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a weeks news dated - July 1st 1932


The Rev. Robert Highfield, son of Mr. H. Highfield (Huthwaite), conducted the services at the Wesleyan Church on Sunday. He is on vacation from his training college in Manchester.

Mr. W. Parkin, of Sherwood Street, has been seriously ill for the past few weeks, and on Monday she underwent an operation in Nottingham General Hospital. She is reported to be making favourable progress.

Beautiful weather favoured a garden party held at "The Orchards" on Wednesday, by kind permission of Mr. and Mrs. C.H. Coupe. The effort was on behalf of the Mansfield Hospital, and was organised by Councillor W. Clarke. Over 90 sat dow to tea, for which most of the provisions had been solicited, and a splendid repast was served by Mesdames Allsop, Evans, J. Ensor, Ramsell, Herrod, Richards, Master Austin Roberts, Nurse Dickens and Miss Adkin (health visitor). After tea an eloquent and urgent appeal on behalf of the hospital was made by Mrs. R.J. Brown, and subsequently the company were at liberty to enjoy the beautiful grounds. There were also games and dancing and gramophone selections by Mr. S. Stones. Before dispersing the party passed a vote of thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Coupe, moved by Mr. Clarke, the flowers for the tables having also been given by Mrs. Coupe. It is expected that a substantial sum will be realised towards a bigger enterprise.


Sutton Urban Council are faced with the necessity of providing a new filtration plant at the Public Baths. With this end in view, and with the desire to obtain the best system possible, the Baths' Sub-Committee made an excursion on Wednesday to Leicester and Leamington Spa to inspect plants in operation in those centres. It is understood their duty was made exceedingly pleasant, and they were much impressed with all they saw and heard, with the result that the Sutton Baths should soon become equipped in a first-class manner. The Committee were favoured with delightful conditions in which to travel through attractive country, and were thus enabled to combine pleasure with duty, a very happy condition of affairs.

Though little is heard of the activities of folk dancers in Sutton, it is good to know that there is a band of enthusiasts capable of holding their own with any other part of the country. They carry on their activities quietly, but nevertheless with determination, and by so doing are recapturing something of the joys associated with the folk dancing of olden days. It is in the schools where the work is making the most progress locally, and at a festival held at Nottingham on Saturday they helped, with hundreds of others, to delight large crowds with the light-hearted manner in which they carried out their dances. Teams from Huthwaite, Selston, Sutton and Kirkby Schools all gained certificates, and they are to be complimented upon the successes which they achieved.

During the week-end the Skegby and Stanton Hill districts were linked up with a fresh supply of water. This comes from the joint scheme of the Blackwell Rural and Warsop Urban Councils, and it is confidently felt that a constant and satisfactory supply will be at all times available, a state of affairs that has for a long time been desired. Hitherto the districts, including Teversal, which also comes under the new scheme, have been supplied from Sutton, but the growth of the won and neighbourhood had made conditions such as to severely tax the capacity of supply, and the change which has now taken place should prove a boon to Sutton, as well as an advantage to the neighbouring districts. It means that some five million gallons of water which had previously been supplied to the Skegby and Blackwell areas per month will now be available for Sutton consumers, and when the Huthwaite area goes over to the new supply, which it is expected to do shortly, another three million gallons per month will be saved to Sutton. This should very considerably ease the position, and enable all demands to be readily met.

A week to-morrow there will be great happenings in Sutton, Huthwaite, Skegby, Stanton Hill and Teversal. The occasion will be the third annual "rag" on behalf of the Mansfield Hospital, and every nerve will be strained to make the day an unqualified success. The promoters are aiming at obtaining the balance of £600 required to endow a cot at the Hospital, and as over £300 has already been gathered by the raggers at the two previous events, it is confidently hoped that this time the £195 now wanted will be secured. It is perhaps a big sum to aim at in these days of trade depression, but with everybody responding according to their means there is no reason why the object in view should not be attained. As before, a very fine programme has been arranged, and Mr. A.W. Woolley, on whom the onerous task of organisation has fallen, has evolved a series of events, which promise to be most spectacular and interesting. Raggers will live over again some of the episodes in the far off days of Queen Elizabeth, Sir Francis Drake, and the Spanish Armada, and with everybody entering thoroughly into the spirit of the fun the day should, given fine weather, be an outstanding success. But above all, those who help in any way will have the satisfaction of knowing they have been assisting a worthy and deserving cause.


