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a weeks news dated - January 15th 1932


A concert took place on Wednesday evening in connection with the Wesleyan Church, arrangements having been made for the following talented entertainers to appear, Misses Irene Bands; Maggie Jaques; Messrs. E. Humphreys, W.J. Higginbottom, A. Fletcher and J.E. Byron.

Huthwaite was visited on Saturday by a red and white army, some with top hats decorated with red and white. These invaders were the supporters of Leicester Wheatsheaf, who were visiting Huthwaite for the first time in connection with the C.W.S. Inter-Department Cup Competition third round tie. The party numbered nearly 50, and arrived about 11 a.m., were conducted around the factory, where they spent an interesting hour. At 12-30 they visited the West End Cafe for lunch. Tea was served in the works dining room, and finally the visitors were the guests of the evening at the dance held in the Drill Hall. They departed about 11.15, after a pleasant day spent. ... Mr. J.A. Tomlinson presided and in the absence of the manager (Mr. H. France), welcomed the visitors, and Mr. Bull (chairman of the Leicester Wheatsheaf Sports Club) suitably replied. Mr. S. Bebber (Capt. of Leicester) and Mr. R. Saxton (Capt. of Huthwaite), Mr. J. Thomas (referee), Mr. R.B. Bond (chairman of the Huthwaite Football Club) also spoke.

Increased Cost of Gas.


Extracts for the Committee minutes, which were confirmed at the Huthwaite Urban District Council meeting on Tuesday night, are appended.
  Gas, Lighting and Water Committee. - A letter was read from the Sutton Urban District Council stating that the gas supplied in bulk to the Huthwaite Council would be increased 3d. per 1,000 cubic feet as from January 1st, 1932. It was resolved that the Clerk furnish a statement showing the financial position of the gas undertaking on March 31st last for consideration at the next meeting of the Finance and General Purposes Committee, and also a statement showing the position on September 30th last for consideration at a subsequent meeting.
  Roads and Buildings Committee. - Complaint was received respecting the practice of a certain greengrocer in throwing and leaving certain vegetable refuse in public streets, and it was resolved that his attention be drawn to the matter by the Surveyor.

Telephone Kiosk.

  Attention was drawn to the damage to Little Lane by the contractor's vehicles, and also to the waste of water from a tap. It was resolved that the Architect approach the contractor on these matters, and that any damage done to the road in consequence of such works be made good by the Council.
  The Surveyor read a copy of his letter to the County Surveyor respecting the new road connection between Bonser Crescent and Blackwell Road, and it was resolved that in consideration of the concession made on the part of the Council in throwing out land for the widening of Blackwell Road, the Council Council by urged to carry out the necessary improvement of this road between Little Lane and a point opposite Mr. Brown's farm.
  Attention was drawn by the Committee to the dangerous footpath on Blackwell Road, and which was particularly dangerous to children leaving school. The Clerk was instructed to write the Managers of the Council Schools with a view to barriers being placed at the entrance to the school premises.
  It was reported that various repairs to the Council houses were necessary and the Surveyor said these were receiving his attention. The Clerk was instructed to prepare and submit a statement of the cost of such repairs carried out as soon as practicable.
  A letter was submitted from the Post Office Telephone Department enclosing a plan of a proposed site for the erection of a telephone kiosk near the Public Library. It was resolved that the plan be approved, and that the formal consent be sealed by the Council.
  The scale of wages paid to workmen under the age of 21 was considered, and it was resolved that the scale be revised and adopted as follows:- Employees from 16 to 17 years of age, 5s. per day; 17 to 18, 6s. 6d.; 18 to 19, 6s; 20, 6s. 6d.; 20 to 21, 7s.; after 21, 7s.6d.

Burial Ground Extension.

