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Below are extracts from the minutes of the various Committees which were confirmed at the monthly meeting of the Huthwaite Urban District Council.
  Gas, Lighting and Water Committee:- Complaint was made respecting the lighting of Sutton Road, and the question of substitution of electric lights for gas lamps was discussed. It was ultimately decided that the existing lamps be overhauled and that steps be taken by the Manager to obtain an improvement in illuminating power.

Water Supply.

  The Clerk read a copy of his letter to Sutton Council respecting the termination of the arrangements between the two Councils for the supply of water together with a reply, which stated that although there was no written agreement between the Councils, water had been supplied on quarterly terms and suggested that one quarter's notice should have been given to terminate the arrangements as in the cases of Blackwell and Skegby Rural Councils. No action was taken in the matter.
  Roads and Buildings Committee:- A letter, signed by several workmen, complaining of the bad state of repair of the footpath leading from Huthwaite to B Winning and the stile was read, and the matter was left in the Surveyor's hands.
  Cemetery, Pleasure Grounds and Allotments:- The Clerk read correspondence with the Carnegie Trustees and the National Playing Fields Association respecting the application for payment of the grants promised by them, together with a letter from the Association that no further grant would be available unless the capital expenditure of £2,100, upon which the present grants were based, was substantially exceeded.
  The Clerk also read a letter from the District Miners' Welfare Committee.
  The Clerk was instructed to approach the Ministry of Health respecting the application for the grants.

Treatment of Infectious Disease.

  The Clerk read correspondence with the Co-operative Wholesale Society, Ltd., respecting their proposals to construct a reservoir at their Huthwaite factory, and the Surveyor reported upon his interview with the Society's Architect upon the site. Consideration of the matter was deferred pending a further report.
  Health and Hospital Committee:- The Medical Officer of Health reported that four deaths (equivalent to an annual mortality of 9.3 per 1,000) had been notified during the month, the mortality of the preceding month was 2.2. Seven births - six males and once female - were registered during the month, and no cases of infectious disease were notified.
  The delegates reported upon their attendance at the conference with the County Council at Nottingham on the question of the treatment of infectious disease, and recommended that the Committee should generally agree to the principle of the county scheme, subject to further information.
  Correspondence was read with the Clerk to the Worksop Urban and Rural Isolation Hospital Committee on the subject of their charges, including an invitation to the Council to appoint a delegate to attend a conference of local authorities with the Worksop Committee on the subject of such charges. Councillors Goodall, Iball and Potter together with the Clerk and Medical Officer were appointed to attend the conference.

Rate Arrears.

  Finance and General Purposes Committee:- The list of names of persons in arrears of payment of their general rate was considered, and it was resolved that two persons be written to for payment and that the Collector take immediate proceedings for the recovery in cases where no payments have been made.
  An invitation was received from the Bowling Club to members and officials of the Council to attend the annual tea and concert on December 3rd, and it was resolved that the invitation be accepted.
  A letter was read from the Mansfield and District Traction Co. agreeing to their vehicles stopping on the Market Place opposite to the Peacock Hotel entrance, as requested by the Council.
  Public Library Committee:- The Caretaker reported that the number of books issued during the month was 927 as compared with 513 for the corresponding period last year.
  The quotations from Messrs. Buxton and Peters for window cleaning were submitted, and it was resolved that Mr. Burton carry out the work for the 12 months following the termination of Mr. Peter's contract in December next.


  Armistice Sunday at Huthwaite did not equal its predecessors from a spectacular point of view, but its salient features were preserved.
  The public procession included the Girl Guides, the majority of the Urban Council, led by the Chairman (Councillor J. Davies, J.P.) a contingent of British Legion members and members of the general public. The Girl Guides carried their colours, which reposed in the chancel of the Parish Church during the service, which was rendered by the Rev. W.L. Boulton, who also read the Roll of Honour. Councillor Goodall read the lesson. Subsequently a visit was paid to the Cenotaph, where the Vicar said the prayers.
  The "Last Post" was sounded by Bandmaster Spencer (Sutton), and wreaths left by the Urban District Council, Girl Guides and British Legion.
  The weather was fine throughout, and there were considerable numbers of onlookers.


An unbroken period of 45 years' service is the record with which a well known Huthwaite figure, Mr. J. Oliver of Sutton Road, terminates his career this week with the New Hucknall Colliery.
  Mr. Oliver who has lived at his present address for 37 years, is a native of Horsley Woodhouse, and first commenced work at Mapperley Colliery, coming to Huthwaite in 1887 from Kilburn. Since then he has been employed at New Hucknall Colliery. For the first twelve years he was a coal face worker, and in 1897 he applied for a deputy's post and was selected out of 25 applicants.

Regularity of Attendance.

  Mr. Oliver's membership of the Sutton Baptist Church is also noteworthy, and covers exactly the same period of time as his industrial career, and in both instances the regularity of his attendances can hardly be surpassed by any of his contemporaries. Oliver J. At the Baptist Church he has been a steward for the last 25 years, and during his 45 years membership he has naturally seen many people come and go.
  His daily work and the church activities have always been Mr. Oliver's absorbing interests. He had had no desire and little time to avenue public offices, although he has always kept a keen eye on local civic affairs.
  It is interesting to recall that Mr. Oliver was a member of the very first mining class held in Huthwaite. It need hardly be stated that this was approaching 40 years ago. The lecturer was Mr. Southern, who became H.M. Inspector of Mines, and the classes were held in the Blackwell Road Schools. Subsequently Mr. Oliver became one of the most efficient "first-aid" men in the locality, foreseeing that the practice would eventually play a much more important part in the mining industry.

