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a weeks news dated - July 22nd 1932


The recent Huthwaite Parish Church carnival resulted in a profit of about £15. This was rather less than some previous efforts have made, but is fairly satisfactory when all the circumstances are taken into account.

On Tuesday a serious accident befell an operator at Messrs. Betts and Broughton's factory named Fred Colley, aged 19, of George Street, Huthwaite. His left forefinger was badly crushed and first aid was rendered by Messrs. Ward and Heathcote.

During the week-end the Holiday Savings Fund held at the C.W.S. Factory distributed £4,500 in readiness for the holiday season. This sum was a record, more than £200 over the savings of any previous year. The secretary of the fund is Miss L. White, and 550 employees participated in the "share-out."

A meeting of the Hospital Carnival Committee was held on Monday evening when Councillor Davies was appointed chairman and Councillor W. Clarke secretary. It was reported that several novel features were to be introduced, and that a number of additional prizes had been offered, including a silver cup.

The schools broke up for a month on Friday. New Hucknall Colliery also broke up for Sutton Wakes and for August Bank Holiday as well. At one time New Hucknall "played" for Sutton Feast and took no notice of Bank Holiday. In more recent years Sutton Feast has been ignored for celebration purposes and a holiday granted for Bank Holiday. This year's vacation is a record one, and covers both events. As far as coal winding is concerned, the pits were closed on Friday afternoon until Wednesday morning next.

On Saturday the junior members of the Parish Church choir had their annual outing, and for the first time a visit was paid to Mablethorpe by a party of nearly 20, the boys being in charge of Mr. J. Wright and Mr. E. Freeman. The trippers were provided with their railway tickets and a plentiful tea, and with the weather being fine, they had an enjoyable time by the briny. Eleven hours between the arrival and return allowed them plenty of time for amusements of various kinds, and they landed home about half-past eleven tired but happy. They were conveyed by train to and from Sutton Station, the travelling arrangements being made by Mr. Wright.

On Saturday Blackpool was the destination of the annual excursion for the members of the New Hucknall Collieries Ambulance Brigade. With officers, members, wives and friends, there was a total of about 475 excursionists picked up by a L.M.S. special train from Annesley, Bentinck, New Hucknall and Welbeck Collieries, these four comprising the Brigade. All the ambulance men were given a railway ticket by the New Hucknall Colliery Company, and pocket money varying in amount from 3s. 6d. to 10s. according to the number of attendances put in at the ambulance classes at each centre. 'Buses were also provided for trippers living at some distance from the station. The event was a complete success in every way. The numerous diversions at Blackpool were thoroughly appreciated, and the trippers reached home about half-past four on Sunday morning. Mr. Moulton (Annesley) had the arrangements in hand.

On Saturday New Hucknall Welfare Tennis Club realised their ambition by winning the Notts. and Derbyshire collieries' Alliance Knock-out Cup. Their opponents were their near neighbours New Hucknall Colliery, but the Welfare played with determination, and won a good game fairly easily. The Welfare won the cup for the first time, but the Colliery are among previous holders. After the match at Pinxton on Saturday Mr. Mullins (of the Pinxton Tennis club) handed the cup to Mr. S. Marshall (captain of the Welfare), Mr. Mullins said they were glad the match had been played at Pinxton and Mr. Marshall remarked that they had always striven after the cup, and were pleased that they had won at last. He also appreciated the kindness of the Pinxton ladies in providing a splendid tea, and making arrangements for comfort of the players. He hoped the result would buck the Colliery team up a little bit. Miss Brown, who acted as captain of the Colliery team, complimented the Welfare on their success, as cups were made to go round, and the better team had won. She also endorsed all that had been said about the splendid reception given to the teams at Pinxton. The Welfare, besides winning the Cup, have a good chance of the championship of both the 'A' and the 'B' Sections of the League, and they may also come out first in the Men's Doubles' Competition. They were champions of the 'A' Section last year and this year their players have done remarkably well so far in the Sutton and District Tennis Championship. In Saturday's final the Colliery hardly had a representative team.