Cemetery, Pleasure Grounds and Allotments Committee. - The details of the Burial Ground extension and improvement scheme were further considered, and it was agreed that the proposed conveniences and tool house be erected in a more suitable position, and that the Surveyor obtain alternative prices of oak gates and wrought iron gates for consideration.
  Health and Hospital Committee. - The Medical Officer of Health reported that one death had bee notified during the month, and was equivalent to an annual mortality of 2.3 per 1,000. The mortality for the preceding month was five, and for the corresponding month last year four. Six births were registered during the month.
  Finance and General Purposes Committee. - The Clerk read correspondence with Mr. F. Robotham respecting the termination of his duties. The revision of the duties and salaries in connection with the collector of the general rate and gas and water rentals was discussed and deferred until the next meeting.
  The Clerk submitted a statement of the accounts of the gas undertaking for the year ended March 31st, 1931. The Gas Manager was instructed to submit to the next meeting an estimate of the cost of alteration of the slot meters.
  Public Library Committee. - The Clerk read correspondence with Mr. G.E. Smith, the newly appointed Library caretaker, and the question of the terms and conditions of his engagement was deferred pending the receipt of certain information from neighbouring library authorities.

Employment of Local Labour.


The question of the employment of local labour on a Council contract and the parish's alleged unfair representation on the public Assistance Committee were among the items discussed at the monthly meeting of the Huthwaite Urban District Council held in the Council offices on Tuesday evening. Councillor J. Davies presided, and the other members present were:- Councillors T. Goodall, E.H. Lowe, H.A. Simpson, J. Potter, J. Iball, S. Allcock, A. Wilson, M. Betts, J. Peters, F.C. Sowter, W. Clarke, J.C. Wright, D.D. Bonser and W.E. Hancock.
  Mr. Sowter asked the Clerk if he had heard further from the Unemployment Grants Committee with regard to a grant for the sewer extensions.

"Not Fair Play."

  The Clerk replied that he had an interview with the Ministry on the matter and had been informed that it was the definite policy of the Unemployment Grants Committee not to make a grant where the work had been already commenced. However, he was doing all he could to obtain a grant and was expecting to hear from the Committee.
  When the Roads and Buildings Committee minutes were before the Council, the contractor for the 12 new houses in Blackwell Road was employing local labour.
  The Surveyor replied that at present only excavating was being done and the contractor could not do with any more men yet.
Mr. Clarke said it was not fair play. There were plenty of young men out of work and he thought a local plumber ought to be employed on the job. The contractor was not employing labour according to contract and the speaker thought it was time the Council took some action to enforce the contractor to employ local labour....

The Clerk read a letter from Mr. P.J. Elliott, secretary of the Huthwaite and District Unemployment Workers' Association, protesting against Huthwaite's alleged unfair representation on the local Public Assistance Committee. The Association felt there should be another representative from the local Council or from their organisation.
  The Chairman said the Council had no power in the matter and the Clerk said he was quite sure it would be wasting time for the Council to go into the matter.
  Mr. Sowter said the passing of the 1929 Local Government Act had struck a very severe blow to that parish. In the past Huthwaite had two representatives on the old Local Board of Guardians, but now they had only one representative on the Area Public Assistance Committee, who had power to co-opt a certain number of people. He strongly objected to the principle of co-option. He understood Sutton had six representatives - three elected by the Council and three co-opted people, who were broadminded and sympathetic, but he strongly objected to people with only twelve months' experience on the Guardians being co-opted in preference to people who had been on the Guardians for over 20 years.

"Members kicking."

  "The means test had added considerable difficulties to the Public Assistance Committee," added Mr. Sowter, " and their work is tremendous. As far as Huthwaite is concerned it is absolutely impossible for one representative to give adequate time to the cases for relief and also to the cases that come under the means test, and I do think we shall be lacking as a local authority if we do not protest to the County Council for not having sufficient members on the Public Assistance Committee. I know people have given much time and thought to the work and are willing to do so again, and it is a blow to the workers and a slight on the people who have had such long service on the old Board that priority should be given to these less experienced co-opted members. I am not casting any slur on Mr. Betts when I say that it is impossible for one man to give sufficient time to the cases. I have been informed by Mr. Betts that he can give four and six hours together and then not get through all the cases."
  Mr. Betts said the Committee met every week, and in all probability he would in future have to go to Kirkby once a week as the members there were unable to give the necessary time to the work. Some of the members were kicking against it.
  The Chairman said it had been suggested that Mr. Betts should be recommended for co-option by the Committee when he ended his term in April, and the Chairman thought that was a good suggestion. He asked if anyone would move that the Clerk write in that strain to the County Council. On the proposition of Mr. Sowter, seconded by Mr. Clarke, it was agreed that that be done.

