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a weeks news dated - April 26th 1935


On behalf of the Social Service Centre, a whist drive was held on Monday evening. Mr. T. Bradley being the M.C. Prizes were presented by Mrs. Dobb to the following:- Mrs. Draper ; Mrs Cooke (Sutton) ; Mr. R. Wilson ; Mrs. J. Bentley.

The annual meeting of Messrs Betts and Broughtons Cricket Club revealed an encouraging condition of things, both as regards playing talent and financial stability. Mr. A. Heathcote presided, and it was decided to play 'friendlies' in the coming season, and also to enter the Sutton and District Hosiery Workers Knockout competition. There was a balance in hand of £8 17s. which had been raised by employees interested in the club paying weekly subscriptions of twopence. The following appointments were made ; President, Mr. M. Betts; chairman, Mr. A. Heathcote; secretaries, Messrs. J. Clay and F. Heathcote; Captain, Mr. J. Blount; Vice-Captain, Mr. P. Thompson; Umpire, Mr. R. Newman. Playing strength at present is:- S. Hartley, F. Heathcote, B. Hopkinson, M. Hopkinson, R. Ensor, J. Wood, S. Allsop, H. Thorpe. F. Bray. A. Marriott, A. Williams, S. Parry, V. Buxton, J. Clarke and A. Newman. A former member of Mansfield Colliery C.C. P. Woodcock, has promised to assist and also to coach the young players.

There was an unusually large attendance at a meeting of the Social Service Council on Thursday night, presided over by Mr. C.H. Coupe, J.P. Mr Frank Wilson had express a wish to provide a daily newspaper for the Centre, the journal to be selected by the unemployed themselves. The opportunity was accepted, and the donor thanked. Mr. Bradley reported a donation of £2 7s 6d. from the British Legion Headquarters towards the seed fund, and 10s. from the Stanton Hill Co-operative Society. Four auditors were chosen:- Messrs. Jackson, Evans, Smith and Dobb, to go through the accounts, and it was expected that from an income of £196 16s. 7d. there would be about £38 in hand. Sub-committees were formed for finance, house, building, and allotments. The four lady members of the Council, Mesdames Betts, J. Ensor, Dobb and Kay, were invited to spend an afternoon at the Sutton Centre with the lady members, and the invitation was gratefully accepted. Prizes for whist drives to be held by the Council on behalf of the funds were promised by Messrs. Jackson, Broughton, Coupe, Evans, Tomlinson and Mrs. Kay.


On Saturday the Huthwaite Villa F.C. held a very successful dance in the Drill Hall, over 200 being present. The M.C.'s were Mr. H. Severns and Miss Etherington, and Les Fitchett's Band supplied the music. Secretarial arrangements were carried out by Mr. W.C. Chapman.

At the New Fall Street Church on Sunday, Mr. Steggles (Kirkby) was the preacher. The late Mr. W. Allsop's Easter anthem "Now is Christ Risen" was rendered by the choir. Mr. J.W. Allsop was the organist and Mr. J.T. Colley the conductor.

The preacher at the Sherwood Street Church on Sunday was Mr. R. Butler, of Newton, who is well known in this district. The choir rendered anthems, the organist being Mr. N. Evans.

A whist drive, organised by the Huthwaite Women's Unionist Association, was held in the Common Road Schools on Wednesday evening. The M.C. was Mr. A. Evans, ....

An appropriate service was held at the Sherwood Street Church on Good Friday, when Mr. J. Mansfield gave a brief address. Mrs Bowmar and Miss Joyce Bingham sang. Two violin sols were played by Mr. T. Burton. The organist was Mr. N. Evans.

An Easter rally was held at the Gospel Mission Church extending from Friday to Monday. The speakers were Messrs. W.B. Rowe (Wombwell) The chairman was Mr. S. Richards (Wombwell) and teas were provided on Friday and Monday. Mr. Rowe was formerly a world's champion walker, and is now a public speaker of great interest.


There were many indications of sympathy and respect at the funeral on Wednesday of Mrs. Mary Ann Broughton, who for the past three years had resided at "Abington House," Huthwaite Road, Huthwaite. Previously she had lived in Columbia Street, Huthwaite, for 35 years. The late Mrs. Broughton was 64 years of age and had spent all her life in Huthwaite. The family have always been prominent members of the Sutton Road Church, and the late Mr. E. Broughton, who predeceased Mrs. Broughton by about eleven years, was a local preacher. He was one of the founders of the firm of Betts and Broughton Ltd.

