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a weeks news dated - December 6th 1935



A PROPOSAL that an aerial survey should be made of the Sutton district in connection with town planning work to be carried out was one of several interesting matters discussed at the monthly meeting of the Sutton Urban Council on Monday evening.
  Councillor W. Limb (Vice-Chairman) presided in the absence of the Chairman (Councillor C. Brown, M.P.), and others present were Councillors Mr. C. Moore, Rev. L.J. Stamper, E.H. Lowe, W. Baugh, N.D. Todd, J.B. Stuart, J.A. Percival, H.C. Wright, A. Thompson, H. Squires, G. Shaw, A. Walton, G.H. Barker, F.C. Sowter and J. Davies.

Appointment of Boys.

Referring to the minute of the Gas Committee relating to two appointments of boys in the Office Manager's department, Mr. Lowe said he hoped tha in future when they had vacancies to be filled these would be advertised and that Huthwaite, Skegby and Stanton Hill would no be left out. ...

Mrs. Moore moved an amendment to the following recommendation of the Roads and Buildings Committee:- "That the Surveyor be directed to include in next year's estimates provision for surfacing Huthwaite Market Place with 3" tarmacadam on the existing ashes, with the necessary excavation for grading and drainage and kerbing, at an estimated cost of £300."
  She would, observed Mrs. Moore, prefer to see this open space turned into a garden. It was a Market Place only in name, and she understood it was used only twice a year - at Whitsuntide for the Sunday School scholars' parade, and for the Wakes - and she was sure that if it were turned into a garden the residents of Huthwaite would highly appreciate it from the point of view of beauty and pleasantness. She moved an amendment to the minute to this effect.
  Mr. Squires asked if the amendment could not take the form of deferring the matter until they had an alternative estimate of the proposal suggested by Mrs. Moore?

Huthwaite Opinions.

Mr. Thompson said, on a point of order, there was no decision to do anything, and the matter was to be considered when the estimates were gone into. The minute only instructed the Surveyor to include the amount in the estimates, but it did not say they would do the work even then. So far as the amount was concerned, that was hypothetical, and personally he did not think it would cost that sum even if the work were done. In his opinion he thought they might leave the matter as it was until the time came for the estimates, and they might also obtain the opinion of the Huthwaite people on the matter.
  Mr. Davies said he definitely objected to the suggestion that it should be turned into a garden, and this from many points of view. It was the only place where they could meet centrally for public purposes, as at Sutton, and he would be sorry to see it disturbed.
  Mr. Sowter said he was a member of the Sub-Committee who went and looked at the Market Place. They had definite instructions to consider certain things and as a Sub-Committee they and reported on these.
  There was no seconder to the amendment, and the minute was approved as presented.

Huthwaite Welfare Centre.

The General Purposes Committee reported on a meeting with representatives of the Huthwaite Bowling Club prior to the Council meeting, and recommended that the Club have the use of the bowling green at Huthwaite at a rental of £4; that the question of putting the underroom in order be referred to the Sub-Committee, with power to act; and that other facilities, as provided in other years, be renewed, together with the repair of the green.
  The recommendations were adopted.
  Referring to a minute of the Health Committee with regard to the purchase of land in New Street for use as a site for a Maternity and Child Welfare Centre, Mr. Walton said he did not want to delay the building of the Centre, but he thought the Council ought to have the privilege of seeing the site before it was purchased.
  The Chairman: Some of the Councillors have seen the site and think it in a favourable position. He added that the Sub-Committee had seen the land.
  Mr. Wright said it looked to him rather an expensive site. "it may be central," he said, "but I think if we bought any place in Huthwaite it would be central. I should say it is neither the cheapest nor the most desirable site. A place of this nature should be built in a very nice open spot."
  Mr. Davis asked if any alternative sites had been presented?
  Mrs. Moore: No, we were guide by the Medical Officer of Health, who considered the site suitable for the Centre.
  Mr. Sowter said the Health Sub-Committee had to find a suitable site for the Centre. Some time ago it was suggested that the old Council Offices should be altered, but his suggestion fell through because the building was not suitable. Other sites were inspected, but none was really central, and the price was not so reasonable. As soon as the Medical Officer saw the site in question he said this was suitable, and the whole of the Sub-Committee were in favour of purchasing the land.

"A Grand Site."

There was a big open space at the rear, and it was in one of the best streets in Huthwaite, close to the Wesleyan Chapel and a really good Centre could be built there. He thought they had got a grand site in a grand spot, and that they ought to continue the work they were doing.
  Mr. Thompson: I do hope the Council will let this minute go through. From some points of view we might get a more suitable site, but the place is very central, quite near to an open space, within easy access of the main road, and in addition there are three old houses on the site, which are included in the sale and which will help the Health Committee to get the houses down. Thus a double purpose will be served in getting rid of the houses and building a Maternity and Child Welfare Centre which will be a credit to the town.

Christmas Shopping.

  The Clerk presented a letter intimating that the Secretary of State has made an Order, under the powers conferred on him by Section 7 (1) of the Shops (Hours of Closing) Act, 1928, suspending the operation throughout England and Wales of the provision of that Act relating to general closing hours from Wednesday, December 18th to Tuesday, December 24th, both days inclusive. ...
  The Clerk said that meant that shops could keep open as long as they liked for the week proceeding Christmas, but the assistants would have Wednesdays half-day closing.


Villa F.C. held a dance in the Drill Hall on Saturday, but the attendance was far below expectations, probably due to the wretched weather. Mr. W. Severn was the M.C. The Villa should have visited Heath on Saturday, but many of the players were kept at work and the match had to be cancelled.

A whist drive organised by the Parish Church Council, in aid of the Church funds was held on Wednesday, the M.C. being Mr. B. Hill. The winners were Mr. H. Rodgers, Mrs. G. Bostock (playing as gentleman), Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Brammer. The prizes were presented by Miss Marion Ensor, and the refreshments department was in charge of Mesdames Grierson, Fox and Godber.


At the New Fall Street Methodist Church on Saturday, the wedding took place between Miss Claric Maltby, of Sutton Road, Huthwaite, and Mr. Francis White, youngest son of Mrs. White, of Newcastle Street, Huthwaite, and the late Mr. E. White. Given away by her father, the bride wore ... She was attended by Miss Lily Housley (cousin of the bride), Miss Violet White (sister of the bridegroom), a small maid, Doreen White (niece of the groom), and a page boy, Kenneth Dobb (nephew of the groom)... The best man was Mr. T. Naylor (friend of the bridegroom). The men wore cream roses for button-holes, and the bridesmaids carried bouquets of white chrysanthemums. The bride's bouquet was subsequently placed on the grave of the bridegroom's father.
  Many presents were received including a carpet from the bride's work friends at the C.W.S. factory, Huthwaite, and a chromium-plated fernpot from the bridegroom's fellow employees at Mansfield.


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