Doors for Council Houses.

  Mr. Betts: I am prepared to stand again. I have been a member now for over 22 years and the wage has been the same every year - a duck egg.
  Mr. Clarke referred to the bad state of the road at the back of the new Council houses. People had to have coal tipped at the front of the houses because it was a foot deep in mud at the back. He thought the road ought to be seen to and something done to make it more passable.
  Mr. Sowter: I do not know who was responsible for the laying of the ashes, on this road, but if it was one of the Council's employees he ought to be severely spoken to. It is an absolute disgrace. Salmon tins, etc., are on the top and are a big eyesore. I think the rubbish ought to be cleared and some proper cinders put on the road to make it decent. It is an eyesore to the new property. It was resolved that the Surveyor be instructed to have the work done.
  Referring to the doors that were to be put on the Cross Lane Council houses, Mr. Clarke said the tenants were finding it very draughty and cold and it was time the work was done. The man who got the job submitted the cheapest tender but he was the slowest in getting the work done. The speaker said he had also had complaints with regard to the lack of front gates on the Council houses in Bonser Crescent.
  The matters were left in the hands of the Surveyor to try and speed up the work.


Stones - On the 6th inst., Elijah Stones, Pilsworth's Yard, 77 years.
Tite - On the 10th inst., Mary Elizabeth Tite, Blackwell Road, 26 years.
Millard - On the 14th inst., Elizabeth Millard, New Fall Street, 73 years.


As the guests of Stokes' Castings on Saturday, Huthwaite United gained a comfortable victory by eight goals to one. The match was played on the Ladybrook Lane Ground before a handful of spectators and in cold and breezy weather. ...



Huthwaite C.W.S. were defeated by Leicester Wheatsheaf in the C.W.S. Inter-Works Cup on Saturday, not because of the visitors superiority, but because Huthwaite failed to make the most of their opportunities when they had the assistance of the wind and slope. Over six hundred spectators witnessed a fast game, which ended in favour of the visitors by five goals to three.


When Sutton Albion entertained Huthwaite Albion on Saturday, the home team were without Wall, Dove, Marriott and ** Dove, but they proved victorious by the odd goal of five. ... Teams:-
Huthwaite Albion. - Hopkinson; Bradshaw and Cockayne; Adlington, A. Johnson and Bamford; Hunt, V. Johnson, Blount, Smith and Spate.


Although defeated by five goals to ** as the guests of Mansfield Baptist Reserves on Saturday, Huthwaite Parish Church put up a hard fight and made the home team go all the way. ...
  The C.W.S. supporters were naturally very disappointed at the result, which deprived the home team of a visit to Cardiff in the next round. Leicester are to be congratulated on their victory, if only on account of their persistent tenacity, which won them the game.
  The visitors were accompanied by over sixty supporters, and after the game the teams and visitors were entertained to tea in the C.W.S. Dining Rooms. Subsequently a social and dance were held in the Drill Hall at Huthwaite and proved most enjoyable, being attended by over 150 persons. ... Teams:-
Huthwaite C.W.S. - Else; Saxton and Fulwood; Marshall, Hassall and Oliver; Walters, Harrison, Briggs, White and Jones.


On behalf of the Mothers' Union stall at the forthcoming Parish Church Bazaar, the members of the Mothers' Union are making a series of individual efforts. On the Monday afternoon Mrs. H.A. Simpson provided a tea and entertainment at "The Mount," Chesterfield Road. The tea was all that could be desired and was followed by a social. Recitations and interesting anecdotes were contributed by Mr. Simpson, and community singing was indulged in to the pianoforte accompaniments of Mrs. Simpson and Mrs. Goodall. Musical selections on the piano and violin were played by Miss Kathleen and Mr. Jack Simpson, and the event altogether was a big success. The Rev. W.L. Boulton was present, and at the close Mr. and Mrs. Simpson were heartily thanked for giving the tea and arranging for the enjoyment of the guests in several ways. An acceptable sum was realised for the object mentioned.

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