The late Mrs. Broughton was a daughter of the late Mr. Richard Ward Smith, and throughout her life was held in high regard by all classes. She was of a quiet and unassuming disposition, and by her death a sense of personal loss has been experienced by members of the Sutton Road Church and a wider circle of friends. She had been ailing for about six months, and for the last three weeks was confined to the house. Five sons and three daughters are left.

The Service.

The funeral service in the Sutton Road Church was conducted by Mr. A.K. Kesketh, J.P. (Tibshelf), an old friend of the family. Another friend of many years standing, Mr. J.W. Reynolds would have taken part but for a prior engagement. The church was filled with friends, who afterwards proceeded to the graveside to pay a last token of respect. The remains were laid in the family grave.

The Mourners

The mourners were:- Mr. and Mrs. G. Downing (Ipswich). Mr. and Mrs. J. Broughton, Mr. and Mrs. K. Broughton, Mr. and Mrs. M Broughton, Mr. and Mrs. G. Cherry (Mansfield), Harry and fiancee Lizzie, Edwin and Kathleen, sons and daughters ; Mr. and Mrs. B. Goodwin, sister; Mr. B. Smith, J.P. and Mr. E. Smith, brothers. Mr. and Mrs. R. Furness (London), sister-in-law; Mr. and Mrs. J. Oakley, Mrs. A. Hill, Mrs. G. Davis, Mrs. E. Wilson, Mr. C. Hancock, Mr. and Mrs. G. Herrod, nephews and nieces plus many friends


Thursday - Before Mr. G.G. Bonser 2st the chair, Mr. C.H. Coupe and Mr. W. Pickard.

Echo of Huthwaite School Dispute

The recent school dispute at Huthwaite was mentioned in summonses against four Huthwaite parents, who, it was stated in evidence, had failed to send their children to school regularly since the dispute was officially settled.

Defendants, who were fined 5d. each, were:- Thomas Harrison, of 32, Sherwood Street; Elizabeth Brooks, of 3, Strawberry Bank; Robert Brooks of Blackwell Road; and Jonathan Peace, of 31, Swan Yard.


On Wednesday the annual treat for the Huthwaite residents of 64 years and over was held in the Drill Hall, when 178 guests were provided with a splendid tea, being assiduously waited on by a numerous and energetic band of helpers. In addition, 50 substantial meals were sent out. Interested visitors included the Rev. W.L. Boulton and Mrs. Boulton, Dr. and Mrs. Gaston, Dr. Vance, Mr. C.H. Coupe J.P. and Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Simpson.
After tea the old people were supplied with tobacco, pipes and liquid refreshments, and packets of tea for the ladies. Mr. J.G. Wright presided and the first part of the entertainment was by Mr. C.A. Bonsall (recitations). Mr. H.A. Simpson (extracts from 'Hamlet') and Mr. Joe Limb (humorous songs).

Jubilee Money.

Dr. Gaston, on behalf of the Huthwaite Dance Club, presented each of the old people with a Jubilee sixpence. The funds of the club had allowed of £5 being given to the Mansfield Hospital, £5 to the Huthwaite Social Service Centre, and the gifts to the old folks.
Mr. Arthur Farnsworth's gifts of 10s. to the two oldest guests were forthcoming, and went to Mr. S. Searson (85) and Mrs. Castledine (89). The oldest resident Mrs. Thorpe, was unable to be present. During the evening addresses were given by Messrs. Wright, Bonsall, F. Wilson and A. Tomlinson (secretary), the affairs of the committee being shown to be in a flourishing condition.

Subscribers and Helpers.

Mr. Bonsall thanked the organisers of the Charity Cup football matches, also all the players and the referees, and Mr. Tomlinson thanked the following subscribers:- Mansfield Brewery Co., Daybrook Brewery Co., Shipstone's Brewery, Player and Sons, Wills and Co., Stanton Hill Co-op., Globe Tea Co., Abbott and Co. and Mr. J. Tacey...
The Committee consisted of Messrs. J.G. Wright (chairman), A. Tomlinson (secretary), H. Holland (treasurer), Dr. Vance, Dr. Gaston, Messrs. Straw, Lawrence, Beastall, Wilson, Simpson, J.H. Wright, Limb, Foulkes, Coupe, Betts, Bonsall, Cook, Hassall, Thurman and Tacey. An excellent costume concert was given by the Nottingham Broadcasting Concert Party.


