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a weeks news dated - December 20th 1935


On Thursday evening a meeting of the Huthwaite Branch of the League of Nations Union was held in the Free Library, Mr. T. Goodall presiding over a very good attendance. The chief feature was a report given by Mr. A.C. Smith (Secretary) on the London Guildhall Conference on "Teaching World Citizenship." This was followed by a very enlightening discussion, in which Mrs. L. Hill, Councillor J. Davies, C.C., and Messrs. T. Reddington, R. Purseglove and E. Lincoln took part. It was decided to distribute leaflets on the Abyssinian situation. A vote of thanks to Mr. Smith for his address was moved by Councillor Davies and endorsed by Mr. Reddington.


On Monday evening the annual Christmas gathering of the members of the Mothers' Union, held in the Common Road Schools, was a very enjoyable event, and a large number were present. Supper was provided, towards which a cake was given by Mrs. Boulton , and at the subsequent entertainment Mrs. Grierson presided, and Mrs. Shaw was the pianist. Carols were sung by Master Jim Knowles and reading given by Mesdames Boulton, Searson and L. Hill. There was also community singing, and a one-act play (produced by Mrs. L. Hill) was given by Mesdames A. Evans, E. Oxley, H. Swain and F. Weston. During the evening the communion set presented to the Church by Mrs. S. Sowter was on view, and was greatly admired.


Messrs. Pratt and Gunby were the M.C.'s at the Social Service Centre whist drive on Saturday, the winners being Mrs. Taylor, Mrs. Brammer, Mr. C. Bradley, Mr. H. Rodgers. Hidden numbers, Miss E. Buckley and Mr. A. Williams.

A large number of half crowns have been distributed amongst the old and needy residents during the week. The money has been found by a £10 gift from the Duke of Portland, £2 from the Parish Church, while the Rev. W.L. Boulton (Vicar) contributes a number of half-crowns to provide for cases which are not met by the sums mentioned.

Teversal Colliery visited Huthwaite Villa on Saturday, but the homesters were unable to raise a team, several players being kept at work. Only seven players could be found, and Teversal had to return with the match unplayed. Only one League match was played in Huthwaite on Saturday, football at present being a somewhat unsatisfactory feature.

The round of school Christmas parties commenced on Tuesday, when the Junior mixed standards at the New Street Council School had their entertainment. The classrooms had been brightly decorated, and a varied and ample tea was served by the teachers. Afterwards the children assembled in the Central Hall, which was also decorated, and there games were played and the mysteries of a bran tub explored.

A splendid variety concert provided a large audience with a happy evening in the Sutton Road Methodist Sunday Schools on Wednesday. The chairman was Mr. T. Goodall, and the following programme was given in excellent style; Sunday School Choir 'Jerusalem'; piano accordion solo, Mr. Garbot; item by Tiny Tots; sol, 'Where are you going to?' Mary England; 'Our Xmas Duck,' Mrs. Matthews; solo, 'Until,' Mr. W. Hibbert; violin solo, Mrs. Wright; part-song, 'Early one Morning,' Ladies Choir; children's sketch, 'Seeing the Pantomime'; children's choir, 'Autumn'; 'A Lesson with a Fan,' Mrs. Matthews; solo, 'Fairings,' Miss Joan Hancock; piano accordion solo, Mr. Garbot; part-song, 'Cradle Song,' Ladies Choir; violin duet, Mrs. and Miss Wright; solo, 'The Carol Singers,' Mr. Hibbert; one act play, Mothers' Union Ladies (Mesdames F. Weston, H. Swain, A. Evans and E. Oxley); song, 'Snowdrops,' Children; song, 'Roses,' Lizzie Stanley and Edna Hinks; recitation, 'Wonderful World,' Victor Broughton; song, 'Baby Moses,' Frank Shelton, Joyce Oakley, Mary Bennett and Barbara Dunn; song, 'Listen to the Wind,' Children; recitation, 'All Things,' Vera Oakley; song, 'The Gift,' Mary England and Frank Shelton; song, 'Holy Night,' Lizzie Stanley and Jack Keeling. Mrs. J.A. Tomlinson was the organiser.

Increase for January

An increase of Notts. miners' wages for January of 1s. a day for men 18 years of age and over, and 6d. a day for youths under 18 years of age, was agreed to at a meeting at Nottingham on Monday between representatives of the Notts. and District Miners' Industrial Union and the coal owners of Nottinghamshire and district.
The following decision was reached:-
  "It was agreed between the parties that, having regard to the uncertainty of the position in other mining areas, and whilst reserving the rights of each of the parties to negotiate such terms as may be deemed necessary or desirable for ensuring that Nottinghamshire shall not occupy a position less favourable as regard either employers or employed to that of other districts, that for the month of January 1936, only, a flat rate increase shall be paid of 1s. per day to all employees of 18 years of age and over, and a flat rate increase of 6d. per day to employees under 18 years of age, whose wages are regulated by the wages agreement.
The agreement of May, 1929-33, which governs wages of such employees is to remain in force in every respect."

Schemes for Disposal of Coal.

The effect of this agreement is that the workmen in Nottinghamshire and district whose wages have been governed by the above agreement, will be assured of an increase in wages of 1s. per day to all over 18 years of age, and 6d. per day to all those under 18 years of age for the month of January.
  "Owing to the fact that we have no knowledge of the intentions of other districts it has been impossible to formulate anything other than an agreement for January," stated the report issued to the Press. "If even in January immediate districts obtain a wage higher than which is proposed in the above agreement, it shall be considered between the two parties to reconsider the position, so that Nottinghamshire and district shall not be in a less favourable position than their neighbours.
  "The owners have agreed to facilitate the formation of schemes for the better disposal of coal at higher prices, and they are hoping that when these mature all the revenues will permit a substantial increase in wages of a permanent character.
 A further meeting will be held early in the New Year to draw up an agreement until the central selling agencies come into being."


On their own ground on Saturday, Huthwaite, C.W.S. gained a meritorious win over Skegby Ladies, even after allowing that the visitors were not quite at full strength. Skegby were the better combination in the first half, and E. Booler opened their account, this being the only goal before the interval.
  In the second half, backed by a capable defence, in which the "halves" shone continually C.W.S. had the better of the exchanges. Cooper made the scores equal, and, maintaining the aggressive, further goals were added for the C.W.S. by Blount and Ward the home team keeping their lines intact. Result: Huthwaite C.W.S. 3; Skegby Ladies 1.
  The C.W.S. team was as follows:- Ford, Beckley, Deakin, Hargreaves, Ward, Skeath, Barrows, Skeath, Willoughby, Cooper, Blount. Referee, Mr. S. Hargreaves.

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