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a weeks news dated - June 24th 1932


  Appended are extracts from the Committee minutes confirmed at the monthly meeting of Huthwaite Urban District Council last week.
  Gas, Lighting and Water Committee.- The Clerk read correspondence which had passed between himself and the solicitors to the Blackwell and Warsop joint water scheme in respect of a draft agreement, and also submitted the draft agreement as revised by them for the purpose of providing for a bulk supply at a fixed price (subject to periodical revisions) instead of at cost price.

Consideration of Agreement.

  After carefully considering the agreement it was resolved that the Clerk at once resubmit the revised draft and the new clauses to the Parliamentary Agent for consideration, and that the matter be left in the hands of the Sub-Committee, consisting of the Chairman of the Council and of this Committee and Councillor Lowe, with power to meet and confer with the Joint Committee upon the subject if necessary.
  A letter was read from the Derbyshire and Notts. Electric Power Company intimating their intention to erect overhead electric cables in Chesterfield Road, Common Road, Springwell Street, Carnarvon Road and Cross Lane. It was resolved that th Council approve of the scheme only in so far as it may provide for underground cables.
  The Ministry of Health wrote approving of the Council's proposal to allocate the 24 houses on Blackwell Road in the proportion of 23 houses to Housing (Financial Provisions) Act, 1924, and one to the Housing Act, 1930, and recognising the respective houses as eligible for subsidy subject to their compliance with prescribed conditions.
  The Clerk submitted the file of correspondence with the Ministry of Health and the District Valuer in 1927-8 respecting the proposed reduction in the rents of the two houses in the Housing Assisted Scheme, Common Road, which was rejected at the time, and it was resolved that such application be renewed.
  Cemetery and Pleasure Grounds Committee.- The use of the swings and other amusements on the Recreation Ground on Sundays was discussed and the Surveyor was instructed to lock up the apparatus in future on Sundays.

Fire Insurance.

  Health and Hospital Committee.- The Medical Officer of Health reported that two deaths, equivalent to an annual mortality of 4.6 per 1,000 had been notified during the month. The mortality of the preceding month was 18.6 and of the corresponding month last year 8.7. Eight births were registered during the month.
  Application was made by the Medical Officer of Health for a locum tenens during his annual holidays, and he recommended the appointment of Dr. J. Gaston, of Huthwaite, who was appointed for one month, subject to the approval of the Ministry of Health.
  The Clerk reported upon his interview with the Insurance Company respecting the insurance of Council houses against fire, and stated that it had been arranged for the inclusion of the additional 12 houses in Little Lane in the present policy at the existing premium. This was approved.
  Mr. Carmichael, of the Ministry of Labour, attended the meeting and the appeal from the Sutton King's Roll Committee was discussed. It was resolved that the Council undertake to comply with the requirements as to the employment of disabled ex-servicemen as far as possible.
  The question of the formal opening of the new Recreational Ground was discussed and deferred sine die. It was resolved that the name of Brickyard Site hitherto in use for this ground be abandoned and that pending official designation it be known as the Recreation Ground. It was also resolved that draft rules for adoption in connection with the use of the ground for consideration by a Sub-Committee comprising Councillors Simpson, Clarke and Iball.


 £50 NEEDED.- Don't forget Huthwaite Church Carnival and Fancy Dress Parade on July 2nd. Meet on Market Place at 2.15. Good Prizes. Entertainment on Mr. Lowe's Field, Common Road. Morris Dancing, etc. Huthwaite Prize Band. Tickets 6d., before day 4d.-Advt.

In our issue of last week it was stated that the proceeds of the thank-offering Sunday at Huthwaite Parish Church did not exceed the amount of the ordinary collection, after deducting expenses. This is incorrect. The actual net profits amounted to £3 4s. above the amount of the average collection, afer deduction of the expenses.

Much sympathy is extended to Mrs. Jones, whose husband passed away in the Chesterfield Royal Infirmary early on Monday morning. His death came rather suddenly. Mr. T. Jones was a native of Stanton Hill, but a few years ago went to reside at Newton. He leaves a widow, one son and two daughters to mourn their loss.

