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1933 News coverage concerning Huthwaite

Indexed by dated weekly editions, an entire years coverage of archived Huthwaite news transcribed from The Nottinghamshire Free Press 1933 publications. Helping detail Huthwaite developments and past social life, with announcements of resident marriages and deaths informatively revealing named relations, which will hopefully assist readers through their own genealogy research.

Searching through Sutton Library archives for subjective headed columns may have missed a few items, and transcribing may edit out lengthier or less relevant matters. Nevertheless, all coverage given does contain full relevant details, retaining original older style punctuation and possible spelling variations.

Notts Free Press 1933

Year 1933 brings heavy February snowfall while still gripped by global depression. Calls from a Geneva movement to reduce international working hours down to 40 did not find much favour yet.   A newly built unemployment exchange opens at Sutton-in-Ashfield.   Deaths do include, suicides, pit accidents and a Sutton murder.   Residents in a newly opened Chesterfield Road council house estate get connected to mains gas.   Proposals for widely installing flushing toilets initially meets some surprising opposition. Sutton Harriers have had the runs for 25 years, sadly losing one Huthwaite name, but their cycling team completes a years er... cycle. Tournament successes come in all variety of sports.   The football leagues are competitively joined by no less five Huthwaite football clubs.   Huthwaite Boy Scouts are founded, and the place founded far more friends when hearing two lucky miners had won on the Irish sweepstake.

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