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a weeks news dated - April 12th 1935


On behalf of the Social Service Centre, a whist drive was held on Monday evening. Mr. T. Bradley being the M.C. Prizes were presented by Mrs. Dobb to the following:- Mrs. Draper ; Mrs Cooke (Sutton) ; Mr. R. Wilson ; Mrs. J. Bentley.

The annual meeting of Messrs Betts and Broughton Cricket Club revealed an encouraging condition of things, both as regards playing talent and financial stability. Mr. A. Heathcote presided, and it was decided to play 'friendlies' in the coming season, and also to enter the Sutton and District Hosiery Workers Knockout competition. There was a balance in hand of £8 17s. which had been raised by employees interested in the club paying weekly subscriptions of twopence. The following appointments were made ; President, Mr. M. Betts; chairman, Mr. A. Heathcote; secretaries, Messrs. J. Clay and F. Heathcote; Captain, Mr. J. Blount; Vice-Captain, Mr. P. Thompson; Umpire, Mr. R. Newman. Playing strength at present is:- S. Hartley, F. Heathcote, B. Hopkinson, M. Hopkinson, R. Ensor, J. Wood, S. Allsop, H. Thorpe. F. Bray. A. Marriott, A. Williams, S. Parry, V. Buxton, J. Clarke and A. Newman. A former member of Mansfield Colliery C.C. P. Woodcock, has promised to assist and also to coach the young players.

There was an unusually large attendance at a meeting of the Social Service Council on Thursday night, presided over by Mr. C.H. Coupe, J.P. Mr Frank Wilson had express a wish to provide a daily newspaper for the Centre, the journal to be selected by the unemployed themselves. The opportunity was accepted, and the donor thanked. Mr. Bradley reported a donation of £2 7s 6d. from the British Legion Headquarters towards the seed fund, and 10s. from the Stanton Hill Co-operative Society. Four auditors were chosen:- Messrs. Jackson, Evans, Smith and Dobb, to go through the accounts, and it was expected that from an income of £196 16s. 7d. there would be about £38 in hand. Sub-committees were formed for finance, house, building, and allotments. The four lady members of the Council, Mesdames Betts, J. Ensor, Dobb and Kay, were invited to spend an afternoon at the Sutton Centre with the lady members, and the invitation was gratefully accepted. Prizes for whist drives to be held by the Council on behalf of the funds were promised by Messrs. Jackson, Broughton, Coupe, Evans, Tomlinson and Mrs. Kay.


On Monday Mr. E. Walters, well known in local football circles as the secretary of Huthwaite Villa F.C., was taken ill, medical aid having to be immediately requisitioned. Mr. Walters condition was regarded as serious as it followed on a lengthy illness, although he had resumed work.

On Saturday the Villa football committee held a dance in the Drill Hall on behalf of the club funds. Mr. E. Walters being the organiser. Nearly 200 people attended, music being supplied by Les Fitchett's Orchestra. The M.C.'s were Mr. H. Thrall and Miss Etherington and a cabaret performance was given by Miss Barbara Maxwell.

One beneficial result of the changing of urban boundaries is the extended scope of the Free Library. A large selection of volumes on many subjects have been brought from Sutton and are being sought by those with a good taste in literature, and they form a numberous section of the public. A new system of booking has been put into operation, with additional privileges to the borrowers, and altogether the library clients greatly appreciate the attentions of Mr. Smith and his courteous assistant.

Former residents of Huthwaite, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Blow, celebrate their golden wedding on Sunday next. They were born in Lincolnshire, and were married in that county, coming to Huthwaite about 40 years ago. For a long time Mr. Blow was the village blacksmith, with a workshop just in Main Street. Afterwards they lived at Ruddington and have been for the last few years in Derby. They have two sons in Huthwaite, and the whole family will attend the festivities next week. Mr. Blow is 74 and his wife 70.

On Thursday afternoon the lady members of the Huthwaite Social Service Council, Mesdames Betts, Kay, Dobb and J. Ensor, attended the Sutton Social Centre by invitation, the occasion being a women members afternoon. The visitors were cordially greeted, and a friendly cup of tea was provided. They were conducted round the centre in company with Miss Baxter, Mesdames Heldly Wright, Proctor, Flude, Thompson and White, and gained a useful insight of the working of the Centre, whilst Miss Baxter proffered any assistance that she could give to the Huthwaite Centre. The Huthwaite party were greatly interested throughout and expressed their thanks for the welcome they had received.

On Sunday evening at the Parish Church, Stainer's "Crucifixion" was given by the choir in excellent style, both choir and soloists acquitting themselves with credit. The organist was Mr. E. Lowe and the soloists were Messrs. J. Wright, A. Hill and J. Turner. It was Mr. Lowe's last day as organist, as he is leaving on account of the distance from his home to Huthwaite. In the vestry, before the service, the Rev. W.L. Boulton handed to him, on behalf of the choir, a set of volumes on the English cathedrals. The Vicar referred to the improvement in the singing under Mr. Lowe's tuition and Mr. Lowe said he was sorry to leave, and if the distance had been only half as far he would not have given up the post. He thanked the Vicar and the choir for their happy co-operation with him in the music, and said that the past six years had been the happiest in his musical career. He was very grateful for the books, which would be useful to him. Mr. Jim Wright thanked Mr. Lowe for all that he had done for the choir, and the personal interest he had taken in them all.