  A police raid on a gambling ring at Huthwaite on July 8th, resulted in the appearance at the Mansfield Police Court yesterday of Elijah Bacon, of New Fall Street, Samuel Hill, of Springwell Street, Frank Hill, of Little Lane, all of Huthwaite, William Shaw, of 27, George Street, Frederick Wilkinson, of 27, Pelham Street, both of Sutton, Samuel Edward Naylor and Frederick Moore, both of Swan Row, South Normanton, on charges of having played a game of chance with coins. Bacon, Shaw and Naylor pleaded guilty and the others not guilty.
  P.c. Turner said on the date in question he and P.c. Hall were concealed in a railway goods van and saw all defendants in the tossing ring playing at heads and tails on a footpath leading from Huthwaite to Swan Row. On seeing witness several of the defendants ran away, but when caught later admitted having played, with the exception of Moore and the two Hills. Witness added that defendants were under observation for three quarters of an hour.
  P.c. Hall also gave evidence. He said the school started when Moore came from South Normanton. When P.c. Turner got out of the van witness remained inside and saw Hill run on the footpath to try and make P.c. Turner believe he had not been playing. As P.c. Turner ran over the railway line witness went forward. Bacon and the two Hills stopped and the others ran a back way to South Normanton. When caught, Wilkinson said he had not ben playing, and was only having a walk round, but when asked why he had been waiting three quarters of an hour for the school to start, he made no reply.
  A fine of 7s. 6d. was imposed on each defendant.


The Lyric Picture House celebrates Bank Holiday week with splendid pictures "Congress Dances" on the first three-nights is a super film of the musical comedy type, with ... During the week-end is shown also "The Sky Spider," a thrilling story of the clouds.

The funeral took place on Thursday of Mr. Harry Vardy, of 59, New Street. Deceased was 37 years of age and unmarried. A native of Huthwaite, he had spent his working career as a boot repairer. He had not enjoyed good health for a long period and had been confined to bed for the last ten weeks. Mr. J. Thompson conducted the last rites, which included a service in the United Methodist Church, with which the family have been associated for many years. Miss Hawley was the organist, and a suitable voluntary was played before the service... The mourners were : Mr. and Mrs. George Vardy, Mr. Tom Vardy and Mr. Charlie Vardy, brothers; Mrs. Sheppard (Nottingham), Mr. and mrs. Humber (Blidworth), Mr. and Mrs. Shaw (Huthwaite), and Mrs. J. Farnsworth (Sutton), sisters; Mr. and Mrs. H. Wilmot (aunt and uncle) and Miss Winnie Elliott (friend). The bearers were Messrs. Booth, Herrod, Brooks and Ellis and in addition to the family wreaths, there were tributes from Mr. and Mrs. Phillips and Jacky; Mrs. and Mrs. Yeomans (Sutton); Mrs. Comery; Mr. and Mrs. Adlington; Ida and Desmond; Mrs. Herrod and Mrs. Marshall; Mr. and Mrs. Moron and Family; Mr. and Mrs. Elliott; Mr. and Mrs. Barnes and Family; Mr. and Mrs. Reeves and Family; Mr. and Mrs. Booth; and Friends.


  Huthwaite Villa, a new League team, having joined Section III of the Sutton and Skegby League, are confident of a successful season. Out of 49 friendlies played last season they won 46; two were drawn and one lost, a record which merits a step forward.
  A promising team last season's men and some capable new players has been got together with a committee of twelve. The chairman is Mr. W. Cook, treasurer Mr. J. Lee, and the secretary Mr. J. G. Barnes, of 10, Market Street. The team will play on the Huthwaite Park, and the Swan Inn is the headquarters. The club colours are black and red with white knickers, and royal blue, with white knickers.
  Last season's players who have re-signed are Leslie and Ernest Reeves, Griffiths, Fox, Cheetham, Fisher, Hunt, Williams, Brooks, Smith, Booth, Wilson, Williams and James Collins. New men are Ernest Hill (Huthwaite United), Jack Gregory (Sutton Villa), Cyril Fairbrother (Mansfield Baptist), R. Lee (Stanton Hill United), Jack Wood (Newton Red Rose), Fred Ball and Arthur Wilkinson (Blackwell Amateurs). A. Percival, who was top scorer for Huthwaite United last season, has also been approached. Leonard Smith who played full back for the Villa last year has signed on for Denaby United.
  A trial match will be played on Saturday as the club can already field two elevens. Amateur players desiring a trial will be welcomed, so that the League team when selected, will be the best possible.

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