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a weeks news dated - September 2nd 1932

Carnival at Huthwaite.

  On Saturday for the first time a carnival and rose day on behalf of the Mansfield and District Hospital was held at Huthwaite, and was a complete success in every way, nearly £50 being realised. Much of the credit is due to the energy and enthusiasm of Councillor Clarke, who has worked untiringly, and the efforts of the Committee, the generosity of tradespeople and public, and the influence of a fine day all conspired to make the venture a memorable one.

Fancy Dress Procession.

  The proceedings commenced with a fancy costume procession through the town, led by Stanton Hill Prize Band (under Bandmaster Parkes). It was a wonderful display, and the spectators gave liberally to the collecting boxes. The record collection was made by Mrs. J. Maltby, who returned £2 16s. 6½d. A field for entertainments was lent by Councillor Lowe, where the costumes were judged by Mr. and Mrs. Oaksford. Those present included Mr. J. Keetley (Chairman of the Hospital Committee) and Miss Gammie (Matron). There were many attractions and a large crowd watched the judging, and, following the formalities, bouquets were presented to Mrs. Oaksford and Miss Gammie by Miss Kathleen Hardy.
Mr. Davies expressed his pleasure at the hearty response to the appeal on behalf of the hospital, both by the assistance given and by the attendance on the field. It all showed a splendid spirit.
  Miss Gammie spoke on the needs of the hospital, and said she was delighted to see such a splendid assembly willing to take part in the effort. It was a pleasure to present the prizes, and she hoped it would not be the last time she would carry out that duty.
  Mr. Keetley remarked how very pleased he was at the outcome of the effort. He had often wondered why it had not been done in Huthwaite before, and hoped that the effort would create an interest in the needs of the hospital. He spoke of the great improvements that had been made at the hospital, which all required money to carry them on.
  Very attractive costumes were worn by the following:-

Children's Class.

Joyce Blow; Mary Hardwick; Tom Hardwick; Joe Hardwick; Walter Taylor; W. Naylor; Mavis Naylor; Iris Wycherly; Joan Bexon; Nancy Mellins; Ernest Geall; Sheila Folkes; Joan Simmonds; Ida Walker; Enid Fidler; Dorothy Bettison; Ernest Blount; Peggy Morris; Marjorie Morris; Jack Havenhand; Mary Wright; Annie Streets.


Mr. S. Stones; Mrs. Maltby; Mrs. Rodgers; Miss L. Cooke (Sutton), Mrs. Bone; Mr. G. Potts (Teversal), Mr. T. Wright; Mr. E. Clamp; Mr. A. Evans; Mr. P. Straw; Mr. T. Radford; Mr. W. Mekay; Mr. R. Wilcox; Mr. F.R. Johnson; Mr. E.H. Johnson; Mr. T. Roberts; Mrs. E. Oxley; Miss Marjorie Waterall; Misses Kitty Smith and Mary Walters.
Miss Ruby Kirk; Miss Laura Wilkinson; Miss Sadie Dalton; Miss Iris Wall; Miss G. Brailsford; Miss Weston; Miss F. Weston; Mrs. Marson; Miss G. Flint; Miss J. Gelsthorpe; Mr. F. Smith; Mr. J. Butler; Mr. J. Drury; Mrs. Drury. The captain of the Girls' Football Team was Miss Elizabeth Naylor, and the referee Miss E. Harrison.


Young Ladies.- 1, Eunice Hargreaves A Cave Man's Bride; 2, Grace Flint, Bathing Belle; 3, Laura Wilkinson, Yo-Yo Crank.
Gentlemen.- 1, Mr. D. Speed, Zulu; 2, Mr. A. Evans, Naval Officer; 3, Mr. J. Truswell, Old Woman in a Shoe.
Tableaux.- 1, Huthwaite League of Nations (Mr. C.A. Smith); 2, Huthwaite Children's Welfare (Mrs. S. Stones).
Children.- 1, Dorothy Alexander, Only a Rose;
Decorated Cycles.- 1, Mr. Geall; 2, Avis Hawley; 3, Howard Lineker.
Special Character Prize.- Mrs. J. Bone, Prehistoric Woman.
Special Prize from the Matron of the Hospital.- Miss M. Gunby. Nurse Cavell.
Mr. and mrs. Oaksford were the judges, and the Matron presented the prizes. The Organising Committee were:- Councillor J. Davies, J.P. (chairman), W. Clarke (secretary), T. Goodall, Messrs. S. Stones, A. Evans, J. Truswell and C.A. Smith (auditor), Mesdames Ramsell, Evans, Bradley, Allsop, Miss Adkin and Nurse Dickens. Valuable assistance was also rendered by Mr. Spaanderman.

