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a weeks news dated - March 18th 1932


  Below are extracts from the minutes of the several Committees approved by the Huthwaite Urban District Council at the monthly meeting last week.
  Gas, Lighting and Water Committee.- The question of restoring discount to the prepayment meter consumers was considered, and it was resolved that discount at the rate of 0.5d. in the 1s. be given to these consumers after the end of the current quarter.
  The question of extending the gas mains along Chesterfield Road and Common Road was again considered, and it was resolved that prices be obtained from the Derbyshire and Notts. Power Company for supply of current for both street lighting and private consumption in Chesterfield Road, Carnarvon Road, Springwell Street and Common Road.
  Cemetery Allotments and Pleasure Grounds Committee.- The Clerk read a letter from the Ministry of Health enclosing official sanction to the borrowing of £500 for the Burial Ground extensions, and the Clerk was instructed to negotiate a loan.
  Health and Hospital Committee.- The Medical Officer of Health reported that seven births and six deaths, equivalent to an annual mortality of 14.1 per 1,000 had been notified during the month.

Burial Ground Extension.

Finance and General Purposes Committee.- A letter was submitted from the Notts. County Council enclosing a print of a circular letter which had been forwarded to each member of their staff with reference to the reduction of local expenditure during the present economic condition of the country, and stating that Dr. Ferguson had voluntarily agreed to a rebate of 2.5 per cent in his salary so far as the County Council were concerned. It was resolved that no reduction be made in the proportion of salary paid by Huthwaite Council to Dr. Ferguson subject to the County Council's approval.
  The Surveyor reported the cost of the Burial Ground extension scheme to date, and in view of the reduced estimated total cost of the work it was decided that a loan of £450 only be raised.
  The Surveyor reported upon his interview with the Divisional Road Engineer's representative at Birmingham, who had informed him that everything was in order for the continuation and completion of the Chesterfield Road Improvement scheme in accordance with the plans and estimate submitted to the Ministry of Transport. It was resolved that the work be proceeded with forthwith; that the rate of pay be the same as those in force on the Brickyard site; that the same foreman be engaged; and that attention be drawn in the Press to the conditions laid down respecting the employment of labour through the local Labour Exchange.
  Attention was drawn to the allocation of plumbing and fitting work, and the matter was deferred for further consideration at the next meeting of the Gas, Lighting and Water Committee.
  Public Library Committee.- The Caretaker reported that the number of books issued by him during the month was 615, as compared with 235 for the corresponding period last year.
  A letter was read from the Huthwaite Bowling Club for permission to use the bowling green next season, which was granted on the same conditions as last year.


In last week's report on the Huthwaite Evening Institute it should have been stated that the dressmaking class was taught by Miss Violet Allsop (Sutton), assisted by her sister, Mrs. Jack Evans (Huthwaite).

The Women's Section of the Huthwaite British Legion has been disbanded, and the balance in hand of £1 5s. 1.5d. has been handed over by the Treasurer, Mrs. Hipkiss, of Sutton Road, to Mrs. Fryar, the chairman of the East Midlands Area Committee of the Women's Section of the British Legion. Lack of interest in the movement is probably a reflex of the prevailing industrial conditions, but the Women's Section has done a good deal of useful work, and its winding up is to be regretted. At the lst Remembrance Day £23. 9s. 10d. was collected in Huthwaite, and most of it by the women's branch. Mrs. Hipkiss, who has been treasurer for several years, obtained £3 15s. 6d. herself - easily the highest amount. The Men's Section, of course, still carries on a beneficent work, and has helped many in times of need. Mr. Hipkiss, who during the war was a Royal Marine, was one of the heroes of the historic Zeebrugge exploit, but the simple honour of that adventure is all that remains to him.