Technical Knowledge.

  In those day technical knowledge and ambulance skills were much more difficult to obtain than they are now. Classes were few, and leisure less plentiful, and workers after knowledge had to overcome obstacles which are non-existent to-day. Their efforts and sacrifices, however, were examples which still inspire the modern student.
  Eventually Mr. Oliver became the vice-president of the Notts. Undermanagers' and Deputies' Union, and he held this office for 20 years until the Union was affiliated to the national movement. Throughout his whole official career Mr. Oliver has discharged his duties with characteristic thoroughness, and he has received personal letters of appreciation on the occasion of his resignation from the Agent of the New Hucknall Collieries (Mr. P. Muschamp) and the Manager (Mr. H.B. Stevens). They both express their thanks for his long period of service and wish him a long and happy retirement.


  The Rev. W.L. Boulton officiated at a pretty wedding in Huthwaite Parish Church on Saturday, the contracting parties being Mr. George Henry Willis, of 17, Chatsworth Street, Tibshelf, and Miss Lily Oliver, the eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Oliver, of 48, Newcastle Street, Huthwaite.
  The bride, who was given away by her father, was tastefully attired in ...
  The two bridesmaids were Miss Ivy Oliver and Miss Madge Willis, sisters respectively of the bride and bridegroom. ... About 40 guests were entertained at the reception and the happy couple will reside at 7, Chatsworth Street, Tibshelf. They received a large number of useful and costly presents, including a handsome token from the bride's fellow workers at the Huthwaite C.W.S. factory, where she has been employed for the last seven years.

Awards presented to Welfare Teams.

At the Drill Hall, Huthwaite, on Saturday evening the members of the New Hucknall Welfare Tennis Club were presented with the trophies won during the past summer.
  The Club's successes marked a new era in local tennis history. A record was established by winning four cups, 'A' and 'B' sections in the Collieries' Alliance; the Knock-out Cup and the Men's Doubles. Individual awards are miniature silver cups, and 24 of these were handed out on Saturday to the Club members. A supper dance was held to mark the occasion, and about 90 members and friends were present.

The Trophies.

  The trophies were presented by Mr. Jackson, of New Hucknall Colliery, who was introduced by Mr. S. Spencer (secretary of the Club). The latter remarked that it was the usual thing to have a presentation dance when they won anything. They had been very fortunate to win every cup, but in the event of anybody else winning next year, they would not be behindhand in congratulating the winners.
  He congratulated the Executive Committee on the efficient way they did their work, and the splendid prizes they provided. It was no mean effort to be able to spend £12 on prizes with only five clubs in each section. He was glad they had Mr. Jackson with them. He was a stranger to most of them, but as soon as he was approached on the matter he consented to come.
  Mr. Jackson thanked the club for the invitation, and said it was a good thing there was sport for necessary relaxation, and tennis seemed to be one of the chief things in Huthwaite, although he could see they enjoyed a dance as well. He was very pleased to be there to undertake that duty, being very much interested in sport himself.

Silver Cups.

  Mr. Jackson then presented the silver cups to the following players:-
  Knock-out Cup: Messrs. S. Marshall (capt.), R. Dickens, H. Rodgers, Miss Naylor, Mrs. Moakes and Miss Colley.
  Men's Doubles:- Messrs. R. Dickens (capt.), H. Rodgers, S. Spencer, E. Dyment, S. Marshall and J. Wood.
  Collieries' Alliance (A section), Messrs. S. Marshall (capt.), R. Dickens and H. Rodgers, Miss Naylor, Mrs. Moakes and Miss Allsop.
  Collieries' Alliance (B section), Messrs. J. Wood (capt.), S. Spencer and M. Clarke, Miss Palfreman, Miss Clarke and Mrs. Wood.
  The gathering included Mr. W. Moakes (vice-president of the club), and on behalf of the members Mr. Spencer, who had carried out the secretarial duties, thanked Mr. Jackson for presenting the prizes on so memorable occasion... An appetising supper was provided by Mrs. Slack, who was afterwards commended by the organisers for her efficiency in this department. She was assisted by several young ladies.

Mansfield Co-operative Society's New Warehousecoop


Extracts from minutes of the various Committees presented to the Sutton Urban District Council at the monthly meeting are appended.   (short clips)
  Gas Committee.- The Manager reported that the gas made during the month of October was 12,803,500 cubic feet, as against 12,372,600 cubic feet made during the corresponding month last year, being an increase of 430,900 cubic; Huthwaite consumption for the month 1,343,000 cubic feet, being an increase of 24,000 cubic feet
  Water Committee.- The Clerk to the Huthwaite Urban District Council wrote giving notice that the supply of water in bulk from this Council's Works to Huthwaite would not be required after 31st October...
  The Clerk read a letter from the Postmaster at Nottingham, stating that after full consideration it was not possible to give additional postal facilities in respect of the following outstanding items:- An additional outgoing mail between the hours of 12.45 p.m. and 6.45 p.m.; a night mail despatch to be conveyed by road instead of rail; the alteration of the postal boundaries of Sutton delivery area to include Skegby and Huthwaite; the question of a stamp machine at the Forest Side Sub Post Office; telegraphic facilities at the New Cross Sub Post Office. ...
  The Clerk reported that the Sub-Committee had considered the matters referred to them, and recommend that notice be given to the owners of the Coxmoor Road tip terminating the Council's retention of the tip; that the Council proceed with purchase of Mr. Farnsworth's and the New Hucknall Colliery land for refuse tip purposes out of the general fund;...

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