  Huthwaite New Street Infants' School Sports Day was held on Thursday on the New Street School playground, and proved most interesting. The programme was arranged and supervised by the following members of the staff:-Miss K. G. Searson, Miss M. Goodall, Miss M. Wells, Miss M. Bowler, Miss W. Halsey and Miss M. Rockley Results:-
Standard 1.- Obstacle Race: 1, Stanley Herrod; 2, Stanley Hallam; 3, Vera Arrowsmith. Skipping: 1, Mary Cooper; 2, Janet Bramley; 3, Lily Machin. Team Race.-Red Team won (captain, Mary Cooper).
Class I.- Obstacle Race: 1, George Murfin; 2, Jack Maltby. Skipping: 1, Irene Willoughby; 2, Audrey Jones; 3, Ida Gelsthorpe. Flat Race: 1, Norman Hancock; 2, George Wells; 3, Douglas Broughton.
Class II.- Kangaroo Jumps: 1, Donald Marriott; 2, Donald Gascoigne; 3, Edith Hallam. Balls in Basket: 1, Alan Hill; 2, Donald Marriott; 3, Sylvia Woodland.
Class III.- Balls in Basket: 1, Ernest Brownley; 2, Brian Burrows; 3, Raymond Hubble. Bunny Jump: 1, Nancy Scott.

Huthwaite School's Sports.


The annual sports meeting of the Huthwaite Blackwell Road and Huthwaite New Street Schools was held on the New Hucknall Colliery athletic enclosure on Thursday. The enterprise was organised on a more ambitious scale than previously, and was a big success in every way. The weather was beautifully fine, and there was a large crowd of interested spectators.
The headmaster and staff of each school had organised the sports and there was a large number of eager competitors, a large number of suitable prizes having been provided.

Blackwell Road Junior Events.

  80 Yards' Flat Race, Boys.- Under 12: 1, D. Hague; 2, S. Hill. Under 11: 1, G. Revill; 2, D. Heathcote. Under 10: 1, J. Brunt; 2, S. Bone. Girls.- Under 11: 1, F. Dykes; 2, D. Ball. Under 10: 1, D. Hibbert; 2, D. Phillips.
  40 Yards' Sack Race, Boys.- Under 12: 1, H. Hubble; 2, K. Jones. Under 11: 1, J. Havenhand; 2, G. Revill. Under 10: 1, R. Mansell; 2, B. Ashton. Girls.- Under 12: 1, N. Woodfield; 2, E. Wilson. Under 11: 1, P. Marson; 2, M. Wright. Under 10: 1, M. Lee; 2, J. Bradbury.
  Hurdle Race. Boys.- Under 12: 1, N. Ensor; 2. J. Harby. Under 11: 1, D. Heathcote; 2, G. Revill. Under 10: 1, A. Buttery; 2. J. Fox.
  80 Yards' Skipping Race.- Under 12: 1, N. Rowland; 2, E. Betts. Under 11: 1, C. Ellis; 2, F. Dykes. Under 10: 1, D. Draper; 2, D. Hibbert.

New Street Results.

The winners of the races in the New Street Scholars' programme were as follows:-

Senior Boys.

  100 yards flat.- Group 1: 1, A. Brownley; 2, G. Allsop. Group 2: 1, M. Severns; 2, G. Parker. High Jump.- Group 1: 1, R. Evans; 2, G. Marriott. Group 2: 1, H. Lloyd; 2, J. Bostock.
  Hurdles.- R. Evans, E. Lynk, G. Parker, H. Lloyd.
  Inter-School Relay Race. 1, Blackwell Road; 2, New Street 'A'; 3, New Street 'B.'
  Nig Nog team race (600 yards).- G. Parker, L. Humphrey, J. Broughton.

Senior Girls.

  100 yards.- Group 1: 1, J. Parkin; 2, I. Kenyon. Group 2: 1, I. Collins; 2, D. Bettison.
  High Jump.- Group 1: 1, I. Kenyon; 2, G. Purseglove. Group 2: 1, D. Bettison; 2, W. Monk.
  Skipping.- Group 1: 1, C. Ball; 2, V. Clarke. Group 2: 1, I. Collins; 2, J. Parkin.
  Inter-school relay race.- 1, Blackwell Road; 2, and 3, New Street.

Junior Boys.

  80 yards.- Group 1: 1, R. Coleman; 2, R. Hill. Group 2: 1, H. Walters; 2, J. Morgan. Group 3: 1, C. Barsby; 2, J. Dykes.
  Net Ball Team Race.- 1, New Street; 2, Blackwell Road.
  Sack Race.- Group 1: 1, R. Marriott; 2, C. Hall. Group 2: 1, D. Alexander; 2, A. Connah. Group 3: 1, C. Barsby; 2, J. Stainwright.
  Hurdles.- Group 1: 1, R. Coleman; 2, E. Bostock. Group 2: 1, J. Morgan; 2, H. Edwards. Group 3: 1, C. Barsby; 2, H. Morgan.
  Inter-school relay (320 yards).- 1, Blackwell Road 'A': 2, New Street 'B.'
  Team race (300 yards).- J. Morgan, E. Bostock and B. Whawell.
  Nig Nog obstacle race.- 1, C. Barsby; 2, J. Bingham; 3, J. Hardwick.