The week-end picture at the Lyric Theatre, "Mother's a Millions," affords a splendid entertainment. It features May Robson, a 70-year-old star, who can, however, show many of the younger ones, and her performance is a wonderful one throughout. "Her Man," showing the first part of next week is an human story in a romantic setting. It leads up to a dramatic climax showing one of the most realistic fights ever filmed. Edgar Wallace always thrills, and "The Ringer," showing during the second half of next week, is full of exciting situations. "The Ringer" is a criminal whom the police can never catch, but he has a sister for whom he has a great regard, and he delivers a grim warning to Meister, a treacherous lawyer, when he leaves her in his charge.... The last few minutes make clear a clever plot. Patric Cudwen, Franklyn Dyall, Kathleen Joyce and Dorothy Bartlam are in a first-rate cast. "Rio Rita" is being shown on Good Friday, and on Thursday, Friday and Saturday an additional attraction is Mr. Rex Leslie, baritone.

Mr. C.H. Williams, of Somercotes, was the preacher at the United Methodist Sunday School anniversary services on Sunday. There were good congregations at both services, particularly in the evening. The children's singing was up to the usual good standard. ... The organist was Miss Hilda Hawley, and the conductor Mr. N. Evans. In the afternoon recitations were given as follows:- Cissie Shore; Annie Wilson; Winnie Smith; Irene Smith; Madge Purseglove; Jack Turner. In the evening recitations were :- Madge Simmonds; Jessie Smith; Joe Hardwick; Jack Turner; Annie Wilson; Irene Smith; Madge Purseglove. Miss Baxter was an admirable coach.


On Monday £7 10s. was realised by means of a public effort in aid of the Mansfield Society for the Help and Protection of Girls. The event took the form of a "kitchen tea," organised by Miss Adkin (Health Visitor) and Mrs. L. Hill (local representative). A kitchen tea is one at which every visitor takes some small household article as a gift, and purchases it back again on coming away. The tea was held in the Library Lecture Hall and was attended by nearly 100 persons, the helpers being drawn from all the local churches. In addition to the two ladies mentioned, the arrangements were carried out by Mesdames Coupe, Sanderson, Evans, W. Hill, Herrod, Sowter, Goodall, Flint, Ramsell and Bradley. The gathering was a big success in every way, and after tea the Rev. W.L. Boulton remarked, in thanking all who had responded to the appeal, that it was up to all Christians to uphold such a movement. He spoke appreciatively of the work of Miss Adkin, Mrs. L. Hill, and all the helpers. Mrs. Hill said she was pleased to see such a number present, and both she and MIss Adkin thanked all who had interested themselves in the movement. The Health Visitor herself had sold over 60 tickets for the occasion. Huthwaite is expected to raise £10 during the year towards the Society's work, and Monday's gratifying response to a deserving cause went a long way towards it.


At the Parish Church Sunday Schools, Huthwaite, on Sunday, the annual prize distribution took place, Mrs. F. Grierson handing the prizes ot the girls, and Mrs. Gascoyne to the boys. Both made suitable little speeches.   The following received awards :-
  Miss Wilson's Class; Madge Revill, Madge Smith, Elsie Hawley, Emma Fletcher, Dorothy Wright, Dorothy Clayton, Sindonia Dickens, Gertrude Dickens, Kathleen Morris, Madge Morris, Iris Ball, Kathleen Ward, Edith Wright, Betty Wood, Tilly Holland.
  Miss Lawrences Class ; Joyce Weston, Hilda Bowler, Dallas Bramley, Dorothy Pattison, Marion Potter, Dorothy Tomlinson, Mary Boot, Peggy Wilson, Joan Foulkes, Nancy Newman, Lilian Walters, Doris Ball, Kathleen Ensor.
  Miss Wright's Class; Edith Bone, Norah Hatton, Amy Lancaster, Noreen Pilsworth, May Lancaster, Joyce Blow, Phyllis Barnes, Elsie Hill, Cissie Wood, Amelia Wass, Gwennie Brown, Dorothy Parton, Dorothy Godber, Dorothy Smith, Marjorie Roberts, Joan Henstock, Tanis Newman, Edna Hincks, Basil Cheetham, Peggy Hague, Joe Walters, Madge Pitt, Eric Wilson, Clarence Boot, Arthur Green, Bertha Green, Joan Wood, May Wright, Audrey Clayton, Donald Clayton, Maurice Brown, Joyce Blount, Evelyn Clayton.
  Miss Grattages' Class; Gladys Lawrence, Avis Hawley, Muriel Wright, Joan Glasby, Kathleen Blow, Dorothy Draper, Vida Bramley, Elsie Walters, Doris Hague, Iris Barnes, Dora Hibbert, Winnie Smith, Joan Hichardson, Dorothy Pickering, Madge Hickenbotham.
  Miss Spencer's Class; Iris Bone, Madge Hall, Annie Truman, Janet Bramley, Ida Tomlinson, Marjorie Bailey, Alma Hill, Evelyn Buttery, Nellie Pickering, Ida Smith, Peggy Morris.


