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a weeks news dated - January 1st 1932


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The Huthwaite Homing Society held the first of a series of four weekly shows at the Workpeoples' Inn on Boxing Day. The judge, Mr. A. Parrimore, of Pinxton gave the awards the best old cocks as follows:- 1 and 2, Kirk and Blythe, Stanton Hill; 3, Elliott and Fisher, Huthwaite; Hidden Number, Dunn Bros., Stanton Hill.

A bright and seasonable service was held in the Parish Church on Sunday evening, the following carols being by the choir, ... The Rev. W. L. Boulton conducted the service, and the organist was Mr. E. Lowe, who also played selections from the "Messiah."

Mr. C. Smith (the Huthwaite secretary of the League of Nations Union) does not let the grass grow under his feet in the discharging of his duties. At a public tea this week, he secured 36 signatures to a petition in favour of a reduction in armaments. These signatures are forwarded to headquarters, and will help to carry weight at the forthcoming conference on the subject.

A special meeting of the Huthwaite Urban District Council was held last week for the purpose of appointing a new caretaker for the Free Library. The applications for the post approached 50 in number, and ultimately Mr. G. E. Smith, of Common Road, received the appointment at a salary of £2 2s. per week, with the usual allowances for extra duties. Mr. Smith is an unemployed miner who has been compelled to leave the mine on account of ill-health.

On Monday evening the members of the Primitive Methodist Church held a miscellaneous entertainment on behalf of the Trust funds. The programme was of a diversified but meritorious order, consisting of songs, recitations, duets, quartettes and humorous sketches. There was a good attendance, and Mr. I. Ball, an old friend from Stanton Hill, was the chairman. The contributers to the programme by song or story were Messrs. J. Mann, D. Burton, Hardy, Marshall Colley, Spencer and M. Burton, Mrs. Hursthouse, Misses L. Mitchell, S. Mitchell, I. Ball, A. Pembleton, E. Pembleton, M. Dykes, E. Iball, E. Allsop and E. Quick.

Services in the Parish Church on Christmas Day were conducted by the Rev. W.L. Boulton. The windows, font and altar had been suitably decorated with holly, ivy and yellow and white chrysanthemums. The evergreens were the gift of Mrs. C. H. Coupe, who with Miss Pritchett, carried out the decorative scheme. ... The offertories were given to the sick and needy.

The annual Christmas social evening organised by Miss Lineker, and the members of the Girls' Friendly Society with the Parish Church Catechism Class, was held in the Common Road Schools on Saturday evening. The rooms had been decorated by the members of the class, and there was a gathering of about 80. The diversions included games, dancing, solos, Christmas carols and community singing, the pianist being Mrs. W. Robinson. The refreshments had been given, and were served by the G.F.S. members, and the M.C.'s for the evening were Messrs. W. Lucas and G. Cox. The prizes in a spot waltz competition were given by Miss Lineker and Mr. J. Vardy, and the profits of the event were devoted to the Parish Church Bazaar Fund.

The Gospel Mission members provided an instance of practical sympathy with the needy during the festive season. On Saturday night 45 juveniles were provided with a hot meal of mutton and vegetables in the Mission. They sat down at eight o'clock, but some of the guests were on the spot at six rather than be late. There was no second course, but a good many of the children had no room left for one, so that was not much of a drawback. The supper was cooked and served by Mr. and Mrs. Hardy, Miss Vera Hardy, and Mr. G. Goodwin, and was followed by a social and games. The little guests had a thoroughly good time in every respect. The preacher at the Mission on Christmas Day was Mr. Burne, of Sutton, and on Sunday Mr. Thomas, of Langwith.

On Sunday afternoon the cantata, "Garlands of Glory," was given in the Parish Church by a choir of about 40 Sunday School children on behalf of the Sunday School. There was a good congregation, and the Vicar made the necessary announcements. The children occupied the chancel and gave a capital rendering of the music. They had been trained and were conducted by Mr. S. Smith (Sunday School superintendent), on whom the performance reflected great credit. The organ accompaniments were played by Mr. Ernest Hill, and at the close the Vicar thanked all who were responsible for the cantata. The offertory amounted to £1 13s. 3d., which was very satisfactory. The principal singing parts were taken by the following :- Masters A. Fox, E. Blount, J. Fox, L. Pitt, F. West, A. Knowles and J. Knowles and Misses M. Smith, N. Hatton, L. Holland, W. Wright and I. Ball. The Sunday School teachers assisted in the singing of the choruses, and Mr. J. Shaw, a regular member of the choir, also took part.

Special carol services were held at the United Methodist Church on Sunday. Mr. E. Adkin presided in the afternoon, and a children's choir rendered a number of carols. ... Mr. N. Evans directed the choir and Miss Hawley was at the organ. In the evening the carols were for the choir and congregation together. Mr. R. Purseglove presided, and Mr. Arthur Hawley gave a suitable address. ... A successful tea and concert were held on Monday. The former was provided by the Women's Own and over 80 healthy appetites were satisfied. The entertainment took place in the schoolroom, which had been effectively decorated. Mr. S. Paling made an ideal chairman, and a good programme was provided by Mr. T. Barton; Miss A. Booth and Mr. T. Godber. Items were given by Mr. C.A. Cooper's brass quartette, and selections by the choir. ...