On Sunday "Hospital Sunday" was observed at the Wesleyan Church, the preacher being Mr. S. Millward, of Tibshelf. On the previous Sunday an "egg service" was held, the organisers being the Sunday School staff with Mr. G. Hill (secretary). In the afternoon the Sunday School children were assembled to hear an address by the Matron of the Hospital. The children brought 413 eggs, which were forwarded to the Hospital.

On Saturday a number of the members of the Miners' Welfare history class had an enjoyable time at Newstead Abbey. The outing had an additional interest by reason of the presence of Mr. H. Green, B.A. (Nottingham University), who is the lecturer at the Huthwaite classes. The day was gloriously fine and the Abbey surroundings were at their best. A talk on the history of Newstead was given by Mr. Green, and the party whiled away several hours inspecting the buildings and the grounds. Mr. T. Bradley (local secretary) made the arrangements.

Several alleged thefts from Huthwaite shop counters have been reported recently. The other day, it is stated, a tradesman cut a few slices from a piece of ham, leaving the pieces on the counter. He went into the inner room for a few minutes, and when he returned the piece of ham, about four pounds, had disappeared. About the same time a collection box, which stood on the counter of another shop for the purpose of encouraging customers to give small subscriptions to a local church, was missed together with another small article from the counter.

The Lyric Theatre programmes next week are of outstanding merit. "The Single Sin," at the beginning of the week deals with ...

The funeral took place on Wednesday, conducted by Mr. J. Thompson, of Mr. Joseph Davis, of Sutton Road. He was 67 years of age, and was born in Strelley. He came to New Hucknall Colliery as a winding engineer from Denby 40 years ago. He ceased work two years ago and died in Nottingham Hospital. He leaves a widow, three daughters and one son. The late Mr. Davis was held in high esteem by his colleagues, and the family have received a letter from the secretary of the Winders' Association. At a United Methodist Church service Miss Hawley was the organist... He was a keen worker in connection with the National Deposit Friendly Society in the Huthwaite District, and served on the District Committee for about 12 years. The mourners were:- The Widow; Daughter Eva, Albert and May (son); Hilda and Jack (London), daughter; Austin and Enid, grandchildren; Ernest son-in-law; Sister Emily (Belper); Mr. Kerry and Mrs. Taylor (Belper), brother-in-law and sister-in-law; Mr. and Mrs. Hodges (Derby), brother-in-law; Mr. and Mrs. Davies and Mr. and Mrs. Taylor, nephews and nieces; Mr. and Mrs. Booth, Mr. Hilton (Derby); Emily Ulph, Mr. and Mrs. Davis (Ilkeston), Edith and Doris, sister-in-law and son, Mr. Brown, Mrs. Adwick and Mr. Harwood. The bearers were Messrs. Edwards, Roberts, Castle, and Marriott, Mr. Brown and Mr. Taylor. Wreaths were sent by Wife and Daughter Eva; Albert, May and Austin; Hilda, Jack, Enid and Freda; Clara and Ernest, London; Sisters Emily and Polly; Will, Ethel and Wilfred (Belper); Winders New Hucknall Colliery; Neighbours ...



The leaders of Division I., Annesley Colliery, entertained New Hucknall Colliery on Saturday, when the home team proved easily the better side and won comfortably.

     New Hucknall Colliery.
W. Slack lbw b G. Barkes ........ 13
F. Dobb b Walton ................ 0
H. Iball c Miles b G. Barkes .... 0
J. Shaw b Cleverley ............. 18
D. Ellis c Lester b Cleverley ... 12
A. Gibson b L. Barkes ........... 0
S. Worthington c Clevererley .... 0
A. Taylor c Griffen b Cleverley . 6
P. Bacon c L. Barkes b Cleverley 0
F. Adlington c Varnam b Cleverley 0
A. Spencer not out .............. 7
Extras 15 Total 71


On Saturday the Huthwaite team were quite out-classed by their Sutton opponents the latter winning by 103 games to 50. Simpson, Wright and Lowe were represented by Messrs. Whetton, Bailey, Allsop, Oxley, and Mrs. Whetton; and Misses Davies, Wass and Cockin.
Huthwaite tried out Messrs. H. Buckley, G. Beastall, A. Murdon and R. Oliver, and Misses Allsop, Vardy and Comeron.

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