  Miss Lucas's Class; A. Barker, H. Walters, S. Herrod, B. Fox, S. Fox, A. Wright.
  Miss Stopps's Class; C. Bonsall, A. Deakin, J. Cooper, S. West, F. Adlington, J. Fox, S. Bone, J. Wright, J. Truman.
  Miss Maltby's Class; J. Havenhand, F. Wright, E. Brown, V. Brown, J. Cheetham, A. Walters, W. Hinks, A. Blount, D. Rodgers.
  Miss Beardall's Class; L. Pitt, J. Knowles, N. Ensor, S. Blow, S. Truman, W. Walters, L. Pilsworth, A. Buttery, T. Wilson, D. Barlow.
  Miss Blount's Class; F. Cheetham, G. Swain, H. Lindley, B. Evans.
  Mr. A. Pegg's Class; A. Knowles, A. Weston, H. Fitchett, A. Ensor, C. Pattison, H. Trigg, I. Boot, C. Revill, R. Fretwell, W. Brown, W. Hague, C. Walters, R. Marriott.
  Mr. J. Wright's Class; W. Hardy, R. Deakin, H. Comery, E. Dyment, E. Blount, V. Glasby, W. West, L. Parton, R. Bramley.
  The superintendents of the School are Mr. and Mrs. Heathcote, the Secretary Mr. Rainsbury, and the Treasurer Miss W. Wright.


For the second consecutive week Stanton Hill United were opposed to a Huthwaite team on Saturday, when they entertained the C.W.S. and were defeated 6-4, after a keen game. ... Teams:-
Huthwaite C.W.S. - Else; Rowbotham and Fullwood; Walters, Briggs and Jones; Graffs, Hassall, Saxton, Fox and Brunt.


For their last home League fixture of the season Huthwaite United had Church Warsop Welfare Reserve as visitors on Saturday, when although the Welfare put up a plucky fight they had to submit to a 5-1 defeat. ... Teams:-
Huthwaite United.- F. Brooks; E. Davison and A. Cox; J.R. Robinson, H. Burton and E. Walker; J. Etherington, W. Bingley, R. Holt, G. Percival and J. Whitehead.


  A special meeting of the Sutton and Skegby League was held on Friday evening at the Old Blue Bell Inn, Sutton, to consider the formation of a division in the Sutton and Skegby League next season to cater for sides who are playing friendly matches at the present time. Representatives from the following clubs were present:- Huthwaite Villa, Sutton Albion, Sutton Villa, Huthwaite C.W.S. Reserve, Tibshelf Athletic, Broomhill Sports Club, Woodhouse Corinthians' Reserve, Mansfield Woodhouse British Legion Reserve and Carsic Lane United.
  It was decided to form a competition only for clubs that had not previously played in League football. The question of fees, etc., was discussed, and certain sums agreed upon. Another meeting is to be held on the first Monday in April. Further inquiries have been received since the meeting, and other applications are invited.

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