The Rev. W.L. Boulton officiated at a very pretty wedding in Huthwaite Parish Church on Saturday, the contracting parties being Mr. Frank Batchelor, Blackwell, and Miss Doris Ashton, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C.W. Ashton, 126, Common Road, Huthwaite. The bride belongs to a well known Huthwaite family and for the past nine years had been in the employ of Messrs. Betts and Broughton.
The bride was given away by her father, ...
  The two bridal attendants were Miss Irene Ashton (sister of the bride) and Miss Iris Kenyon (a friend)...
  About 50 guests were entertained by the bride's parents at their home. The newly-married couple were the recipients of a large number of wedding presents, one coming from the operatives at Betts and Broughton's. Mr. and Mrs. Batchelor will reside in Common Road.


At the Rosemary Methodist Church, Mansfield, on Wednesday, Mr. Harry Brailsford Evans, son of Mrs. A.C. Evans and the late Mr. Evans, of Market Street, Huthwaite, was married to Miss Doris Mary Ball, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C.H. Ball, or Eyre House, Mansfield....
  Given away by her father, the bride was attired ..... Mr. G. Morris was best man... A reception was held by the bride's parents at Eyre House, and later in the day the happy couple left for their honeymoon at London and Eastbourne.


The unexpected death of Mrs. M. Davis, of 161, Sutton Road, Huthwaite, was deplored by many friends in Huthwaite and Sutton. Deceased, who was 46 years of age, was a member of a well-known Sutton family, a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. G. Revill. Formerly she was employed at the C.W.S. factory, but the whole of her 24 years of married life had been spent in Huthwaite, first in New Street and latterly on Sutton Road. Early last week she was taken seriously ill, and conveyed to Nottingham Hospital for an operation, but she passed away in a very brief period. A husband and one grown up son are left...
  The last rites were conducted by Mr. A. Hawley, who officiated at a service in the Sherwood Street Church prior to the internment in Huthwaite Cemetery....

The Mourners.

The mourners were:- Husband, Austin, (son); Miss Lievers, Stanton Hill (son's fiancee); Mr. and Mrs. G. Revill (Sutton). father and mother; Mr. and Mrs. J. Toon (Teversal), Mrs. J. Taylor (Manchester), Mr. and Mrs. H. Wood, Mr. and Mrs. J. Gelsthorpe (Edwinstowe), Mr. and Mrs. H. Smith (Sutton), Mr. and Mrs. H. Barlow (Sutton), Mr. and Mrs. W. Chapman (Sutton), brothers-in-law and sisters; Mr. and Mrs. G. Revill (Mansfield), Mr. and Mrs. W. Revill (Sutton), brothers and sisters-in-law; Mrs. R. Davis, mother-in-law; Miss E. Davis, Mr. and Mrs. E. Hilton (London), Mr. and Mrs. J. Charlton, brothers-in-law and sisters-in-law; Mr. and Mrs. C. Hodges (Derby). uncle and aunt; Mr. and Mrs. W. Revill (nephew); Mrs. M. Davis (Ilkeston), cousin...


Huthwaite United altogether overplayed Woodhouse Portland on Huthwaite Park on Monday, when the home team won by eleven goals to nil...Team:-
Huthwaite United. Barker; Marshall and Harris; Holmes, Jones and Cox; Marsh, Lowbridge, Martin, Broadhead and Riley.


At home to Swanwick Welfare on Monday, Huthwaite Villa avenged a 5-3 defeat at Swanwick on Good Friday by coming out on top by six goals to two.



Vast superiority was shown by Huthwaite C.W.S. when they met Huthwaite Park Rangers in the above Competition on the Huthwaite West End ground on Friday before a good attendance, the factory team winning by 12 goals to two... The match proved that friendly football is much different to league football... Teams:-
Huthwaite Park Rangers.- Ward; Bacon and Bostock; A. Bailey, Bailey and Dykes; Miller, Tuckwood, Smalley, Wright and Arrowsmith.
Huthwaite C.W.S.- Bullock; Dallison and Saxton; Cooper, Dyment and Jones; Betts, Pegg, Herrod, Briggs and Boot.


During the C.W.S. v. Villa match on Tuesday, Grafe, the home team's right back, sustained a bad fracture of the collar-bone in the first half. It is a severe disability and all will wish him a quick recovery.

An enjoyable day was spent on Monday by the members of the Sherwood Street Methodist Church Christian Endeavour Society, who organised a hike in Derbyshire. The leaders, Mr. S. Gregory and Mr. E. Lincoln, maintained the interest of the party throughout the day, ....

Dorothy Pattinson has gained the Senior Certificate at the recent London College of Music Examination and Dorothy Alexander Junior (Honours) Guildhall School of Music Examinations, both for Pianoforte Playing. Pupils of Miss Simpkin, A.L.C.M., 8 Lime Avenue... Advt.

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