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a weeks news dated - October 7th 1932


The annual harvest service was held in the Common Road Schools on Thursday, the decorations of flowers and vegetables having been carried out by Miss Kitchen (Headmistress), Mrs. Dickens, Mrs. Hart and Miss E. Goodall. A good number of mothers attended and there were also present Mrs. C.H. Coupe, and the Revs. W.L. Boulton and T.A. Rockley. The last-named pleased the children with the story of "The Boy who wouldn't say 'Thank you.'" Each of the classes sang a harvest hymn, the Headmistress playing the accompaniments, and later invalids were cheered with the fruit and flowers which had been used as tokens of the harvest.

On Thursday a harvest festival service was held in the Infants' Department of the New Street Council School, under the direction of the Headmistress (Miss K. Searson). The room had been decorated with fruit, flowers and grain by the staff (Misses Horsey, Wells, M. Goodall and Bowler) and presented a very seasonable appearance. Harvest hymns were sung by the children, and the Headmistress gave an appropriate address. Psalm 104 was recited by Master H. Humphrey, and Enid Fidler told "The story of the wheat field." The youngest children recited "All things bright and beautiful," the various items, along with the address of the Headmistress, inculcating a useful lesson. The fruits and flowers were afterwards distributed to the sick and needy.


  The funeral took place on Tuesday of a well-known and highly-respected Huthwaite resident, Mrs. F.M. Deakin, of 112, Common Road. Deceased, who was 67 years of age, was born in Wales, but had lived in Huthwaite about 40 years and was esteemed by all for her charitable and sympathetic disposition, having been a good friend to many in a quiet way.
  She was formerly an active member of the Parish Church, but having been in indifferent health for some time, she had not been able recently to take the same interest in church matters. For the last four months she had been seriously ill. She leaves a husband, two daughters and three sons.
  Owing to the inability of the Vicar to attend, Mr. J. Thompson conducted the last rites, both in the Parish Church and at the graveside. Mrs. C.H. Coupe was the organist and played the Dead March from "Saul" and "Lead kindly light" as voluntaries. The hymns sung,... and Mr. Thompson, in an appropriate address, drew attention to the wonderful characteristics of the deceased, and spoke of her as a pattern, both as a church member and by reason of her own personality in continual acts of kindness.

Mourners and Wreaths.

  The mourners were:- Husband; Mr. and Mrs. Tom Deakin (Kirkby), Mr. and Mrs. George Deakin and Mr. Harold Deakin, sons; Mr. and Mrs. Hargreaves (Birmingham), Miss Laura Deakin, daughters; Mrs. Crigwell (Nottingham), sister; Mr. and Mrs. F. Wycherley (Stanton Hill), brother; Mrs. Bilton (a cousin from Leeds, who also represented another sister, Mrs. Swindell); Mrs. Wycherley (Riddings), sister-in-law; Misses R. and E. Deakin (Skegby), cousins; personal friends were Mrs. Wilson (Mansfield), Mrs. Shaw, Mrs. Weston and Mr. and Mrs. J. Abbot. The bearers were six nephews:- Clem, Ted, Harold, Harold, Eric, Rex and Joe.
  Wreaths were sent by:- Dad, Harold and Laura; Tom and Joyce; George and Beaulah; Fred and Flo; Hattie and Connie; all at Riddings; Nan, Leeds; Fred, Laura and family; Frank, Raymond and Arthur; Hugh and Eleanor; Mr. and Mrs. Simmons; Edna; Becky and Emmie; Mr. and Mrs. Wilson and family; Sam and Jennie; Mr. Trigg, Clara and Ciss; Tom and Lizzie; Mr. and Mrs. Bonsall and Collin; Mr. and Mrs. Alexander; Jack and Ciss and family; Mr. and Mrs. Marriott and family; Mr. and Mrs. J.G. Wright; Mr. and Mrs. West; Gwen and Joe; Mrs. Clayton and Turner; P.R. Rowell's Staff; Dorothy and Jim; Ivy and Harold.


In aid of the Duchess of Portland's Ellerslie House for Paralysed Soldiers and Sailors, the annual "Autumn Leaves Day" was held on Saturday. Councillor Goodall was assisted in the arrangements by Miss Searson, and £6 13s. was realised. This was highly creditable both to the organisers and the public.

The male members of the Sherwood Street Methodist Church gave a highly successful performance of the drama "Joseph, a Reader of Dreams," on Wednesday evening, to a large and delighted audience. All the performers were picturesquely clad in eastern costumes, and the scenery depicting the desert and also the representation of Pharoah's Court, gave a realistic appearance to the whole performance. The twelve brothers were represented by Mr. Robert Purseglove; Mr. W. Harwood; Mr. P. J. Evans; Mr. E. Purseglove; Mr. J. Potter; Mr. L. Marshall; Mr. W. Smith; Mr. W. Hunt; Mr. F. Gascoigne; Mr. N. Evans; and Mr. Vincent Johnson; all of whom acquitted themselves with distinction. Mr. George Saxton was an ideal "Pharoah," Mr. E. Adkin played the part of "Steward" with requisite ceremony, as did also Mr. H. Purseglove as the "Butler." Mr. E. Walters, Mr. F. Gascoigne and Mr. R. Murphin, were court attendants. Mr. J. Brandreth played the part of "Jacob" impressively. The various scenes were connected by narrations, which were admirably read by Mr. R. Smeaton. Previous to the drama Mr. W. Hibbert, baritone, of Sutton, sang. Mr. Tom Barton, violinist, played the solos ... Mr. John Davies and Mr. C.H. Coupe were efficient chairmen.


Deakin -On the 11th inst., Florence M. Deakin, Common Road, 67 years.
Kinsey -On the 13th inst., Annie Elizabeth Kinsey, Newcastle Street, 65 years.



Huthwaite Villa paid a visit to Meden Bank Red Rose on Saturday, when the visitors won comfortably by nine goals to two. The Villa had to make one change, bringing in J. Wilson at left-half and moving Collins to outside-left owing to J. Instone being unable to play.... Teams:-
Huthwaite Villa.- F. Brooks; R. Wilson and L. Smith; W. Griffiths, A. Cooke and J. Wilson; L. Reeves, E. Reeves, G. Reeves, L. Fox and W. Collins.



Messrs. Betts and Broughton and Huthwaite West End met on the Top**** Rest Ground on Saturday, when West End were victorious by nine goals to six.

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