Competitions and Entertainments.

  The Jazz Band contest (own choice) obtained five entries and three turned up. They were Huthwaite Blackwell Road and New Street Schoolboys' Band, conducted by Madame Hill; Blidworth Prize Jass Band (Bandmaster Hill); and Stanton Hill Lido Band (Bandmaster Blythe). These were placed in the order given, and the cup remained in Huthwaite.
  The bread baking competition was won by Mrs. Gunby (ten stone bag of flour) and Mrs. F. Deakin (five stone bag of flour). The prizes were given by Messrs. Smith, of Langley Mill, and the judge was Mr. Allsop (Sutton). Lorries for the tableaux were lent by the New Hucknall Colliery Company and Messrs. Barnes and Son (Huthwaite).
  Entertainments were provided by the Blackwell Road School Troupe of County Dancers, the members of the Huthwaite Physical Culture Club, Mr. E. Burnham's Helio Troupe of Variety Artistes, and Miss Evelyn Roberts (contortionist). All these gave their services free of charge, as well as the Stanton Hill Band. The country dancers were in charge of Mr. C. Bonsall and Miss Marjorie Ensor.
  Members of the New Hucknall Ambulance Division on duty were Sergeant Blow, Corporal Straw and Privates Alcock, Berry and Bagguley. Sutton Division provided three nursing sisters, Sisters Harrison, Rodgers and Naylor, and several members of the Teversal Boy Scouts, under S.M. Hayes, rendered useful help in various ways.
  At a meeting on Monday evening it was announced that £47 2s. had been realised, and it was hoped to bring the sum up to £50.


By a good win over Bentinck on the latter's ground on Saturday, New Hucknall Welfare Bowls Club are sure to the championship of Section 'B' of the Notts. and Derbyshire Collieries' Alliance.

At the New Hucknall Ambulance Class on Sunday morning, the members showed their appreciation of the services of their honorary surgeon instructor, Dr. Gaston. On behalf of the members of the Division, Corps Officer Murfin asked the doctor's acceptance of an oak barometer in recognition of his work as a lecturer. The recipient briefly acknowledged the gift, there being no other formalities.

A Huthwaite brother and sister are among those who have gained the school certificate as a result of the July examinations of the Northern Universities. These are Mr. Jim Wright and Miss Gladys Wright, of Main Street. Other successes are Mr. Rowland Hill (matriculation), Mill Lane, and Miss Mary Ensor (school certificate), Lime Avenue. All were trained at the Brunts School, Mansfield, with the exception of Miss Wright, who had studied at Sutton Pupil Teachers' Centre.

By their victory in their home tennis match against Teversal on Saturday, New Hucknall Welfare 'B' gained the championship of the 'B' Section. Teversal played a real fighting game, and if they had won they would have had a chance of being champions. Most of the rubbers ran to three sets, and the last was abandoned at 7-7 owing to bad light. New Hucknall Welfare 'A' tennis team would have been sure of the 'A' Section championship if they had beaten Bentinck on Saturday. If they win their remaining match they will top the League: if they lose a "decider" will be necessary with Annesley.

The Huthwaite Boxing Club put up several exhibition bouts at Saturday's carnival, and aroused a good deal of interest. The couples were:- Arthur Bostock and Billy Strange (Stanton Hill), at nine stone; Young Benno (Huthwaite) and Nipper Haycox (Stanton Hill), eight stone; George Frost and Dick Jones (Stanton Hill), heavy-weights; Walter Weaver (Tibshelf), Derbyshire bantam weight champion, and Jack Beighton (Huthwaite), last year's bantam weight champion of Egyptian Inter-Services. Muscle displays and wrestling were given by A. England and Reg. Moorhouse, and great credit is due to the club for the trouble they took to help a good cause. Strange has issued a challenge to any boxer in England between 16 and 17 years.


  The finals of the above are to be played to-morrow on the Huthwaite C.W.S. courts, and spectators are assured of a fine display by the pick of the players in the district.
  Two splendid trophies are to be competed for in the singles and these will be presented immediately after the finals are played. The full programme is as follow:-
  Court No. 1.- Gent.'s Singles (Holder J.C. Webster), R. Dickens v. E. Allcock (Umpire, J.C. Webster.)
  Court No. 2.- Mixed Doubles (Holders R. Dickens and Miss M.E. Clarke), J.E. Langley and Miss I. Brown v. S.J. Marshall and Miss L.E. Forster (Umpire, S. Hodgkinson).
  To be followed on the first available court by:
  Ladies' Singles (Holder, Miss I. Brown), Miss M. Kemp v. Miss K.C. Broomhead. (Umpire, S. Spencer).
  Court No. 1.- Ladies' Doubles (Holders Miss Brown and Miss Forster), Miss I. Brown and Miss Forster v. Miss E.P. Allsop and Miss D. Palfreeman (Umpire, J.E. Langley).
  Court No. 2.- Gent.'s Doubles (Holders, W.H. Footitt and E. Allcock), W.H. Footitt and E. Allcock v. S.J. Marshall and H. Rodgers (Umpire, S. Sullivan).
  No charge is being made for admission to the ground, but a collection will be taken to help cover the costs of organising and prizes, and with a fine day a first-class exhibition of the game is assured.