Junior Girls.

  80 yards.- Group 1: 1, O. Dykes; 2, M. Ford. Group 2: 1, L. Parker; 2, L. Bettison. Group 3: 1, E. Marriott; 2, V. Bramley
  Skipping (80 yards).- Group 1: 1, H. Bowler; 2, S. Allsop. Group 2: 1, L. Parker; 2, J. Hardy. Group 3: 1, L. Neale; 2, J. Hancock.
  Sack race.- Group 1: 1, L. Walters; 2, E. Connah. Group 2: 1, N. Blow; 2, A. Rowe. Group 3: 1, I. Neale; 2, J. Hancock.
  Nig Nog potato race.- 1, M. Ford; 2, E. Heath; 3, M. Simmonds.

  The Blackwell Road events were supervised by Messrs. C. Bonsall, Thomas Walker, Bates (boys), and Mrs. Bonsall, Mrs. Gascoigne and Misses Whetton, Lineker, Belshaw and Ensor (girls).
  In the Blackwell Road team races places were gained by Trigg, Marshall and Hardy (junior), and Deakin, Shooter and Fidler (senior).
  In connection with the New Street section, Messrs. E. Green and N. B. Buckland were in charge of the senior boys, and H. A. Simpson (headmaster), Mr. H. E. Eggleshaw and Miss C. Smith of the junior boys, Miss A. P. Taylor the senior girls, and Misses C. A. Gill and M. R. Barrett the junior girls. Mr. W. I. Weddle acted as recorder.
  After the sports, the staffs of the two schools sat down to tea in the pavilion, when thanks were expressed by the two headmasters. These combined gatherings are becoming a happy feature in the sports programme.


Yesterday.- Before Dr. Nesbitt (in the chair), Mr. C.H. Coupe, Mr. S. Davidson, Mr. H.C. Wright and Mr. W. Mattley.

Huthwaite Licensee Fined.

  The game of "Spottem" was explained to the magistrates in a case in which John Thomas Walker, New Street, Huthwaite, was summoned for using the tap room of the Peacock Inn, Huthwaite, on May 29th, for the purpose of betting with other men; and Wm. E. Gascoigne, the landlord, was summoned for "suffering" or permitting the premises to be used in contravention of the Betting Act. Walker pleaded guilty and Gascoigne (represented by Mr. R.P. Marchant) not guilty.
  Mr. E.S.B. Hopkin, prosecuting, said that at 1.25 p.m. on May 29th, two police officers in plain clothes visited the house and when outside could hear Walker calling out 5 to 1 the field, 6 to 4 a place. On entering the tap room the officers saw Gascoigne serving at a bar in the corner of the room, and at a table six feet away there were seated Walker and six other men. Walker was conducting a game named "Spottem," with cards which had a sealed packet in which were three numbers. The odds were called out by Walker, the men staked their money on the numbers, this was collected by Walker, then Walker opened the packet and disclosed the numbers and the money was paid to the lucky man. (Specimens of the card game were handed to the Bench).
  During the time the police were in the house, the game was played several times and all the time Gascoigne was at the bar serving drinks and it was submitted he could see and hear what took place. When the police disclosed their identity they told Walker he would be reported for gaming, and later made a similar statement to Gascoigne. His reply was "I didn't know. I have told them several times about it in the last nine months. What can I do?"
  P.c. Stubbs described what he saw and heard in the house, and said that in his opinion the landlord form the bar could hear and see what was taking place. P.c. Fisher corroborated.
  Mr. Marchant pointed out that no possible advantage could accrue to Gascoigne from permitting gaming, and on this occasion he had no knowledge of it. On a previous occasion Gascoigne had to speak to Walker for indulging in a form of gaming on tram tickets by taking bets from men as to the sequence of numbers.
  In evidence Gascoigne said he had no means of observation of the tap room from the bar, and did not see or hear Walker engaged in the game. He heard no calling our of odds, did not see the cards until the police showed him, and there had been no gaming in the house with his permission.
  The magistrates fined Walker £5 and Gascoigne £10.


Set to obtain 182 for victory - the home team having declared with only three wickets down - Huthwaite C.W.S., guests of Ashwell's (Nottingham) on Saturday, found the task too big, their scoring falling short just as the century was reached.


A valuable half-century by G. Stuart and some effective bowling by W. Buxton were the chief factors in Sutton Trinity's victory over Huthwaite C.W.S. Reserve on the latter's ground on Saturday. Seventy-three were all the home team could muster, four of their wickets falling to Buxton for 11 runs. Trinity's reply, thanks largely to Stuart, was 113.

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