On behalf of Church Funds, a concert was given in the Sherwood Street Schools on Wednesday evening by well known local artistes. Madame Alice Jones and Mr. Arthur Dove, both of Sutton, sang in delightful fashion and Mr. Fred Walker's string orchestra was a great attraction. The chairman was Miss Baxter, B.A., headmistress of Sutton Secondary School for girls......


The funeral of a familiar Huthwaite figure, Mr. Guy Pickering, took place on Thursday. Deceased was 86 years of age, and if not the oldest male resident, was very close to that distinction. He had a remarkable career, and achieved the distinction of working until he was 84, and he retained robust health and unimpaired faculties up to the end. He had lived 34 years on Cross Lane, was a first-rate workman, and a rare example of an active octogenarian.

Became Enginewright.

The late Mr. Pickering was born at Newhall, a mining village in South Derbyshire, and received a good education at Burton-on-Trent Grammar School. He was afterwards articled to an eminent firm of engineers, and became enginewright at Bretby Colliery belonging to the Earl of Carnarvon. He held this position for 25 years, and then went into business as a builder and carpenter. He met with a serious accident, and found employment as a master carpenter at New Hucknall Colliery 34 years ago, and retired about two years ago. The late Mr. Pickering was a skilled musician in his earlier years, and played both string and brass instruments. Several of his sons and daughters have shown talent on the piano, 'cello and violin'. He took an interest in healthy sports, and was a highly respected guest at the Old People's Treat. He had been an Oddfellow for 70 years and was one of the oldest members of that Order. He leaves five sons and three daughters, all married, his wife having died about 14 years ago. One of his sons is in Australia.   The Rev. W.L. Boulton conducted the funeral, and Mrs. Coupe was the organist at the Parish Church Service.

The Mourners.

The mourners were:- Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Pickering (Erith), Mr. and Mrs. W. Pickering (Mansfield), Mr. and Mrs. T. Turner (Huthwaite), Mrs. J. Pickard (Leeds), Mr. and Mrs. Roy Pickering (Huthwaite), Mr. and Mrs. Roy Pickering (Sutton), Mr. And Mrs. W. Tomlinson (Alfreton), sons, sons-in-law, daughters and daughters-in-law : Mr. and Mrs W. Kinsey, personal friends; and Mr. A. Dickens (representing the New Hucknall surface workers).
The bearers were fellow-workmen, namely Messrs. A. Blood, A. Davis, J. Herrett and W. Wall....


At the Sutton Road Methodist Church, Huthwaite, on Saturday, the marriage was solemnised between Miss Louie Richardson, youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W.T. Richardson, Cross Lane, Huthwaite, and Mr. Fred Kirk, second son of Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Kirk, of 25, Chapel Street, Kirkby-in-Ashfield.
  The ceremony which was fully choral, was performed by the Rev. H.R. Hackforth, and the bride, who was given away by her brother-in-law (Mr. J. Hinks) was beautifully attired..
  She was attended by four bridesmaids, Miss Jesse Kirk (sister of the bridegroom) and Miss Laura Wilkinson (cousin of the bride) wore..., while the two smaller attendants, Freda Holmes and Edna Hinks (nieces of the bride) wore .... Mr. Charles W. Shelton (cousin of the bridegroom) was best man.
  The Skegby Girl Guides formed a guard of honour, the bride being a lieutenant of the Company. The happy couple were recipients of many useful and handsome presents. A reception was held at the bride's home, and afterwards Mr. and Mrs. Kirk left for their future home at Bembridge Road, Leicester,


The 20th annual meeting of the Huthwaite District Nursing Association was held in the Lecture Hall on Wednesday evening. About 60 sat down to tea after which Councillor Lowe presided.
  Mrs. L. Hill (secretary), presenting the reports, said she was sorry to say there had been a definite falling-off in subscriptions. The year's expenses amounted to £181 6s. 8d., and there was still a credit balance of £100 18s. 2d. The house to house collection realised £29 12s. 4.5d. and the dance received three guineas. Subscriptions had been received from the following:- C.W.S. Employees, New Hucknall Employees, New Hucknall Colliery Co., Teversal Workmen, Silver Hill Workmen, A. Farnsworth and Co., Miner's Welfare Fund, Stanton Hill Co-operative Society, Portland Estates, Blackwell Colliery, Simpson, Wright and Lowe.
... Mrs. Wilson Hill explained that when Nurse Dickens was away she had had to superintend, and she thanked all who did their best at that time. They could all rest assured that they were prepared for emergency in the near future.
Officers elected were:- Chairman, Councillor Lowe; Secretary, Mrs. Hill; Treasurer, Mr. C.H. Coupe, J.P.; Committee, Messrs. Betts, Simpson, Iball, Mesdames, Adwick, Ramsell, Coupe, Marshall, Robotham, Simpson, Flint, Bradley, Kay, Smith, Robins, Evans, Mitchell, Richards, Gaston, Fitchett, and Miss Searson.


A young ladies effort was held on Saturday at the Sutton Road Methodist Church, when the proceeds were for the organ renovation fund. A fete was held in the Sunday Schools, which were transformed into "Winder Gardens," the rooms being decorated with evergreens...


A largely attended and representative meeting was held in the Free Library on Thursday evening for the purpose of deciding upon a programme of Jubilee rejoicing.

Councillor Davies presided, and stated that public funds would provide approximately £100 for Huthwaite festivities. There would be a tea for the school children as well, and old age pensioners who were not in receipt of public assistance would be allowed half-a-crown, and the unemployed 2s...

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