  Before a crowd of approximately 400 spectators, Huthwaite Villa opened the campaign on Saturday by entertaining Mansfield North End on Huthwaite Park, a keen game resulting in a draw of one goal each. ... Teams:-
  Huthwaite Villa.- C. Fairbrother; R. Williams and L. Smith; W. Griffiths, J. Wilson and A. Cooke; W. Gascoigne, S. Hunt, W. Cook, E. Reeves and W. Collins.


Bentinck Colliery 93 v. New Hucknall Colliery 108.- Played at Bentinck, on Saturday.
New Hucknall Colliery.- J. Allsop, H. Mousley, H. Rudkin, J. Marshall, H. Goodwin, C. Nunn, E. Mansell, W. Boot, C. Pilkington, E. Bowmar, L. Brandreth, S. Bowmar.


Sutton Lawn 115 v. New Hucknall Welfare 108.
New Hucknall Welfare.- C. Nunn, G. Harvey, B. Goodwin, W. Boot, S. Marshall, C. Pilkington, E. Mansell, E. Bowmar, S. Bowmar, J. Allsop, J. Harby, H. Rudkin.


  Football season 1932-33 opened in real summer weather on Saturday, and players would generally find it hard work. Goal-keepers had the laugh on their colleagues for once in a way.
  After their preliminary canter with Nottingham Forest Reserves, Sutton Town should be in good trim for their first League match to-morrow, when Ripley Town are to be entertained. ...

New Stanton Hill Club.

  G. Reeves (Welbeck) and E. Lord (Sutton Colliery) have been acquired by Huthwaite Villa. The former is an inside-right and the latter a half-back. The Villa gave a capital display on Saturday at home and were unlucky to drop a point although they finished with only nine men. Villa's next match is against Tibshelf Athletic, a Wakes Monday attraction. They have no match to-morrow.
  A draw was also the result of Huthwaite United's match at Blackwell on Saturday - not a bad start in Division I.
  Two penalties were missed by Huthwaite players on Saturday. In each case the kick would have won the match, if converted. Greater attention must be paid to this department of the game.
  The reserve teams of Messrs. B. Walton and Sons and Huthwaite C.W.S. did not commence their programmes until Monday evening, when they met on the latter's ground, the visitors winning comfortably.

Huthwaite Horticultural Society.

  At the second annual exhibition of the Huthwaite Floral and Horticultural Society the judges were Messrs. R.W. Proctor (Chesterfield) and W. Stones (Papplewick Hall), open classes; and Messrs. W. Parker (Park Hall) and Mc W. Bishop (Sutton), members' classes. In addition to the exhibition, juvenile sports were provided in an adjoining field, and prizes were presented to the successful competitors at the close by Mr. Simeon Watson. The Huthwaite Silver Prize Band, under the conductorship of Mr. J. Cooper, discoursed selections of music. The secretarial duties in connection with the show were carried out by Mr. M. Beardall.
  The prize-winners were :- Open classes: W. Bacon (Selston), W.H. Leeson (Sutton), F. Bowler (Sutton), W. Stones (Edwinstowe), W. Anthony (Tibshelf), Joseph Bean (Sutton), P. Thompson (Huthwaite), J. Bagthorpe (New Bagthorpe), J. Shepherd (Huthwaite), T. Smith (Huthwaite), C. Allen (Tibshelf), G. Haslam and E. Maxted (both of Hardstoft), J. Weston, A. Smith, A. Gunby, H. Highfield, J.G. Wright and W. Shelton (all of Huthwaite).
  Members' Classes: S. Smith, J. Shepherd, H. Holland, H. Wilmot, G. Sowter, A. Gundy, A. Smith, H. Wittering, J. Barfoot, H. Barfoot, T. Thompson, J. Lawrence, G. Deakin, G. Thompson, W. Shelton, W. Simpson, J. Ward, M. Taylor, W. Barfoot, H. Highfield and E.H. Lowe.

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