GUILDHALL SCHOOL OF MUSIC.- Annie Vardy has gained the Junior Certificate with Merit at the recent examination. Pupil of Miss Simpkin, A.L.C.M., 8, Lime Avenue.-Advt.

The Christmas holiday was of a very quiet character, very few people seeming to find little to enthuse about, unless it was the weather which was, at all events of unexpected mildness, until Monday afternoon, when it became seasonable. New Hucknall miners played from Thursday afternoon until Tuesday morning, or at any rate most of them did, others had a shorter holiday, either by breaking-up a shift later or starting again a shift earlier. The C.W.S. factory gave four days' holiday, besides Sunday, for the majority of the operatives.

Mr. A. Wilson officiated at the funeral on Tuesday of a well known Huthwaite resident, Mrs. Ann Wright, of 61, Sutton Road. Extreme simplicity marked the last rites, the deceased having been always respected for a quiet and unassuming disposition. She had lived about 42 years in Huthwaite. The late Mrs. Wright was 65 years of age, and she and her husband spent practically the whole of their career in the licensing trade from which they retired 16 years ago. She was a native of Heage, and her family came to the "Travellers Rest" when she was seven years of age. After their marriage Mr. and Mrs. Wright were the tenants of the Old Blue Bell for a short period, afterwards removing to the White Lion (Huthwaite) which they kept for a considerable time. They then spent 16 years at the off-licence in Sherwood Street, after which they gave up active interest in the business. Mrs. Wright had always enjoyed good health until a short time before the end. She leaves a husband, two sons, and one daughter. The following were the mourners :- Husband and daughter Sarah Hannah; Mr. and Mrs. George James Wright, Mr. and Mrs. John Gilbert Wright, sons; Mrs. J. Burrows, sister; Mr. and Mrs. J. Burton (Hucknall), brother; another brother, Mr. Wm. Burton (Fiskerton) was unable to attend through illness. Brothers-in-law and sisters-in-law as follows were present : Mrs. T. Thompson, Mr. and Mrs. J.G. Wright, Mr. and Mrs. R. Wright, Mr. and Mrs. N. Wright, Mr. and Mrs. H. Holland, Mr. and Mrs. J. Jones. The bearers were four nephews, Messrs. J.R. Wright, W. Holland, Joseph Wright and James Wright. There were wreaths from all the mourners, also from H. and L. Allsop, Mr. and Mrs. E. Freeman, Mr. and Mrs. J. Newman, sen., and friends and neighbours.


Wilson - On the 23rd ult., Andrew Robert Wilson, Chesterfield Road, 34 years.
Wright - On the 29th ult., Ann Wright, Sutton Road, 65 years.


The marriage was solemnised at All Hallows' Church, Gedling, on Saturday, of Mr. Bernard Oxley, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. F.C. Oxley, of 11, Columbia Street, Huthwaite, and Miss Ethel Parkins, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.C. Parkins, of 15, Vernon Avenue, Carlton, Nottingham. The Rev. F.D.P. Davison tied the nuptial knot. ...
  Mr. J.C. Parkins gave awawy his daughter, ... The bridesdmaids were Miss Alice Everett (cousin of the bridegroom), Miss Ethel Fox (friend of the bride) and little Miss Mary Bamford (cousin of the bride). ... The youngest brother of the bridegroom, Mr. Frand Oxley, was the best man. On leaving the church the brided and bridegroom were presented with a horseshoe by Miss Mary Bamford.
  At the bride's home a large number of guests were entertained after the ceremony. Later the happy couple motored to their new home at Fulwood, Sutton. The ywere the recipents of numerous costly presents.


Below are extracts from the "Free Press" for the corresponding weeks of 40 years ago.

Christmas at Hucknall Huthwaite.

Christmas had been kept in the old-fashioned way in Hucknall Huthwaite, the village having been enlivened with the melodies of the Wesleyan and Free Church Choirs, the Harmonic Glee Singers and Party and the Prize Band. At all the chapel teas had been held, followed by entertainments, in which most of the well known local talent had taken part. The members of the Carnarvon Lodge were provided with a substantial supper by the Hostess (Mrs. Brammer) and the evening was spent in conviviality.


  Simpson-Willhard - On the 19th ult., at the Sutton Parish Church, by the Rev. F. Brodhurst, Thomas Simpson to Mary J. Willhard, both of Hucknall Huthwaite.
  Roberts-Stones - On the 21st ult., at the same place, by the Rev. F. Brodhurst, William Roberts to Frances A.S. Stones, both of Hucknall Huthwaite.

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