully received, and the donors thanked by the Steward, Mr. Bingham.

Fifty small children, members of the Sherwood Street Church Primary Sunday School Class, had a Christmas party in the schoolroom on Saturday night. A number of them were accompanied by parents, and the little ones had a plentiful tea, and afterwards played games, and gave recitations. They were under the supervision of Misses Baxter and Farmer, who deserve high praise for giving the tiny tots a happy time. Later in the evening Santa Claus appeared with a load of gifts which he distributed to the children. The cost was met by a children's concert the previous Wednesday, at which Mr. Norman Evans was chairman, and Miss Farmer pianist. At Saturday's party Mr. Saxton (Sutton) was a great help.



On Thursday, the Social Service Centre presented a very attractive appearance, having been decorated for a festive gathering. Over 50 members of the Women's Section were entertained to tea by the ladies of the Committee, and the decorative scheme had been carried out by the male members, the garlands, balloons, and novelties being presented by Mr. and Mrs. Tomlinson. The whole of the eatables had been given, and there were ample supplies, the Committee ladies acting as waitresses as well as donors. There were welcome gifts from Mrs. Tomlinson (bread and rolls), Mrs. Bond (cakes), Mrs. Bansall (potted meat), and Mrs. C. H. Turner, others having given salmon, pastries, tea, milk, etc. Mrs. Simpson led the singing of grace, and the meal was enjoyed by all.
  Afterwards the gathering held a social, entertainers being Mrs. Thompson (Sutton), who gave dialect recitations, Mrs. W. Bostock (soloist and pianist), Mesdames Tomlinson, Gascoigne and Evans (recitations), Mesdames Bowmar and Clifton (dialogue) and the Mothers' Union Sketch Party (Mesdames Evans, Swain, Oxley and Weston). Community singing was also popular, and Mrs. Clarke, appropriately recited "The Gift of Giving." Mrs. Purdy, on behalf of the Women's Section thanked the Committee for a splendid time, and Mrs. Tomlinson responding said it had been a great pleasure to them to give the party. She extended to the guests the good wishes of the Committee, and hoped the new year would bring more members because there were plenty of facilities. Mrs. Simpson thanked all who had assisted with the tea and entertained, and hoped everybody had had a good time, and Auld Lang Syne emphasised the great success of the first Christmas party at the Centre.

The Christmas treat of the Common Road school children on Thursday afternoon was a very happy event, and was witnessed with great appreciation by a number of parents. Directed by the Headmistress (Miss J. Kitchen), the children sang a selection of carols. A visit was paid by Santa Claus, who carried a sack containing presents. He was welcomed with a carol and cheers, and distributed gifts to the teachers and parents from his sack, while the children were made happy with books, games, oranges and confectionery which had been stored for the occasion in "Magic Castles." The generous old gentleman was presented with a tin of tobacco by Dorothy Alexander on behalf of the children, and another carol sped him on his way. The school was seasonably decorated, a Christmas tree which was illuminated by electricity being the gift of Mr. A. Walton, of Sutton. The money for the event had been raised by a whist drive and jumble sales, and teachers who assisted were Mrs. Dickens, Mrs. Hart, Misses Goodall and Spibey. Among the visitors were the Vicar and Mrs. Boulton.


At a special meeting of the Nottingham and District Miners' Industrial Union on Saturday, presided over by Mr. B. Smith, it was decided that whatever action is taken by other districts on and after January 26th, with regard to a coal strike, the members of the Industrial Union will continue to work.
  Mr. G.A. Spencer (agent) reported that it would be necessary to hold a further meeting in January, but he had no doubt, having regard to the situation, that more favourable arrangements would be made over a period until other districts had definitely settled the problem.
  Mr. Spencer and Mr. H.W. Cooper (general secretary) presented a report of the recent interview between the Nottingham and District Coal Owners and representatives of the Industrial Union. It was stated that the owners were prepared to give an increase of 1s. per day to all men of 18 years and over, and 6d. per day to all workers under 18 year. Further, that in the event of any district obtaining an increase of wage higher than the 1s. and 6d. the county of Nottingham would be brought up to that level. The increases would be for January. The temporary arrangement was owing to the uncertainty of the action of other districts.
  The council accepted and confirmed the settlement, and expressed appreciation of it.

campaign by Notts. Miners' Association.

At the meeting of Notts. Miners' Association on Saturday, it was decided to implement the decision of the Mineworkers' Federation by conducting an intensive campaign throughout the Notts. coalfield. Meetings were arranged, and it was resolved that at all the miners should be asked to abide loyally by the decision of the Federation.
  The meeting was informed that at the moment there was in Nottinghamshire a swing towards the Federation, and that the requests for membership cards were more numerous now than for some time.

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